Just lie back, close your eyes, and envision all those businesses who insist you get vaxxed now hitting the trash pile! Yes, folks, either they comply with what’s coming or they lose out.

Don’t despair. We’re far from lost here.

As for the anti-vaxx camps, yes, they’re being built here too, in Canada. Some people will get caught however others will find a way around it.

It’s a question of holding your Light right now, folks. Everything depends upon it.

FEMA camps have been constructed in NZ, Australia and I know they’re here in Canada too. They said these camps are for people who are un-vaxxed to wait out two weeks after having left the country. We know differently. These camps are to house the non-compliant while the compliant continue on in their ever-disintegrating society of “freedom”. The reason they have created these camps is because they want those on the outside to believe they are better off than those in the camps. Without the comparison these jails create, those on the outside would not believe themselves to be free.

That’s how it works. Like we say, avoid comparisons. “Oh they just vaxxed my kid but it could be worse, we could be in one of those FEMA camps.” That’s the other thing: the more you think of bad things that can happen to you, the more you lower your frequency and the more likely they will be to happen to you. So don’t connect with these things. Say, “No! I am free! I am sovereign!”

This is a double-bind situation they have used on us before many times. Like putting people in jail makes the rest of us understand that we are “free” as long as we abide by the rules, so in fact we are not “free” are we? Or they hit the people who are most vocal in the covid protests like Avi Yemeni in Oz and I think his name is Chris in Toronto, who kept being arrested at protests. They arrest the vocal ones, the leaders, the organizers, not all of the crowd members, because they make an example out of them. The people sitting at home watching this on the news are going, “Wow! I’d better comply or I’m going to end up like this guy – in jail or with a charge and a court date.” Folks, what about the thousands of people surrounding this guy? Did they get arrested? No. But they use the leaders as examples to scare you into thinking that could happen to you too. What are they going to do? Arrest the whole country? There’s too many of us. The only way they can get you to comply is to keep you scared.

They get the leaders. Without someone at the helm, there would be little organization of protests. They keep you divided and conquered, that’s an Illuminati tactic they’ve used since time immemorial. They do it by getting the leaders. Who got shot at the Black freedom protests in the 60’s? Martin Luther King. Who was jailed in South Africa? The leader was: Nelson Mandela. Now you see the same thing at protests. They know how to deal with us when we protest. They’ve done it for years.

So these camps will be the new jails for non-compliants. Some people will get caught. Others will keep their frequency higher up and evade capture. Whoever willingly turns themselves in, well, sorry for you. The trick is, to keep thinking of ways to outsmart the system, and you will do it.

Look at it this way…..

You’re living in a multi-dimensional scenario where you can see all dimensions beneath you, but because you hold your frequency high, you’re not affected by them.

I can imagine in Canada there are people being thrown into FEMA camps right now. Am I? No.

Somewhere on earth, there are people being cut off of food supplies because they are anti-vaxx. Am I? No. I hear this is happening in Asia Pacific. They can’t go into malls unless they’re vaxxed.

There are people whose children are being vaxxed against their will somewhere? Would mine be if I had any? No.

There are so many potentials being enacted right now and depending on how you vibrate, you are either in it or you’re unaffected by it.

It’s civil disobedience they’d have more of a problem with. People refusing to work because they won’t get the jab, I totally support them. Yesterday 200 more flights were cancelled. We’re making an impact, keep it up! People investing in gold and silver and divesting of stocks – awesome! We will crash their evil economy. The trick is, to keep thinking of ways to outsmart the system, and you will do it. Stay a step ahead of them, and we have been told, and warned what will happen in steps.

I had that information on my other website before it got taken down. But then they tell us what they’re going to do before they implement it. That’s because they need us to energize that process. So don’t energize it. Don’t agree to it. Say “no.”

Ivo: This is your personal journey through a collective experience. As life is. And you are correct, my love, the fifth dimensionals are looking at everything going on, basically unscathed by it. That is because their frequency is too high for them to be affected by anything of third or fourth dimensional frequency.

