Beloved Ones,

During this new energetic month of February, we are going to be immersed in a very expansive and nurturing passage.  The 2222 portal is going to bring massive healing for those who are devoted to their healing process and ready to confront their duality, bringing synthesis into themselves and therefore, outer lives. We are already receiving massive solar flares from our central sun, meant to bring unity codes for us to anchor them in our bodies.

A portal of unity, and at the same time duality, for as you know in our human plane, one cannot exist without the other. A passage in which many will see where duality keeps playing in their lives, and others where unity begins to reign.

This is an opportunity for us to work as Guides shared, with the second layer of our DNA, which is the layer that represents time, space, as well as duality. If we desire to begin expanding our sense of time and open ourselves to our multidimensionality, rather than continue living in a lineal way, this is the layer that we need to work with, at this transitional time.

This layer is also related to our main purpose on earth. Who we are, what we do on earth, and what we feel that we should do for All. However, we are going to begin working with the aspect of us that is connected to how we feel duality and our sense of time and space.

Our DNA is formed by twelve layers, each and one of them corresponding to an aspect of us, for as you know we not only exist within this 3D plane but within the 12 God dimensions that make us whole.

Layers that go in groups of three and that are all interconnected. During this portal, my Guides remarked on the importance to work with the second layer of our DNA. I know many will ask why this layer and not higher ones, as they are more evolved, so to speak. Well, the importance of healing, balancing, and updating each and every layer of our DNA is essential, not just what we consider the ascension ones.

For us to be able to work on healing duality, first we too need to open the body portals for us to connect with Unity Consciousness, for as always, as it is within it is without. Working on duality goes further than the inner unification of our feminine, masculine, dark, and light polarities. This inner essential work must be followed by the opening of our shoulder wing portals, which are the ones that metaphorically represent what we humans call wings, that is only the light that emanates from our left and right side shoulders portals when we fully open it.

On the top corners of our shoulders, we have two portals that correspond to the 6th and 7th dimensions. The 6th portal is situated on the right top corner of our shoulder, representing the masculine essence. While the 7th one is situated on the left one, representing the feminine aspect of us.

The first time we were seededd by our Forefathers the Lyrans, together with other beings such as the Sirians, as the human trace had different seedings, we were made in our original Adamic DNA, perfect, in the image of God. We were meant to be multidimensional beings with our right and left shoulder wing portals fully opening, in perfect connection to the 6th and 7th rays, and with our angelic nature and realms.

This connection was interrupted, manipulated, and distorted by the negative manipulation we too had eons ago, impeding us to act as the powerful divine beings that we all, in essence, truly are.

This process goes further than what we can simply share in a post or in a few words. However, it is important as guides shared to share some authentic information, that you all can confirm within, as it is the universal history of humanity, to be able to balance the false programming and false propaganda that has been given to us for eons.

When we awake and choose to consciously evolve, we need to inform ourselves of the mechanics of ascension, through direct guidance and through other’s material, as our soul will choose to inform us, for it is pivotal that as well as we work internally, we too work on our physical bodies.

This portal offers us the opportunity to work on many important issues that as humans we all need to treat: our sense of time, and duality as well as the healing of our emotional baggage. It is a unique opportunity with the six and seventh-dimensional healing energies that we are receiving, for all who wish to go further into the opening of their original body portals and hence, connection to the Divine.

Once we have cleared and healed ourselves, we are ready to begin working with your shoulder wing portals, opening them and using the techniques that we consider more appropriate, as we all are unique and the difference will vary from one to another.

In this process, all is pivotal, from what we think, to what we eat, as all create our body, that is shifting constantly, and as we think and eat, they will become. Ascension cannot be about thinking purely and eating aversely, as we cannot lie to our bodies. This is why it is so important to act with integrity

The 6D portal is so important that once we open it we will begin to synthesize with our soul, which is what is called the twin soul merging process. This has nothing to do with the so-called twin flames, as it is our own personal soul embodiment and unity. This is the first step towards integration, so we can pass to have balanced and equal relationships.

Once we have begun our inner work of inner merging, we can proceed to work with transcending our profound sense of time, which is vital if we desire to heal certain timeliness and navigate through them, freely, healing all the emotions that have caused more separation and imbalances.

The acceleration of time responds to the integration of consciousness that we are experiencing. The more consciousness we embody, the more that time will run. And the more we move, physically, the more that it will too pass, for it is all about movement that creates this illusion of time.

The more that we open ourselves to our multidimensionality, the more that we will be able to feel everything we have ever lived happening at the same time. I am not talking about the past, for I do not consider it relevant to our present incarnation, as to me what is important is what we do Now, but about the ability to feel or rememorize all as if it was happening now. Something that at least from my personal experience can be very painful, if we do not create healthy boundaries to live only in the Now.

Clearing our emotional baggage, as time expands and contracts depending on the intensity of our emotions and the memories we keep, is essential to have mental and emotional stability. This is why it is so important to clear duality, our judgments on what happened in a time that is not the present one, and come back from this timeline healed and more integrated rather than fragmented.

Finishing this technique with soul retrieval is key if what we are dealing with is traumatic emotions, especially abuse and many others that cause soul fragmentation. This is why it is so important to be able to travel through time wisely, coming back from other parallel timelines just to heal, rather than remaining there, in profound suffering.

At a collective level, we cannot do the inner work for themselves. The more that we evolve, and are able to witness all that is taking place from a higher perspective, the more duality we will see, for as we move towards unity, our perception of duality increases too. To be able to deal with all the unloving manipulations that we are witnessing, divine neutrality is key for us to remain in our heart center, and from this loving space, heal our own duality, to be able to help heal All, for as holographic beings, what we do for ourselves, we do for All.

This is one of the most important portals of all the years, although again will depend on where we are on our ascension journey and what we need to heal or work with, at this time.

We have the opportunity, for the first time in our human history to restore and reclaim our wing portals and begin to reconnect, gradually, consciously, and intentionally, all that was distorted and that is our birthright to claim, as the sovereign beings that we truly are.

There is always more love, personal power, and wisdom that we can embody. For God’s love is infinite, as so are we. There is no rush within Creation to evolve, for we are endless beings having many different experiences.

There is only more understanding and compassion to hold if we desire to move forward within this eternal spiral of Creation, growing and helping others to do the same, through our own personal example and unconditional love.

I wish you all a healing and loving portal, Beloved Ones.

May you heal and restore your precious souls, remembering in the process the wondrous lovelight beings that you all are.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba