All is going as it should in terms of Ascension as the veil grows ever thinner and the skeletons in corporate, governmental and well-known individual’s closet are revealed. The public has grown tired of the rhetoric, propaganda and lies and are now fully versed in ignoring the speeches that no longer ring true. The virus will be active and continue to force restrictions in some societies for another year before safer solutions are found for its control and eventual elimination.

By the end of October 2021, most countries will have opened up again to freedom for the vaccinated, despite there continuing to be an alarming number of cases and deaths due to the Delta strain of Covid 19. Mandatory vaccination for travel and socialisation will conflict strongly with the anti-vaccination movements and, by mid – November, there will be more riots, protests and outright denial of governmental proclaim, particularly in Australia but also in the United States. The failings of early models of the Covid-19 vaccinations will become apparent, with people who received two doses either needing a third dose or becoming seriously ill. As the vaccination against Covid 19 becomes more researched and refined, in the next 12 months it’s efficiency will increase.

By mid-December, with Christmas travel in full swing, those who choose not to be vaccinated will find themselves unwelcome in other states or countries. The right to choose will becomes an issue that gains a universal voice in the next 6 months, but some of the messages will get lost in propaganda and hidden agendas. Confusion around conflicting information will muddle the mind and cause the person to make decisions based on fear. In the case of the vaccination, there are many facts that cannot be proven, but there are just as many that are based on research and investigation. It is a web that will continue to grow ever more complex and cause much conflict in the months to come.

The weather will continue to reflect the tumultuous vibrations of humanity and increasing effects of climate change, with unseasonal snow and hail or extreme heat felt in many parts of the world. Rising seas will be of particular concern in the southern hemisphere, causing major problems for the recovering tourism industry and for small Pacific Island communities. As the polar caps continue to melt, some animal species will be forced to migrate, causing an imbalance in the eco system. In some places, this has already happened.

With climate change being a contentious issue in Australia, Scott Morrison will be increasingly under pressure to conform to world standards on reduced carbon emissions, but he will stand firm on his outdated beliefs and policies. A Federal election will be announced for February 2022 with a very tight campaign time, so his grandstanding and pork-barrelling ways will become increasingly questioned and suspicious to the media and the public alike. Australia’s relations with France and China will fall to an all time low in November, with sanctions from both countries hitting the export market hard in the new year.

The Earth continues to grow stronger in the Golden Age of Aquarius and the energies around those who are awakening cannot be ignored. It is essential for every person in difficult situations or who are affected by the events of the world work hard to have faith, clear their energies of the dense vibrations of third dimensional Earth and commit to daily meditative practices. The light that comes from the heartspace of a person with a higher consciousness is transformational to the realities created by that person and the ripple effect felt by others around them cannot be discounted.

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**Channel: Victoria Cochrane