I am so often asked about Loving Relationships, as there are quantum Cosmic Shifts happening in relationships in general right now. As most questions revolve along the lines of Loving Relationships etc. let this be known: We are stepping into a much higher way of life and living.

As said before: all the old ways of relationships, the old ways of relating, all the sorrow and pain, and separation, and indeed un-wholeness which often went with it, is dissolving. All souls agreed to come in this lifetime, with the knowing that the New Earth would be born and that the Old would cease to be. Thus, souls agreed, prior to incarnating, that they would meet up again in this lifetime, and indeed finally work through the old negative patterns, and all the pain and suffering they created in lifetimes on earth. When these patterns have been dissolved and worked through, then the souls set themselves free and others. Thus there are no negative fetters, energetic cords, contracts, oaths, etc. binding them as before.

Now in the 3D and Old Earth, there was a deep inner yearning in the soul, for ONENESS and WHOLENESS and thus FULFILMENT.

Thus the incessant search for the ONE AND ONLY.

The One who would finally fulfill them. Make them whole.

This is because of the intense separation which occurred in Lemuria (when the androgynous bodies were split in two halves by the Atlanteans in order to enslave the Lemurians) and by the Atlanteans themselves, when they separated themselves from the Divine Within, from each other and thus indeed sowed the seeds of separation, pain and suffering. Indeed, the 3D Matrix. Un-wholeness. Un-holiness.

The Search of the One and Only, was exasperated by the abuse of the sexual energy and indeed thus immense blocks, and a cluttering of energy in the sacral and base areas, combined with intense fears, and negative cords, hooks and ties, there which bind for lifetimes. For every time someone enters/penetrates the sexual area, or is entered in the sexual area, without UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, these negative cords form, blockages, hooks, energetic cords, ties, plus more of intense separation, rather than unity and higher love.

You cannot take any of this baggage with you into the New Earth and the new Embodiment. It needs to be healed, cleansed, cleared, dissolved. The more this happens, the freer you become, and more you step into WHOLENESS again. Indeed, you start to understand there never was a separation from the Divine, nor from yourself, nor from anyone else.



Once this realization dawns, a deep peace comes.


Inner balance, as the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within, is now in deep union with one another, and thus you feel a deep inner wholeness, a contentment, and all abiding love, for self, for the Divine and others.

You reclaim you own androgyny – which literally means WHOLENESS.

The New Earth loving relationships are of a much higher frequency, vibration and indeed unity, and harmony and wholeness.



You no longer expect or want nor to need someone else to make you happy. To bring contentment, joy and love. You have found this WITHIN you!

This is when you finally are ready to attract TRUE LOVE and indeed Transcendental Union and Love to you.

The love of an EQUAL. A WHOLE.

Thus WHOLE loving WHOLE.

There is no neediness.

There is no need to possess, nor to control.

There is no need to fix nor change the other.

There is no need for fault-finding, for all fault-finding indeed, bring suffering to self and another.

There is no need to conquer, nor entice, nor seduce, nor for all the sexual aerobics or progress nor measurements.

When one is deeply fulfilled within, one indeed does not seek fulfillment outside of oneself anymore. There is no need for this.

So, then when one meets someone who the same – thus also whole and content and fulfilled within – then one gives each other the freedom to be, simply themselves.

One is not desperate. One indeed gives the other the freedom to walk a path with you for as long as they choose to, and if they chose to leave, you know that you still will be fulfilled, will be whole, and indeed content, with or without them.

The freedom in paradoxically knits the souls into a deep merging, which indeed goes beyond words.

It is indeed that the one is within the soul of the other as they merge. They live within each other, and this has nothing to do with PHYSICAL love. It has to do with Soul love.

Yet, even in the merging, each one retains their own wholeness.

This is the love which Yeshua and Mary Magdalene shared.

It was because they shared the same calling, the same mission, and indeed the same Wholeness – each one was whole within. High Priest and High Priestess of the High Order of Melchizedek.

Yeshua states this so eloquently in the Gospel of the Nazarenes: “Such is it with the One, Father-Mother, in whom is neither man nor woman but who embodies them both; and each one of them is threefold and all are One in the hidden Unity. Marvel not in this for, as it is above so shall it be below, and as it is below so it shall be above, and that which is on Earth is as it is, because it is thus in the Kingdom of Heaven. Once again, I say to you: I and my Bride are One, just as Miriam Magdalene, whom I have chosen and dedicated Myself as an example, is One with Me.” (Gospel of the Nazarenes 66: 7 – 9) (acknowledgement Lars Muhl)

God and Goddess AS ONE.



Indeed, this goes beyond anything which was ever possible in the Old 3D Matrix.

Yet will be the norm in the New Earth and indeed New Golden Age.


In truth, Love in its highest expression and sense.

**By Judith Kusel