Friends Of Light!

As You Realize The Impermanence Of All You Perceive, Simultaneously Understand The Infinite Basis And Thriving Of All Life That Is Unseen In These Moments.

For What Is Unseen To You Now, Has Brought You Forth By Your Own Soul Intention, To Gather As We Watch The Magnificence Unfold!

In Moments, You May Feel That You Cannot Take Anymore!

You Feel Scrambled As You Listen To News Reports That Are Completely Upside Down To All You Have Strived To Know And Believe.

The Truth Is Always Available To You, As Your Essence Is Source Creator.

This Expression Of You Is Sacred And You, Beloved Ones Are Infinite!

Many That Shared This Dream With You, Have Left To Return To Origin.

Many Will Choose To Remain In A Higher Density (Vibrational Frequency) Unseen To You Now, Yet Choosing To Not Return To Origin Or Reincarnate At This Point.

Many Of These Are Waiting For The Return Movement To Explode In Rapture.

At This Moment, They Will Join You As You Shift Frequencies!

You Have Never Lost Anyone.

Yours Is A World Of Cause And Effect.


Understanding This Fully Will Also Guide You Into Higher Decisions.

As You Have Learned, You Cannot Change Another’s Actions But You Can Change Your Own.

In Instances, This Will Cause A Reaction By Another Of Either Love, Fear, Anger Or Retaliation.

You Are Not In Control Or Responsible For This.

Be Responsible For The Changes You Bring To The Planet.

These Are Strange Moments For You As Many Are Attempting To Change Your History, Your Gender Identity According To A Feeling In The Moment, Your Money, Your Banking, What You Are Allowed To Speak, What Toxins Are Injected Into Your Body, When And Where You Must Cover Your Natural Breathing With A Mask Compression, How You Travel Or Even If Your Employment Remains.

On An Awakened Planet Of Oneness, None Of This Would Be.

The Good News Is This Is Your Destiny!

To Assist You In Relaxing And Finding The Larger Perspective, We Share That You Live In The Unified Field, Regardless Of Duality Perception.

The Sun Shines And Provides For You!

The Trees And All Of Nature Were Created To Sustain You!

The Being That Looks Out Of Your Eyes Has Never Aged And Never Will.

Your Projected Body Will Age By Design, But Only In This Density.

You Will Love Returning To Perfect Form Without End!

Learn To Find All Of The Magnificence Of Your Being Now.

This Is The Infinite And True Self!

I Will Leave You With This!

In The Known Universe To You, Realize There Are Trillions Of Universes!

The Earth Is One Of The Smallest Planets In Your Universe.

There Are More Stars In The Universe Than There Are Grains Of Sand On The Earth!

And Within Each Grain Of Sand, There Are More Atoms Than All The Stars Combined.

Do You Find This Hard To Imagine?

As You Shift Completely, You Will No Longer See Through The Glass Darkly, But You Will Know, Just As You Are Known.

We Have Watched You Since The Beginning And We Bow At Your Excellent Endeavor To Create And Move Forward!

For Light Always Moves Through Timelessness And Prevails!

You, Beloved Ones, Carry This Light!


I Love You So!

**Received telepathically by Judith