The greatest transition from solid form into Light Form is indeed a transition from the dense physicality of the old 3D, into the higher Lightbody form of the 5D and higher.

The Higher your vibrational frequency, the less dense your body becomes. And the less you become attached to physical form.

I was most surprised and indeed humbled yesterday, when I had a Reflexology session, with a most enlightened lady, who indeed is pioneer Lightworker, when she told me, that my whole body and systems is going through an intense transfiguration. She confirmed what my higher guides have told me time and again, especially escalating in immense ways since October, as I have now fully anchored in the White Flame and have been working intensely with it.

Indeed, my own life quest since 2004, has been to reconnect with the Crystal Pyramid Temple of the White Flame and indeed to reactivate the Crystal Pyramid Temples and the Crystalline Energy Grids, with the Spinal Column of myself, others and the Earth. If you have read my book: “Why I was born in Africa: the previously unrecorded history of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom” you will know what I am talking about and how I had to take immense leaps of faith, following my Highest Guidance and trusting it.

Now all is coming together in miraculous ways.

I am understanding more and more, what is meant in the Bible when Yeshua said that it is easier for a camel to get through eye of a needle than for certain souls to get through the portals of Ascension. Mainly because most who live on planet earth, fear of delving deeply into themselves for answers, for healing, and indeed for the dissolving of the patterning of pain and suffering, accumulated over many lifetimes. All paths lead within, for the Kingdom of Heave is indeed within you. It is not outside of you.

As you indeed Ascend, you step more and more in the truth of who and what you in truth are, and indeed, allow the wounds to cleaved open, the puss to be let out, so that you can finally be freed from those patterns of suffering and pain and indeed free others as well. The freer you become, the more you grow in Universal Christ Consciousness and indeed into embracing the fullness of the Divinity which lives within you – your own soul as One with the Divine and All That Is.

Thus indeed transfiguration, in truth means resurrection, and a complete dying of the old, and then metamorphosis into the Lightbody and indeed into Mastery and Illumination from deep within.

The more I am experiencing this, the more insight and understanding come.

It is something one needs to experience first-hand – and each one of you will experience is differently and to the degree that you are ready for this. Your own free will and choice, in the end determines the outcome. You can choose to ascend, or not to ascend.

All of life is never a destination – but rather an evolutionary journey of discovery for the soul.

**By Judith Kusel