If you have not figured out by now that this is a critically important year in the history of humanity then you have been on vacation off planet all year. In a year whose main theme was energetic sovereignty we certainly got our lessons in what that means, probably not as we imagined it would happen. Is this really the ascension process and are we going to make it? The answer to those questions is yes and yes and we have some interesting things happening this month as well as some carryover from last month.

November ushers in the 7 energy (1 + 1 + 2021) which is the number of spirituality, introspection, higher thought, and awareness. October was a 6 energy which brought in energy from the Descension process (heaven to earth) and with a 7 vibe in November we get to think about how we’re going to use that energy and what it means to us. This is going to tie into the energy of November rather well, providing us with an energy toolbox to make more enlightened, intentional, and aware decisions and choices we are faced with after the chaos of October. More on that later in this article/podcast.

The biggest news of the month, even bigger than the eclipses, is that November 1 begins with Mars at 0 Scorpio, entering into its sign of historical rulership. Before Pluto was discovered in 1930 Mars was the designated ruler of Scorpio. If you remember from the October 2021 Energy Report, the October 20 full moon was at 27 Aries, which was the degree and sign of Mars on January 1, 2021. Mars is highly significant this year and its movements offer a lot of insight into what is happening around us. Everything is significant now and everything is connected, so we can’t disregard any of the clues and signs that point us in the direction of achievement and success on this journey.

Pluto was assigned rulership of Scorpio at the beginning of the atomic age, in the early 1930s. While the atomic bomb wasn’t dropped until 1945, there was already early work being done in the area of nuclear science in the 1930s. And I know this because the man who wrote the book ‘The Making of the Atomic Bomb’, Richard Rhodes, was my neighbor in Kansas City and he hired me to transcribe the interviews he did of all of the scientists who were involved in the Manhattan Project and earlier nuclear projects. I got quite an education about the history of the nuclear movement by transcribing hundreds of hours of interviews at my kitchen table in 1983.

Prior to the discovery of Pluto and the rise of the Military Industrial Complex, which happened during World War 2, there was no aspect of mutually assured destruction and no globalism to the extent that it exists today. Pluto’s assignment to Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth, gave it a more sinister meaning – death and destruction. With Mars as the ruler of Scorpio there was at least the possibility of some control over the process. But with Pluto, not a chance. Pluto represents the tsunami of transformation that we cannot stop, all we can do is run and hide and hope we can recover from the damage. Isn’t this what we are seeing in the world today?

The tsunami of destruction by forces that appear to be out of our control, above the law, without consideration for what they are destroying, or that they even care. Mars also rules Aries, the first sign, the sign of action, self motivation, and new beginnings. With Mars in charge of Scorpio we lead the destruction, or we at least have a hand in how it happens and some control over the amount of damage that can be done. A Mars-ruled Scorpio is more focused on new beginning rather than death and destruction.

I think the assignment of Pluto heralded the death, destruction, and doom that the Military Industrial complex had planned for all of us in the next 100 years which is why the year 2030 is so significant. But this month we have powerful Mars taking pride of place as of November 1, reminding big, bad Pluto that it was David who won the battle between David and Goliath. I mentioned this in the October Energy Report and we see that replayed again in November.

As we have had every month this year, the monthly themes of 2021 are all ringing with the greater, overall 2021 theme of energetic sovereignty. Everything that happens this year is pointing us to learn about, embrace, stand for, and live through our energetic sovereignty. While that didn’t happen with the grace and dignity we expected, it is happening on a global scale that is also definitely unprecedented. And it’s uniting humanity to follow the Mars-oriented action, awareness, and new beginnings path rather than the Pluto oriented death, doom, and gloom path.

So the position of Mars at 0 Scorpio as the month begins, and its move into Scorpio late on October 31, which is celebrated as Halloween or Samhain, the feast of the final harvest, is highly significant. And it points to a turning in our journey in energetic sovereignty as the collective family of humanity, as well as the battle between the dark and the light.

