A 2021 gift guide for the crystal-toting, animal-loving, and Tarot-reading types on your holiday shopping list.

Holiday Gift Guide for New Agey Types

My brother recently told me I’ve “been into weird shit since 1992,” but quickly added that “it’s a feature, not a bug.”

Which is his way of saying he loves me just the way I am: tarot cards, crystals, full moon rituals, and all.

Having been “into weird shit” for so long, I can say with authority that in 2021, it’s much, much easier to find stellar gifts for lovable geeks like me than it was back in, say, 1992. And there are so many more options!

While everything may not be perfect about 2021, the fact remains that stylish, high quality vegan handbags and eco-friendly perfume you actually want to wear are now things you can order from anywhere with just a click. So there’s that.

Below, you’ll find those and some of my other favorites for the various mystical and magical people on your holiday list.

(Some of these are affiliate links.)

For the Sensitive Grammar Enthusiast

I’ve always loved words, and I’ve long been fascinated by the ways our word choices change our experiences. So when I learned there was a book called Grammar for a Full Life: How the Ways We shape a Sentence Can Limit or Enlarge Us, written by a former writing professor at Harvard, I ordered it instantly. And I was not disappointed. This book changed the way I speak and write forever, in so many empowering ways.

The word geek on your list is going to treasure it always.

For Your Teenage Niece Who Just Discovered Witchcraft

Striped tights. Because you know she’s going to need them.

For the Sacred Dancer or Yogi

What’s even better than an oracle deck? A dance themed oracle deck: namely Cosmic Dancer Oracle.

If a mystical someone on your list practices any kind of sacred movement (like belly dance, yoga, or pole dance), this deck is going to be a winner.

Full disclosure: I co-wrote this deck. But I also love it and use it all the time.

For the Moon Priest or Priestess (or Candle Enthusiast)

My friend Ravenwind over at The Devine Craft makes the most spectacular (fragrant, clean-burning, expertly magically charged) candles, and this 13 Moons Candle, naturally scented with neroli and jasmine, is one of them.

You can feel the love in these candles. There’s something truly special about them. And they’re made in small batches so you know the gift will be unique.

For the Treehugger

Ok let me just say right off the top: I wrote The Magic of Trees. But it’s a reference book to the magical and metaphysical properties of trees. So you have to admit it’s a great gift idea for that mystical tree hugger friend.

For Your Friend Who Can’t Stop Talking About Cults

I am that friend.

If there’s a book about cults, chances are good that I’ve read it. If there’s a documentary about cults, I think I can actually say for sure that I’ve seen it. Still, Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism brings something new to the table. The author, Amanda Montell, is a linguist, and she explores the ways words shape our feelings of community, for good or for ill.

I love how Cultish doesn’t just explore the ins and outs of destructive cults, but also the constructive aspects of craving and building community (maybe even in a culty way). I also enjoyed how she included MLMs and fitness movements, which should definitely be part of the conversation.

For the Eco-Conscious, Health-Conscious Scent Lover

Like so many scent lovers, I’ve always wanted my scents to be natural, but I sometimes (every day) still wished and yearned for those totally unhealthy synthetic fragrances that line the walls at Sephora. That’s why I couldn’t be more delighted with Ellis Brooklyn. They’re not entirely natural fragrances, but the synthetic ingredients they throw into the mix are consciously chosen for their safety. So Ellis Brooklyn gives us the best of both worlds. Plus they’re vegan and cruelty-free.

Grab this discovery set and the eco-conscious, health-conscious scent lover on your list will love you forever.

For the Child (or Inner Child) Who Wants to Read Tarot

Tarot for Kids is a new, gorgeous, whimsical deck designed with kids in mind by The Tarot Lady, Theresa Reed. (Theresa was recently kind enough to be a guest on Magic Monday Podcast, and Natasha and I just loved her.)

If you have a young aspiring tarot reader on your list, look no further than Tarot for Kids.

For the Kind Fashionista

A few years ago, I wanted a nice handbag. But I wanted it to be vegan.

And that’s when I found Gunas.

If you want to get a fancy handbag for an animal lover on your list, Gunas is absolutely the place.

For Your Witchy or New Agey Best Friend

If you listen to Magic Monday Podcast, you’ve heard us talk about Goddess Provisions.

This is a subscription box that never disappoints: it’s filled with all kinds of vegan, eco-friendly, cruelty-free treasures like crystals, cosmetics, treats, mystical home decor, jewelry, planners, oracle decks, and lots of other fun stuff like that.

Just one box is a fabulous gift, but you can also get your friend a whole Goddess Provisions subscription. And your friend will love it.

For the Energy Healer

These ethically sourced selenite spirals from Crystal Lion Gems will be a beautiful addition to your friend’s meditation space or healing room. Selenite is a purifying crystal that neutralizes negativity and lifts vibrations.

For Everyone

Last but not least, you can’t go wrong with this little page-a-day calendar, A Year of Self-Love: Daily Affirmations and Actions for Self-Compassion and Self-Worth, written by my brilliant and compassionate friend, Tanya Carroll Richardson.

And if you’d like to throw something else in there, might I suggest my newest book, The Self-Love Superpower: The Magical Art of Approving of Yourself (No Matter What)?

What do you think? Did you find the right gift for the mystical and magical people on your list? Or do you have any other gift ideas to share? Please chime in below!