Beloved humans,

Stay devoted to your inner guidance! Listen to the voice of your soul and follow its recommendations and decisions. Don’t get confused by the noise and lies of the outer world. Your heart knows the truth, and it knows right from wrong.

The mental and existential pressure keeps growing. This so happens so that people grow and rise above themselves. For that, everything that has been hidden so far will now be in the public spotlight.

Returning to the “old normal” will no longer be possible. Because what used to be normal two years ago was just as misanthropic and inhumane as what you are presented with now.

This “new normal” won’t last and it will dissolve before it can set anchor in the human consciousness.

Everything that is happening now, which is leading to more and more hopelessness and cluelessness in people, is the prerequisite for people’s self-determination. Restrictions of liberty lead to true freedom and unkindness will turn into love.

In order for you to truly awaken and rise above the matrix, you must see and feel how this matrix works.


Injustice already existed before Corona! It is obvious that since the beginning of the Common Era a small group of dark forces has been inflicting pain and suffering on the majority of human beings. Nothing about that would change if the world were to continue just like before.

So now the time of a shift has come – and even if everything appears to be going in a wrong and fatal direction, this is the opportunity for more and more people to look behind the curtain.

The pendulum will swing in the opposite direction again, and the insanity that is going around will come to an end.

So aspire to make clear soul-inspired decisions in your daily life.

Put your trust entirely in your inner guidance and you will navigate through this time as if you were miraculously held by the hand.

What is it that you truly want, and is your whole heart in it? What do you wish to draw into your life?

Do you truly want to live your missions fully, experience happiness and stay healthy?

You can manifest everything as soon as your whole heart is in it.

This matrix no longer has power over you as soon as you trust the spiritual laws more than you trust earthly circumstances.

Think and live spiritually! From your spirit you create your reality.

Your soul knows your destiny, because you were born in the right place at the right time.

You are needed now that everything is shifting; you are indispensable now that the light reaches people through you.

I love you endlessly

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl