As we look around we can easily see that the suffering energy is everywhere on this planet. Wars, poverty, disease, mental imbalances, depression. And it’s carried forward from generation to generation.  Pain and suffering has become synonymous with being human, and with life on Earth.

It’s been perpetuated by religious of all kinds.  Yeshua’s (Jesus) story in particular is all about suffering.  Although that wasn’t his message to mankind at all.

Whether we’re religious or not, we can’t deny that suffering has been a big part of our lives in one form or another.

Even our ascension/enlightenment/realization process has been laced with pain, struggle, and suffering.  Granted, this transformation requires a certain amount of discomfort, as our lives are turned sideways, as our old human identity is torn asunder.  As our bodies integrate the light of our consciousness and things come up, discomforts and diseases, to be transformed.

It’s by no means a pain-free process.

Many who relate to this blog are seasoned ascension pioneers, and have traversed the pitfalls of this process, and are now in their final stages of their transformation.

And the final stage is the hardest part of all.  It’s the final clearing of old patterns in our being that can’t come with us into our embodiment.  They can be the most resistant parts and aspects in both our mind and in our body.  It’s the guilt, shame and subsequent pain and suffering that goes along with it.

Our mind will interpret the intensity of this final stage as bad.  As things continuing to persist and fall apart and maybe even get worse in our body and our life.  We will at times chalk it up to old age, or that we are not really the advanced souls at all, but just another human in the matrix.

There is still a part of us that believes we must endure more pain and suffering, just as our human family is doing.  What makes us so special or different that we can be free?  We even believe that our freedom comes only from more pain and suffering. That somehow we still need it for lessons and spiritual growrh.

Is there a part of us that enjoys it?  It’s one way to stay human.  To get the support from our fellow humans, and even their sympathy.

As we have noticed, this transformation is all about letting go of control. And of allowing our divine self to manage our embodied realization. And to allow our soul to bring us abundance, health and joy, all of which are our birthright, We are discovering that energy serves us, not the other way around. and that it’s all our energy. And we are required to release our allegiance from our mind to our heart and soul, and our mind will begin to serve us in a new way.

Meanwhile, our mind is very clever in trying to maintain its control of our life, and one way is to convince us that we need to suffer some more or we won’t be worthy of our soul’s love, or of an abundant life.

And suffering can take many forms.  Whether it’s in relationships, an unrewarding job, finances or our health.

In the next few days, notice if there is anything in your life that you continue to suffer with. Don’t get analytical about it, because that just stops the natural process.  Just feel into it.  Don’t try to fix it or get rid of it.  Just notice it.

Are you doing lots of things that don’t bring you joy?  Are you allowing others to cross your boundaries?  Have you accepted depression, or a physical disease or condition as inevitable and unchangeable? Something that you must live with? Are you telling yourself, others are suffering, so what makes me so different?


We ARE different.  We are undergoing a never before done transformation in the history of ALL THAT IS.  We are ascending while remaining in these human bodies, while staying here on Planet Earth. We’re here to just enjoy life in health and abundance, which shines the light of consciousness on a planet that is in its own transformation and needs our light.

We’re simply not here in the same capacity as the rest of humanity at this time in history.  We are not of mass consciousness any more.  We are still influenced by it, but we can choose to just be the observers now.

This way is not for lightweights.  Many on this path have opted out.  Many have left the planet or decided to wait for another lifetime to do it.  This requires tremendous trust and commitment.  There is a tremendous transformation of our mind and our body taking place.

But understand, it’s not even the human that’s doing the transforming, it’s the soul and light body.  The human’s role is to allow.  To just let it happen.  And that allowing helps to release the resistance in us, the parts that want to hang onto the pain and suffering.


I don’t think even on a soul level that we knew how arduous this would be, and how long it would take.  Many of us are feeling the doubt big time, the sense of overwhelm, of hopelessness at times, the fear that we will never see or feel any tangible evidence of all our devotion to this process.

But at a certain point we realize that it’s time to declare, no more suffering!

It’s optional.  No more excuses that it’s coming from other people trying to oppress us or control us, or even our own thoughts trying to make us feel crazy.  These are all forms of suffering, and it’s not necessary.

Maybe it’s time to take a stand, and declare you’re done with it.  Not done with life, but done with suffering.  Pain and guilt and suffering have been done to death,  it’s old energy, and everyone on the planet plays in it.

And it’s actually fun.  Some part of us really enjoyed it. It made us feel worthy, and it garnered a lot of sympathy from others.  But it’s really a dead end.

We don’t get brownie points from our soul for suffering.  It’s a rude awakening, but we can’t move forward into our freedom, health, abundance and joy if we are still holding onto the guilt, shame and suffering energy.

But the good news is it’s happening anyway.  Our soul is extracting it from us.  That’s why many of us are feeling things even more intensely right now. Our soul is bringing up all the old suffering energies, from this and other lifetimes, and transforming them.

And the less we resist, the easier life will be for us.

But again, it comes down to a personal choice.  We can keep playing the game for the next decade or two, or we can let it go.

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