In these current turbulent times it seems as if humanity has went to another stage of crazy. Basically, what’s happening is you are going through an Awakening and we’re figuring it out that we have been controlled like sheep in a pen by those who think they control you. From the government, the world management team and those from space. We have been deprived of extreme knowledge through frequency control. But, this is nothing new this has been happening for thousands of years its just been accelerated. Hence, the Human Awakening. The true meaning of Apocalypse.

We are in a war for our minds and our consciousness. There is currently a major conflict working through us. This negative realm we reside in eats consciousness. So, basically it prevents an overt takeover in literal terms. Meaning, if the veil was lifted and the man behind the curtain was revealed to the Human race we would be disgusted and turn away just as in the Wizard of Oz. Meaning, the ruby slippers need to be obtained very carefully.

The negative alien agenda is basically stalking humanity. “The aim of stalking is to create a completely artificial environment composed of thoroughly predictable human behaviors.” Basically, we have been programmed to react in certain ways through conditioning. They’ve taken away any clear perceptions of what our reality really is. A red pill for many will be the understanding that there is a secret government that is carrying out a negative alien agenda and every single one of those psychopaths will be unrecognizable to the Human race. These secrets superiors are just that secret!

The unseen and un-seeable has taken over our mind, body and soul by stalking. They want us to believe that any form of rebellion is an error… brilliant mind control trick. In reality these psychopaths are after one major commodity and that is our consciousness. If they control our consciousness, they control our physical realm we exist in.

Artificial intelligence is very dangerous and it’s purpose is to ensure obedience. The masses who embrace this technology without questioning it will become victims of it. A totally drugged, surgically altered programmed psyche it’s only good for robotic slave service.

Remember, nobody’s a sheep except the one being killed by the Magician.

**By Teri Wade