Among the seven major chakras, the topmost chakra, the Sahasrara, is our seventh energy center and the seat of higher awareness, unification, and life purpose. It is our crown of connection and spirituality to the cosmos. Accessing the crown chakra may be our greatest adventure, with its beautiful violet and white hue, cosmic power, and boundary-breaking feelings. This is why you need Crown Chakra Crystals!

The crown chakra serves as a link between the physical world we experience beneath our feet and all the mysteries of the stars. It is here that we connect with all that exists beyond our earthly comprehension. We may jump to our ultimate learning when our head chakra is broken open and all of our body’s light and energy link with the cosmos. Those who have an accessible crown can achieve a wonderful spiritual harmony.

They emanate a sense of calm and brightness. Instead of being guided by fear, they are anchored and give themselves over to faith. Also, they are receptive to all of the universe’s great teachings and are surrounded by prosperity. The benefits of a cosmic connection with the crown chakra may awaken every cell in your body and give you a deep sense of belonging and significance. Wouldn’t you like to know more?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • Crown Chakra Healing Crystals
  • Using the crown chakra stones and healing crystals
  • Expelling negative energy with the crown chakra stones
  • Bridging the gap between spiritual and physical worlds
  • Getting in touch with your physical and spiritual self

Cynicism may weigh heavily on the shoulders of persons who have a blockage or instability in the crown chakra. You may also disregard spirituality or be overcome by encounters that compel you to go deeper. You may be trapped in a cycle of loneliness, sadness, weariness, and a lack of life direction.

You may be unsure of your purpose, or you may be stuck in a victim mindset, unwilling to take charge of your own life. Even individuals who have gone the other way and have an overworked crown chakra might experience a lack of balance and anchoring as a result of this, taking a toll on their spiritual being.

On a human level, you may feel disoriented and out of touch. But when comes to the Sahasrara, balance is everything. After all, you need balance to experience spiritual growth. By achieving balance, you will be able to have more spiritual awareness and advance in your universal energy. What better way is there to aid your crown chakra imbalance than to use your favorite crown chakra crystal?

Crystals are a fantastic partner for individuals who desire to awaken their head chakra since they are immersed with high spiritual vibrations. Although all crystals contain cosmic energy, some are more oriented to the ways of this world, while others vibrate with greater awareness. The hues purple and white are common in these crystals, and they are filled with mystical characteristics.

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#1: Amethyst

The Amethyst crystal, the peace-loving queen of them all, is every inch the crown chakra stone. Amethyst is a perfect purple stone that is regarded for its spiritual properties. It washes away all colors of tension and worry and prepares you to receive the light of the cosmos instead of negative energies.

It also activates the third eye chakra, ensuring that you are connected to your limitless knowledge and deeper insight, allowing you to receive all of the messages you require. Amethyst prepares you for more in-depth meditation by boosting your vibration and transforming any negative energy into emotions of love and connectedness.

#2: Clear Quartz

The Clear Quartz stone, with its ice-clear purity, is a powerful stone, a superb master healer in several aspects. This level-headed stone works on all chakras, clearing obstructions, gaining a deeper understanding, and ensuring that energy flows freely like a nice spring melt to discover your life’s purpose.

Clear Quartz invites you to connect with your higher self and prepares you for an open mind and open heart encounter. It unlocks the crown and allows the light to flow freely through it, reawakening hidden dreams and aspirations and infusing purpose and strength into every cell of your physical and spiritual body.

#3: Selenite

The Lovely Selenite is one of the purest crown chakra stones available. This gem, which is peachy or snow-white in its natural state, has a wide range of healing properties. The attributes of honesty, integrity, and positive force are all present in Selenite, definitely one of the most powerful stones.

It enables you to come into the light and live a life that is perceptive, purposeful, and allows for higher reasoning. Selenite transcends the present moment and peripheral views. It can link you with spirit guides and provide you access to the angel world by assisting you in connecting to greater energies.

#4: Lepidolite

The magnificent tones of the Lepidolite stone combine shades of purple and pink. This purple gemstone is fantastic for filtering out worry and showering you with tranquility and brilliance. Lepidolite is a crystal that wants you to feel full of wonder.


This means balancing everything from your general wellbeing to clarity of mind and a celestial connection from spiritual realms. Lepidolite aids in the opening of the head chakra by clearing out fear and allowing you to absorb happiness rather than pursuing it.

#5: Howlite

The cream-colored shade and dispersed grey pathways that traverse the Howlite stone’s surface are all about destiny, always encouraging you to choose your one true path. This Howlite stone is more than simply a dreamer’s crystal; it also serves as a link between your heart and crown chakras.

Once those chakras are clean and unified, trust, knowledge, limitless love, and understanding can shine brightly. Howlite is a spirit guide who may help folks who seem lost in this world. With this stone, you’ll be able to achieve spiritual clarity and harness spiritual energy through healing practices.

