Heat. Fire. Light. Warmth. We are the fire Salamanders of inner Earth, of the hidden places within the Mother. We wait. We sit. We assimilate. We feel the energetic changing deep within the Mother, within the hidden places of dark and thought. The light penetrates our beings fully now. We glow. We transmute, just as you are transmuting. You are glowing. We see you. We feel the energy of the sun and of the Lightworkers who reflect and absorb. The light is coming into the hidden places now. We see this. We feel the heat of change. Cool waters will come and quench the fire on the surface. Cooling of heat of emotions is needed. The great mother has not been within balance. Many kingdoms have risen and fallen since the great fall. Our kind has been balancing and honing in the secret places. We are small but we are mighty. We are many deep within the caves and crevices and yet we absorb the light being sent deep within our little bodies. Our hearts beat fast with excitement for the great change, the great wave is here at last. Many have prophesied. Many have come to tell the tales. Many have shown by example and been killed for it. But the light always penetrates the darkness until there is only light.

We are the Fire Salamanders of light, of change, of transmutation. Our bodies glow. We see your forms glow with excitement when you are in alignment with your highest truth. You were all sent here to do as we do. To glow and absorb the light so you could share it on the surface with the others who are stumbling around in dark rooms. Our rooms are dark but we light them up! You are doing the same on the troubled surface. We say again, cool waters are coming to quench the fires. The divine feminine is rising and the divine masculine is healing. (I am seeing the land mass of Mu rising within the pacific. I am seeing earth changes. I am seeing and feeling the energy of cooling of heated emotions on battle fronts so that no one remembers why they were fighting. I am feeling peace. I am in a deep dark cavern with high walls and these little beings are neon bright glowing all around me, stacked up high along the walls on little stony outcroppings. It is cool and damp. There are drips of cool water from the cave ceiling and when the water touches their skin it sizzles. They are burning with heat and light.)

Humankind, Gaians of old returned, do not fear the changes. You came here to assist with change. You are the change. You are part of this great wave of change. The dark ones …. We send them this light of change and we watch their removal. Mother has decreed. Father has orchestrated. Gaia is responding. Gaia, patient mother, waits no longer. The cosmic alignments are in place. New Earth awaits. Do not be discouraged. See fully. See clearly. See with your heart. Feel the connection all around. Absorb the light and share it with those who have not found it yet.

We are the Fire Salamanders. Peace, brave ones of old returned.

**Channel: Galaxygirl