When we first began this ascension journey there were only a few people who held the light for ascension and they were working hard within their missions of anchoring light and energy for humanity. They often worked in lonely, energetically isolated places where their frequency was out of place and sometimes not very welcome. The process of awakening happened slowly over decades until 2020 and then it moved into hyper speed. In 2021 we achieved critical mass and critical momentum – the move-ment is now progressing very rapidly and we’re seeing more of the 3D/5D ascension integration happening every day.

The downside is that with more light we are also aware of greater levels of darkness and that has been tough to deal with. But we have to know our adversary before we can know how much light we need to overcome it and that has been our focus in establishing our energetic sovereignty too.

November’s themes also fall into the energetic sovereignty theme of 2021.

First we have the theme of harvesting – Samhain celebrated the final harvest in preparation for winter which, centuries ago, meant something far different than it did today. In those days the final harvest meant gleaning the last of the root crops, which are the last to be planted and the last to be harvested and preparing them to be stored for eating over the winter. In the pre-grocery store days if you didn’t do this you went hungry all winter.

For us this final harvest is gathering the learning and lessons and taking what we need from them, keeping what is useful and leaving the rest in the field for compost for the next growing season. What do we want to take with us that will nourish us in this next phase of our growth as we prepare for spring? Winter is not a ‘dead’ season, many plants use this time to spread their underground roots, create energy for the next growing season, and if you are a gardener you know that the bulb plants we enjoy in the spring, like tulips and daffodils, form their flowers in the cold winter months.

Next we have the themes of re-set, re-consider, and re-distribution. As I shared in a recent article and podcast, there is more to the decision to let things go, or release, than we are told. I find it far too general and even illogically simplistic for someone to tell anyone to release or let things go. I know that in my life, depending on the situation, context, and circumstance, the decision to release can be very carefully considered because once I let something go I do not take it back, it’s a final, non-negotiable decision for me.

I think the decision to release has to be more carefully considered especially now that we are experiencing such huge energy gaps and making such big leaps in our energy frequency. Once we let something go or release it, we can’t get it back and we can’t go back to it because we cannot return to that range of energy frequency and vibration. We have to be OK with that decision, meaning we must have completion, closure, and congruence with our decision.

Can we re-set the energy in a situation? That depends on the people involved but sometimes that is a possibility. If the relationship or person is important to you maybe a re-set is possible. It doesn’t mean that you will return to where you were before, that is probably impossible. But you can get to a new level of understanding which you can reach together and use that as your new starting point. Don’t forget your own expectations in this mix too. Sometimes in our healing quest we put big expectations on people and their growth, far bigger than they are capable of achieving.

Re-consider is another theme for November and it is time to re-consider our role in the world, our life, our energy vision, intentions, and who we are, what we do, and how we live. The big news of the day is that millions of people are losing their jobs because they refuse to comply with a medical imperative. I agree with them and I also see that many are choosing to reconsider their career options. I also think we are going to see a return to community based health centers, food distribution, and retail, which is how it used to be. I enjoy the variety provided by mega shopping centers but I would prefer to get my healthcare from a local doctor and not from a corporate medical center for which I am a number and an entry in their balance sheet.

I would prefer to support local farmers and food growers rather than give my money to a corporate grocery store that also owns the food distribution network. And if we are going to build communities we need to encourage the creativity and resourcefulness of our own communities so shopping local is the new normal.

Sometimes we think that only ‘good’ things are part of the ascension process but if you remember the ascension progress chart that I showed you, dis-integration is part of the Descension process, and the chaos that it creates, which leads to the transcension across the 4D bridge. All of this commotion and re-ordering of careers and jobs is part of the ascension cycle.

And then there is re-distribution, another energy aspect which is an alternative to release, by considering whether we can use any of the lessons or situation in another capacity. Do you have a kitchen drawer full of things that you go to when you need the odd tool or to fix something? How many of you have a tool chest where you keep the odd size nails, screws, gaskets, washers, and other spare parts that are useful to have when you need to fix something? I do and I always find what I need in there.

