As the New Moon arrived early this morning, Tuesday, February 1st, 2022, our planet is being sent greater “codes” from our Sun in the form of increased solar flares, winds, coronal mass ejections, and plasma waves.

The entire planet will soon be experiencing activations inside, outside, and in its magnetosphere which has already been filled with cosmic energetics.

An extremely powerful winter snow storm is on its way to the USA which will hit New Mexico, Texas, other Southwestern and Southern states, up into the Midwest, and out into New England which is still recovering from recent snow storms.

Levels of 8 to 17 inches (20-45 cm) are expected in some places.

The storm will begin as light snow showers on Tuesday evening (February 1st) and then become heavy snow after midnight and into all of Wednesday and Thursday (February 2nd and February 3rd).

Other nations are also experiencing quakes, storms, and floods.

On Friday, February 4th, Mercury will become direct.

Also, it is the “Lunar New Year”—the “Year of the Water Tiger”. Thus, water is a major theme for this month.

The element of water represents emotions. Most people will admit that emotions have been focused on for the past two years as states of fear, anxiety, and depression have arisen in the human collective for various reasons: the pandemic, the inoculations for the pandemic with constant forcing to receive boosters (with denials of the toxins in the “shots”), loss of jobs and income, business closures, threats of foreign war, and more.

Emotions have “magnetized” or attracted the electrical frequency output of those who are at the root of the world’s chaos: certain political leaders, scientists, and those with a generally low vibration of consciousness who seem to insist on contending with SOURCE LIGHT.

However, those who are steadily praying and meditating either via their own system or along with groups such as the one chanting the mantra “AUM HARI AUM” (“Oh, Divine, please remove pain and suffering”), or the one which is praying each evening at 8:00 PM (EST [with adjustments to time zones around the world]), or who have joined other groups in their mission to elevate the planet and its inhabitants and the entire galaxy— all are realizing that their connections to SOURCE FREQUENCY are working.

People are indeed awakening—some quickly and some rather slowly—but a great awakening is occurring.

There are still glitches in the world’s “auric fields” (people whose individual auric fields are contaminated with toxic vibrations which have moved into their thought processes, emotive responses, words, and actions), but these are being dealt with by forces that we cannot see and some which we can see— all of which are “Forces of Nature” known as “Neteru” in the ancient language of “Medu Neter” (“Sacred Speech”)—a word from which has come the words “Nature” and “Nurture”.

Therefore, although “Nature” main seem harsh at times, it must be so due to mankind’s often vile outputs. Remember the words that are constantly used: CLEARING and CLEANSING.

Remember the process:

Clearing And Cleansing

1.) Human Vibrations Are Sent Into The Ethreal Realm Of Spiritual Subatomic Particles Via Thoughts, Emotions, Words, And Actions;

2.). The Ethereal Realm Receives The Vibrational Messages And Sends Necessary Frequencies;

3.). The Great Central Sun Receives The Messages Of Source Frequency And Sends Them To Our Sun, Which Then Sends Them To Our Planet;

4.) Planetary Activations Begin;

5.) Updates To Dna Occur;

6.) Corrections In Consciousness Happen;

7.) Collective Consciousness Elevates To Higher Light And A Faster Vibrational Spin;

8.) Collective Humanity Awakens To Truth;

9.) New Thoughts, Emotions, Words, And Actions Occur;

10.) New Experiences Begin To Actualize Individually And Collectively.

February is also known as the “Month of Love”.

A tale is told of Bishop Valentinus of Terni in Italy.

During his time, a mandate was issued by the Roman government in the 3rd Century A.C.E. which made marriage against the law because the government felt that if soldiers thought of the sweethearts and children back home, they would not be good fighters in wars.

However, Valentinus secretly performed marriages.

His actions were discovered; he was imprisoned; and he was beheaded on February 14th.

In much later centuries, the writer Geoffrey Chaucer (1300 to 1440 A.C.E.) began the tradition of lovers sending each other tokens of love by his characters doing this.

Thus, the life of Bishop Valentinus and the writings of Geoffrey Chaucer have given the modern world “VALENTINE’S DAY” every February 14th.

The name of the month has interesting linguistical roots.

It is from the Latin term “Febris” which translates as “Fever” and the Latin term “Februarius” which is “Month” and the Middle English term “Februarie” which is “Expiatory Offerings”.

Many times humanity jumps into various traditions without knowing the history of them.

Some histories are good, and some histories are not.

After Bishop Valentinus was no longer in physical form, it is said that lovers began to connect with his Spirit and Soul through prayer, and they received miracles.

So, his title is “Saint Valentinus” in terms of the Catholic Religion which was begun by Emperor Constantine in the 3rd Century B.C.E. as an attempt to co-opt and to change the system that was very extant in the Eastern world—the “Kemetic Mystery System” known as “Kem Sesasta” or “Potent Mysteries”.

Without delving any deeper into the histories of why human beings tend to do what they do, let us realize the HIGHER KNOWLEDGE—SOURCE FREQUENCY LIGHT AND SOUND TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION.

As the “Cosmic Forces” zoom into our planet and galaxy, we are given the ability to call forth much more quickly the experiences that we focus upon.

Be careful in what you call forth—consciously or unconsciously.

You will attract very profoundly what you think and feel—what you send out from your electrical thought frequencies you will attract as an emotive magnetic response.

Then you will have a material manifestation.

Send out energetics of LOVE, PEACE, WELLNESS, PROSPERITY, and JOY.

Try this for one day, then for three days, then for an entire week, then for a month, etc. Pray for ease in doing this.

There will most likely be times when your patience and your bliss are tested.

This age of chaos (“Kali Yuga”) is on its way out, but it still has a way to go.

We can “induce the labor” of the “New Golden Age” if enough of the human collective is determined to do so and acts accordingly.

Let’s get this done!

We are being sent the “codes” to work with in this “Now”.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali