Heal, balance, and align your aura and emotions with this self energy healing bath.

Self Energy Healing

I was just intuitively guided to perform this bath ritual, and I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you all.

I mean, I love a hot, candlelit, herbal, Epsom salt bath as much as the next witch, but there’s something about this particular hot, candlelit, herbal, Epsom salt bath. And that something is that it felt almost exactly like a good energy healing.

If you’ve ever had a masterful Reiki or Craniosacral session, you know what a powerful shift an energy healing can provide to body, mind, and spirit. That’s because energy healing does more than just relax you. It also helps dig up stuck emotion, old emotional patterns, deep tension, and unhealed traumas so you can let the feelings move and finally release them, along with their accompanying energetic patterns.

So then, naturally, you feel amazing…Or maybe you feel exhausted and wrung out, but in a good way.

And this bath ritual is more than just a bath: it’s an energy healing. Try it and see if you have the same experience.

You will need:

  • A bath tub (my apologies to those without one: I don’t know what to tell you, other than borrow some one else’s bathtub if you can. A tub is essential for this one.)
  • 2 cups Epsom salt
  • 2 or more clean-burning (possibly herbal/aromatherapeutic) candles
  • A large sprig of fresh sage (like an entire stem from one of those plastic packages at the grocery store or a 4-6 (ish) inch sprig from your garden with multiple offshoots and leaves)
  • Plenty of drinking water (maybe like a gallon?)

Create a soothing ambience in your bathroom by lighting the candles near your bathtub.

Draw a warm bath. Personally, I like a bath that is right on the edge of scalding, but super hot baths may not be healthy or pleasant for everyone. So use your discretion and honor your preference.

Dissolve the Epsom salt in the bath, stirring with your hand in a clockwise direction.

Before getting in the water, stand outside the bathtub with your spine straight and feet flat. Close your eyes and take some deep, conscious breaths. Send your awareness up into the sky and imagine you are connecting with the energy of Infinity in the form of diamond-white light. Pull that energy down into the crown of your head. Then send your awareness into the center of the planet and imagine you are connecting with the energy at the core of the earth in the form of golden light. Pull that energy upward into your feet. Imagine these two energies merging and mixing at your heart area. Then hold your palms toward the water and direct golden-white light out from your heart, down your arms, through your palms, and into the water. In your mind’s eye, see it filled and surrounded with a sphere of this light.

Inwardly or aloud, say, “Great Goddess, Great God, All That Is, thank you for blessing this water with vibrations of healing, purification, and love.”

Now direct your palms toward the drinking water. Visualize the entire bottle or bottles filled and surrounded with another sphere of golden-white light. Inwardly or aloud say, “Thank you for blessing this water with vibrations of healing, purification, and love.”

Self Energy Healing

Drop the sage in the water.

Now, get in that bath.

As you soak, don’t crack a magazine or listen to a podcast. Instead, breathe consciously. Know when you’re breathing in and know when you’re breathing out. You can also notice how wonderful it feels to be in the warm water. If the candles have a scent, you can also notice that. But repeatedly and steadily return your awareness to the breathing. This will keep the rhythm of your mindful soak, like a drumbeat holding up the structure of a song.

Sometimes you will forget to notice that you’re breathing. That’s fine. Just bring your awareness back to the breath whenever you realize you’ve forgotten.

After a little while, you’ll begin to be in a bit of a trance or altered state. It won’t be anything flashy, it will just be a feeling of sinking deeply into the moment: being present in your body and in the now. When this happens, continue to notice your breathing but also see if you notice any areas of tension in your body or any particular challenges in your mind or emotions. Specifically breathe into these areas. Sense the tension, worry, sadness, or whatever it is and let it be there. But breathe into it. With curiosity, see if it begins to shift or change.

As you do this, you may become mentally aware of patterns that are playing out in your life related to these areas of tension or charged emotions. Like, “I remember when my heart ached in just this way when I was a child and my parents were arguing.” Or, “The last time I felt this particular kind of sadness, I was changing jobs, just like I am now. Also like this time in my life, it was a positive change, but I still felt sad.” But continue to stay with your breath as best you can. You can breathe consciously and notice patterns at the same time, especially if you notice where you feel those patterns in your body and intentionally breathe into those areas.

Have pure compassion for yourself throughout this process. Nothing that comes up is anything to judge yourself for: it’s only an opportunity to bring more kindness and understanding. You might feel your inner child’s fear or sadness, for example, and this can be a reminder to hold her in your heart and fill her with love.

Be aware that consistent conscious breathing gets deep emotions flowing. If you happen to cry, that’s a good sign, as it means energy is moving and you are healing.

Oh, and remember to drink water whenever you’re thirsty! This is also part of the healing.

As you soak, you will be aligning more and more deeply with your intuition and divine inspiration. So let that carry you through and follow wherever that leads.

You may receive guidance in the form of words, images, or a deep inner knowing.

At any point, you can hold the sprig of sage and wave or swirl it around your body as you feel intuitively guided. For example, at various points I brushed my forehead with the sage, and swirled it around over my heart, belly, and solar plexus. Sometimes I used it to symbolically pull patterns out of my energy field like a lint brush.

When your energy healing feels complete (or when you realize you can’t just stay in the bathtub all day because you have things to do), thank the God, Goddess, and All That Is. Then drain the bath. (You can also feel free to wash your body and hair before you get out. Epsom salt doesn’t excessively dry out hair, but I do like to rinse my hair with pure water anyway.)

Dry off, extinguish the candles, and care for your body as you usually do after bathing or showering. You also may want to jot down notes if you received any guidance that you want to be sure to remember.

If you try this energy healing bath ritual, let me know how it goes in the comments below! I’ll be curious to know if you had as profound an experience as I did.

Also feel free to chime in with any questions about it.

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