Me: Except for the times that lightworkers are made to go into the lower timelines in order to energize this or to change that. To add light to this or that, like Archangel Michael keeps asking us to do, from our safe place high above the lower frequencies.

Ivo: Correct. As you vibrate at a higher frequency you experience the consequences of that frequency, and they are decidedly more pleasant than others lives at lower vibration. The other thing that perhaps you are overlooking is that you have been making higher vibrational choices throughout your lifetime anyway, and so as you came into this time of awareness of the evil, you were already on a higher timeline and had prepared for what was to come now.

For example, let us take Sharon’s life.

Me: As we always do. LOL

Ivo: She is working on the internet. She sells books and does personal channelings via the internet. Now, the internet will experience some changes now and in future, but it will not dissolve. It will stay as a service to humanity. The nefarious business transactions being carried out upon it now will be looked into and stopped, because yes, there is pornography and there is child abduction being carried out via the internet. This will be stopped and the internet allowed to carry on, however vibrating at a higher frequency. When it is higher frequency no nefarious activities will be allowed to be conducted through it.

Those people who block you from your food supplies on account of vaccines or passports will be either tried or taken out of business. Many of you will shun your local services who insisted on your compliance and for this they will suffer.

Lightworkers who are in business rather than in service to the community are being revealed to you now.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: We realize you all have to make a living but it is a question of how you are doing it. For those who do not use universal law but rely upon the laws of your world, then this is also a low frequency choice. And for those in the community, you can see the difference.

It is all being shown to you. All of it. You have some very profound choices to make right now and the choices that you make will either propel your frequency upwards or move it down, or perhaps you will stay where you are. Be assured your guides are working with you.

Me: Yes, I get people messaging me with information or telling me they can connect me with someone they know. I don’t use that system. That’s an earth system. I use my inner guidance. If I need something I will ask to have it shown to me. Within a few days, I will manifest the information I need. I don’t need to ask people for anything – I just attract what I want to know. If it’s good for me, it’ll come fast, if it’s no good for me, I’ll probably never find what I think I need. You have an internal system that helps you. You have internal guidance and you need to use it.

It’s that people don’t use it that they get into trouble.

Ivo: Yes, exactly, my love.

You were on Facebook. You were wondering whose profile you were just on. You could not remember the person’s name. Suddenly you depressed the letter “D” and the person’s name you were looking for appeared in the search box. This is the magic that life works by. Your searching, trying, asking, your wild goose chases, your turning over every stone… all unnecessary when you use inner guidance.

And this is how you steer clear of trouble in these times of strife as well. Keep your mind clear and you will be led away from danger.

Me: If you use your guidance system. If you’re still using the old 3D system of intellectual guesswork, well, sorry for you.

Ivo: Your intuition is your guidance system, not your intellect.

Me: We’ll do another video on that, Ivo. I’ve also got a page on our website about how you create your own reality and it’s pretty cool when you start to see your reality bend to your will. I do the parking spot thing, I see my green cars, I constantly ask for things and they’re given to me…. and I think I’m just scratching the surface, really. There’s way more to learn.

Ivo: Indeed, there is.

Me: Good, we’ll have lots to talk about then. For now, I think we’ve made our point. Stop comparisons, keep your vibration high, think good thoughts about your future, but be prepared anyway.

I’m seeing a lot about November 8th and I’m not going to make any major decisions before then. I want to see if anything happens. Like I said, I was approved for a small mortgage and although it’d be a pain moving in a Canadian winter, I’d still do it. I’ve started my veg grow op in my basement and that would be transferred to the house when I get it. Nobody is going to keep me from my salads and vegetables! Nobody!

Keep stocking up on foodstocks, toilet paper and pet supplies, folks. Those ships outside of the U.S. are there because Mr T signed an executive order that the U.S. was not to do business with any country that had interfered with the U.S. Election in 2020. So you have at least Germany, Canada and China who can’t trade now.

While these guys are duking it out, we’ve gotta stay strong and become more self reliant.

Thank you, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, thank you for all the messages you pass on to those listening on earth.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart