Dear Hearts

I would like to begin by offering my divine blessing here today for All of you on my beautiful Gaia, stepping into, expanding out, joyfully picking up all that is intended for you.

Much change is being revealed – Earth is awakening – Gaia is lifting into all that she intends for herself.

The awakening process is accelerating. So too will the need for patience operating from your love centers and the ability to provide a warm welcome for the newly awakened . There is a great need for you to practice understanding. Reach for my guidance when you feel anger or despair or you question the progress or pace of another in their own divine path to awakening .

I continue to ask for surrender and allowing.

Imagine a waterfall and realize the journey the water makes on its way, far above the place where it eventually falls into all that it is, has many twists and beautiful turns. There are placid places where the water meanders, and aggressive patches where the water leaps and bounds over obstacles centered around life‘s lessons.

Every aspect of this journey is part of the eventual culmination as the water builds and races toward the waterfall, the leaping over and surrendering to experience the falling into the Divine Love of the Heart of One.

After the surrender, at the bottom of the waterfall, there is a pool.

In the calm pool, peaceful, tranquil, welcoming, there is a time to rest and reflect on the journey, a time to plan the next leg of this flowing and expanding into all that you choose to be.

All aspects of the journey can be playful, joyful, mischievous, blossoming.

Floating on your back at the bottom of the waterfall, resting in all that you have come to know that you are, look forward, center yourself beautifully from your heart, imagine every wonderful thing that you will create.

Eventually little seeds, little sprouts of beautiful intention for the next creative endeavor, will spark forth and you will begin to move down the next section in this wonderfully exciting waterway and flow into All that is your intended journey.

Many of you have finished this part of your journey and are already resting expectantly in the pool. You are the Way Showers. You know the journey ahead for so many on the planet as they awaken to all that has been and all that can be.

For this reason I ask you today to prepare yourself for the immediate need for compassion, for love, for allowing, for holding space for these ones as they wake up in understanding.

Begin to practice now how you will meet dismay, shock, disbelief. Your own journey has informed your ability to surround and wrap these emerging souls in love and guidance.

On the practical side, at all times there will be the vital holding of love energy to be done. Other times it will be very clear that your role is a more active one- that there is supportive action you can take. Open to this service and you will know clearly when you are called to act.

In all of this unfolding, know that each of my beautiful children has made their choice regarding the path they would like to take. You are my instruments for helping those that have chosen to bump into you specifically.

In this journey down the stream to the eventual waterfall, you are strategically placed, my light workers, directing, guiding, blessing, holding love for all.

I ask again that you open ever more fully into this work ahead. For this you came. Know that you are surrounded by my loving arms and the company of heaven is actively involved in supporting and amplifying your efforts.

You have my blessing


**Channel: Joyful Christie