It is quite common for those who are assisting the energies, grids, or ley lines of the earth to experience foot pain if they are not adequately supporting their own energy field under their feet. This is exceedingly prevalent in those who are avid walkers or hikers.

You are likely led to your passion for walking or hiking because you are serving the earth through your presence. The discomfort you feel is often not from the activity itself but rather from attempting to be of service without the proper energetic support in place.

There is a chakra about a foot under your feet that is called the Earth Star Chakra. If you are not extending your energy field to adequately include under your feet, it can result in you attempting to filter the earth energy through your own body, which can cause discomfort. If you extend your field all the way under your feet to include that chakra, you allow the light of your energetics to do the transmutation work for you.

The technique is simple: find your centre, wherever you think your centre is, and locate the divine spark that is your Christed energy. With your intention, imagine that this golden spark grows and grows until it extends an arm’s length all around you, including under your feet.

This practice allows you to be a bringer of energy rather than a catcher of energy, and can absolutely bring you relief if you have been attempting to filter energy through your body.

**Channel: Shelley Young