“We are diamonds with infinite facets of existence.”

At birth, our soul transitions from the source of all creation, embodying elemental and planetary properties before manifesting as an embryo. What is occurring in the universe in these moments has significance to who, how, why, and what we are to become. The sequence of events leading to our arrival is unique on a soul level, as we choose the progression of our terrestrial evolution.

This metamorphosis is so powerful, we often fail to retain any recollection of our experience. Our everyday collective conditioning further obscures our universal understanding, as does the absence of universality in social reality. In essence, our being is diminished and enslaved energetically, intuitively, and emotionally for assimilation into an instinctual and intellectual existence.

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Table of Contents

Solar origins

For 30 years, I have had multidimensional experiences. When I was younger, I participated in a ceremony that activated a powerful, soul memory. I recalled moving through a glass corridor surrounded by light. I realized I was on the surface of the Sun. I observed its solar flares and winds dancing like waves on the ocean. At the end of the passage, I crossed a threshold into an octangular-sided room. It was darker than the corridor, yet illuminated with flames moving through its wood walls like the blaze of a campfire.

On the far side, an upended tree’s roots flared out encompassing half the room. I was guided to climb into the center of the tree and lay down on an altar. Soon after, I returned to my body and realized this experience was a universal recall of my soul’s journey to earth.

The greatest deception

Nothing is as it seems. Most of what we believe, know, think, and do is perceived through our filters of instinct and intellect. Therefore, we do not create, we merely react to recurring events, situations, and outcomes. Our existence is confiscated from us long before we have an awareness or comprehension of its universal potentiality.

In essence, we live in an artificial reality invented to serve an invisible authority with the sole purpose of enabling our enslavement. Society prohibits and restricts emotion, intuition, and spirituality. It takes the greatest elements of our personal power and weaponizes it against us, making all that is sacred sacrilege and all that is profanely revered. We instinctually and intellectually engage and exist in a virtual program, tethering ourselves to social reality.

Tapestry of trauma

Our lives are riddled with suffering. We associate this with our conditions, leading us to apathy, despair, and remorse. We disempower ourselves with the mere threat of pain, building personal bubbles to defend our programmed beliefs, fears, and insecurities. This is our strategy to avoid the agony of experiencing our chronic negligence and resistance to evolve. It seems much easier to sacrifice our personal power upon the digital altar of society.

When we choose to exercise self-observation, the realization of our self-deception is infinitely more traumatizing. We believe our survival from suffering is a badge of honor we carry with distinction and pride, perceiving ourselves as better, stronger and wiser than others. This is the delusion we endorse to evade our pain. We employ duplicity to conceal our deficiencies from the world and ourselves.

“Our pain is a reminder of our purpose.”

Opportunity for awareness

We are all programs integrated into a holographic projection, existing in the matrix of social reality. We accept this paradigm because we neglect to sever our tether from its imposition and influence. It is all we experience in life. Our acquiescence is established, justified, and satiated on a daily basis. Every day, we awaken and accept a simulated dream enabled by our compliance, engagement, and fear. Every day, we relinquish our personal power to an external force, as we gather a meager existence within reality’s virtual parameters in our desire for self-gratification. Again and again and again…ad infinitum. This is the “dream” we live more often than we care to admit. We are the key to the evolution and freedom we deny ourselves every time we pass on our opportunity for consciousness.

The forest for the trees

We are multidimensional beings of energy, yet we have achieved a fraction of our potential. In the space of all possibility, we opt to exclusively personify ourselves in our mind and body. Though we perceive this as attainment, our encounters with instinct and intellect are superficial. We all have a choice to be proactive or reactive. Proactive people create, empower and transform their experience to enrich their lives and those of others. Reactive people often avoid, defer and procrastinate until their circumstances elicit rash decisions, leaving them disempowered and victimized.

Destiny is created by vision, focus, intention, and purpose. Fate occurs when we refuse to choose, wagering our transformation for our defenses, fears, and self-righteousness. Establishing and expressing our personal power is the vital distinction between surviving and thriving.

Yin and Yang

We are unbalanced. Men are predominately male and women primarily female. Yet, we have both masculine and feminine qualities. Society conditions us to be one or the other. This causes gender conflicts within us and ultimately in society. Men may mistake their femininity as homosexuality, gravitating towards aggression, insensitivity, and violence to compensate. While women may embrace masculinity at the expense of their femininity to compete and excel in a patriarchal society.

We have been conditioned to repress the alternative virtues of our gender for fear of defamation, embarrassment, and ridicule. This has divided our being and our relations. Gender equality begins within. Observing and embracing our diverse natures offers us the opportunity to create our balance and transform how relativity exists for all.

Consciousness rising

One of the greatest societal deceptions imposed upon us is the belief we are human beings. We are all souls manifesting ourselves with our intuition, heart, mind and body. How we exist in social reality is defined by who we choose to be. Most dwell in the dense, energetic vibrations of instinct and intellect. However, now more than ever, a rising tide of conscious beings are emerging from the simulation, whose sheer presence compromises its agenda, control, and influence.

Many are caught in the social crossfire, taking up arms against their family members, friends, and acquaintances to protect their duplicity. For all who choose to experience universality by balancing their soul with their intuition, heart, mind, and body, it is beyond the choice. It is our realization of who we are destined to be.

The boundary of being

Twenty-five years ago, I was staying with family in Northern Michigan. I drifted off and instantly found myself standing on a threshold. It was a massive, vertical wall of living energy. I was in between the realm of social reality and something beyond imagination. Curiosity inspired me to move through the barrier, and I lost consciousness of this realm.

Years later, I received an insight. There is a boundary of being related to the Earth’s electro magnetosphere. When we cross it, everything of this world disappears. When we return to this reality, we fail to recall who we become and where we travel. We are omnidimensional beings existing in numerous realms. Our ability to journey beyond the boundaries of existence is empowered and sustained by our personal equilibrium.

The art of equilibrium

We are in a new era of being. One encourages us to observe our vision, hone our focus, establish our balance, express our intention, embody our purpose and create our experience. Our lives are a labor of love, inspired by our originality, relativity, and truth. Our exodus from the simulation of social reality into the progression of universal beings is omnipresent. We are in the shift of experiencing the synergy of our creation. Everything familiar, known, thought, or understood stands to negate this evolution.

The equilibrium we empower, enhance and establish expresses our universality. It is our signature, the unique impression we inspire within ourselves and others. When we are in the flow or our experience, the resonance of our energy is the declaration and manifestation of our being.

“Omnidimensionality is our universal destiny.”