#6: Labradorite

Labradorite is among the most fascinating stones in cosmetics and mood, and there’s a reason it mirrors the Aurora Borealis shimmering hues. This stone can function with all of your higher chakras. It clears the throat to allow you to be heard, opens the third eye chakra to allow you to see, and clears the mists from the crown chakra to allow you to connect with your truest self.

Labradorite is all about igniting the imagination and assisting you in accessing the mystique’s enchantment. Because it also protects the aura, it allows you to let go without worry with the help of deep meditation to get in touch with your mental powers.

#7: Sugilite

Sugilite’s high-purpose purple colors help to link your heart and mind, making it easier to awaken the crown chakra. One of the most beneficial aspects of Sugilite is its capacity to assist you in accepting forgiveness and moving ahead. When we get trapped in the past, it can pull us away from our crown chakra area, causing us to become stagnant.

Sugilite is renowned as the healer’s gem, which says volumes about its spiritual vibrations and promises to keep you resilient and courageous no matter what happens. Also,  Sugilite gives spirituality, which may take a lion’s heart.

#8: White Agate

Breathe deeply; White Agate is an excellent stone for the head chakra since it promotes harmony and catharsis. This snow-white stone, which helps to drain out impurities and bring your masculine and feminine energy into symbiotic balance, is overseen by Harmony. Positive energy attained from harmony helps one’s transformation process and gain universal guidance.

White Agate can help you connect with the spiritual world of angels and spirit guides by shaking off the clouds of worry and melancholy. This is the stone for folks who desire all of Agate’s abilities with a touch of mystical appeal. The calming attributes this stone possesses are why you have to use crown chakra, reducing mood swings with the constant flow this brings you.

#9: Fluorite

When it comes to absorbing all of the Fluorite stone’s potential, clarity and focus are paramount. This head chakra diamond is fantastic in sweeping up dirt and propelling you towards the light, away from uncertainty and gloom. Use this as a physical tool to further immerse yourself in your meditation.

It’s a great stone to have on hand when you want to dive deeper into your meditation, and it unlocks doors that may have previously been inaccessible to you. If you want to get into it, go for a darker hue of purple to get those head chakra sensations going.

#10: Lapis Lazuli

Another stone steeped in royal mystery is lapis lazuli. This deep, stunning bluestone, encrusted with gold and white streaks, is a certain delight for the head chakra. Lapis is beneficial to all of your higher chakras. It clears the throat chakra, which promotes open communication.

Through connecting with the third eye chakra, it invites knowledge and emotional intelligence. It also awakens the power of your crown chakra, which brightens the intellect and aids in the summoning of spiritual forces.

#11: Moonstone

With the bright white light of Moonstone, feminine energy flows via the heart chakra, the third eye chakra, and the luminescent crown chakra. The Moonstone is a gem that heals gradually and doesn’t overpower us when it comes to spiritual development and connecting to your higher self, just like the orb that offers light to our nights.

It teaches us that we are a part of the cosmos, and that spirituality may have powerful feminine yin energy without requiring us to chase, push, or strive to mold ourselves into a specific shape. We open ourselves up to receive plenty and the wonderful gifts of the universe by accepting change, adapting to change, and choosing to let go of what doesn’t benefit us.


#12: Charoite

Charoite, often known as the soul stone, has a lot of power as this crown chakra resonates with deeply complex chakra cleansing. This stone will not only open your heart chakra with love, but it will also increase your inner intelligence and intuition by working with the third eye chakra.

Enlighten higher thinking by working with the crown chakra and getting rid of negative emotions while achieving spiritual wisdom in the process. Charoite puts you in a happy, healthy frame of mind, which is exactly the type of grounded stability you’ll need to get the most from your crown chakra.

#13: White Calcite

With the translucent and beautiful pop of the White Calcite Stone, say goodbye to self-limiting faith and stride into your spiritual power. The White Calcite stone, which works on the sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra, sends high vibrational energy to the body, mind, and soul, ensuring that you may connect with every bit of your higher self and physical self through inner vision using this wonderful stone.

These crown chakra stones are here to pull you up, glistening with light, giving access to the angel realms, and providing peace and stability to your mind and heart. Here’s how to utilize these crown chakra crystals to attain higher life if you’re looking for an opulent dose of spiritual warmth.

  • During visualization, grasp the crown chakra stones in your hands.
  • To awaken spiritual connection, place the stones beneath your pillow while sleeping.
  • Make an altar out of these stones for meditation and conscious healing.
  • Use the crown chakra jewels to massage your head.
  • Wear crown chakra stones accessories to keep those positive vibrations with you at all times.
  • Create a crown chakra crystal grid around yourself.

It is time to harness your universal energy and achieve spiritual growth through these crown chakra healing crystals! Accomplish mental clarity in your spiritual journey and absorb positive energies!

Which crystal works best for you?

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