Greetings Indeed, Earth Friends!

As We Look In These Moments, We See And Understand The Many Cultures Of Earth.

You Might Relate To Some Of Our Pleiadian Names As Sounding Or Looking Much Like Ancient Tribes From Many Cultures.

AKATU Sounds Like A Native American Name, An Indigenous Tribe From Deep In The Mountains, Cherokee, Aztecs Or Many Other Cultures.

Rather Than Saying We Sound Like Your Choices, Understand Fully That We Brought The Sounds To You.

We Incarnated With Every Culture On Earth To Experience You And Your Challenges.

Mastering Being Human Is Not Easy!

Having No Technology Through Many Waking Dreams, We Carried Water, Farmed And Had Horrific Accidents In Trying To Survive.

We Had Wives That Died In Childbirth, Or We Played The Role Of A Wife.

If You Follow And Understand Our Teaching, It Is That We Are One In Essence And Love Is Our Only Religion.

Indeed, The Planet Could Dial Down With The Chaos And Maybe Sit By A Fire And Sing.

There Are Simple Waking Dreams You Have Experienced Where You Could Not Have Comprehended Any Type Of Phone Or Device.

In Many Ways, Those Dreams Were Such Blessings.

Families Were Close And Neighbors Were There For One Another.

We Always Arrived For Waking Dreams To Build Pyramids And Egyptian Architecture.

We Brought Many Gifts Of Music And Instruments That Still Resonate On Earth.

Music Is A Gift For All And Is Used For Ceremonies And Healing Since The Beginning Of All Civilizations.

Music Is Excellent Indeed For Raising Vibrational Frequencies.

Having No Medicine Was Normal And By The Standards Of This Waking Dream, Much Better!

No Civilization Relied On Chemicals In Capsules For Every Little Ailment.

There Were No Thoughts Of Needles And Governments Forcing Masses To Cooperate Or Not Be Able To Feed Their Family!

There Were Barbaric Methods Of Surgery, But Humans Were Learning.

Now, What Has Been Learned?

Hopefully To Not Allow Your Sacred Life To Be Controlled!

You Are FREE.

Can You Speak That Aloud As You Read It Once More?


You Are Awakening From The Denial That You Are Not An Earth Slave.

You Can Completely Break Free Of The Matrix That Has Imprisoned Your Life For So Long.

Just As You Were Really Feeling Your Essence, A Plan Was Made By The Darkest Of The Puppet Masters To Destroy You And Cause You To Lose Hope!

To Put You In Survival Mode And Full Of Fear!


Because Those In Fear Are Easy To Control!

Take Back Your Planet!

Enjoy Your Family And Friends!

Remember Who You Are!

Wherever You Are On The Planet, Understand You Have Lived All Over The Planet In Many Dreams.

But Know First Of All, You Chose To Arrive On Earth In These Very Moments!

You Are Moving Forward In Light!

Regardless Of The Perceptions Of Stories!

You Are Ever Moving Forward!

Indeed, I Will Be The First To Run To You When The Crafts Flow In Like The Wind.

That Is, If LAKA Will Get Out Of My Way.

You Know I Love Him, But He Is Much Larger Than Me.

I Make Up For This In Intellect!


We Love To Laugh And We Encourage You To Laugh As Much As You Walk And Breathe!

We Will Bring The Celebration To You!

Soon We Rise In Joy!

I Love You So!

**Received telepathically by Judith