We all need a drawer of energetic ‘spare parts’ that we can use when we need to move forward without going through an entire lesson. We can remember that a specific choice or decision, or a certain person, creates problems or challenges and avoid them in the future. We can always re-consider whether a choice or decision is going to get us to where we need to be, whether it accurately and completely reflects our will, intention, vision, and wishes. Or we can re-consider our relationship choices, job decisions, and other life factors so we are always making choices that reward us with the greatest joy, abundance, peace, prosperity, and love.

In November we have a new moon on the 4th that highlights the Uranus energy signature. Remember we have a Saturn/Uranus square that is active all year and next year. The final Saturn/Uranus square aspect happens in September 2022 so this is going to be a long term event that will continue to shake up the status quo for another year. And this new moon reminds us that it is not over yet. Uranus in Taurus is shaking up the complacent, self interest of Taurus and forcing change in areas where we most resist change.

The full moon eclipse at 27 Taurus on November 19th is one degree from the fixed star Algol, also called the most unlucky star in the heavens. But as with all things universal and spiritual, there are dark and light aspects to everything. The dark side of Algol is death, destruction, and tyranny. The light side is empowerment, awareness, and freedom.

Can you make any connection between what we have seen in the world in the last two years and a turnaround with this eclipse? What do you think?

And one more thing in November, an energy aspect that lasts all month and that I think is connected to the eclipse and the ongoing great awakening. Neptune has been retrograde since June and it slowly stations in November to go direct in December. It is at the same degree it was in March 2021 when we saw the beginning of some return to normalcy and a greater degree of protest against tyranny that has been building ever since. This is going to usher in the Great Awakening 2.0 and more people standing for their energetic sovereignty, rights, and freedom. When critical momentum is achieved, nothing can stop what is coming next and a united collective of humanity has far more creative energy, potential, and power than a few dozen tyrants.

So here we are on the threshold of another month and if you’re wondering when all of this ends, it ends when we say it does. The karmic dance between light and dark, good and evil, freedom and tyranny, has been ongoing for millennia. This is more than a shift from 3D to 5D, it is a shift in our dimensional plane of existence. Once we integrate the 3D/5D paradigm the 3D paradigm will no longer exist as it has in the past. It is already dissolving in the face of a growing outcry for freedom from tyranny, evil, and the control that no one wants any more, except those who want to control everyone and everything. We are fighting a battle now and it is a fierce one but a necessary one. We will win but we will win it together.

If you followed the Q posts, as I did, you remember that Q said that ‘their’ greatest fear was an awakened public’ and that ‘nothing would stop what is coming’. Well, we are now awakened and we are a force to be reckoned with so while it is not yet time to celebrate, it is also not time to sit back, relax, and think that we have it in the bag, so to speak. We need to remind ourselves every day that we are the creative ones, we are in control of our energy, and we are energetically sovereign when we own it, claim it, and use it every day.

November is a time for harvest, to prepare for winter and reward ourselves for a job well done. It is also time for us to consider options other than just releasing everything, like re-set, re-consider, and re-distribute what we have learned to make the best use of it. We do not need to repeat a lesson every time we encounter it.

We can use what we have learned before to make different choices, decisions, and to give ourselves different options. We have more spiritual power and energy this month than we did in October and with the more than 40 solar flares we had in the last week of October, we have a lot of energy to work with. So make empowered choices and decisions, don’t limit yourself to holding on or release as your decision criteria, see how you can re-set, reconsider, or re-distribute what is in your energy toolbox while also taking your own joy into consideration.

And remember to celebrate your harvest now, everything you have achieved and accomplished. This sets the foundation for the new energy you will bring in and reminds you that you are the source of your joy and your energetic sovereignty is yours to own, claim, and use in your life every day. Have a wonderful month.

Copyright (c) 2021 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, translate, reprint or refer to this message if you mention the author name and include a working link to http://enlighteninglife.com