Confucius formulated his philosophy by putting together the materials which make up the Five Classics, making him the founder of Chinese literature. Through his timeless teachings, we can connect with our inner self. The quotations from his works give us pointers on how to live virtuous lives, paving the way for a harmonious world.

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Steer clear of fake people

“A plausible tongue and a fascinating expression are seldom associated with true virtue.”

The façade of being too nice is a toxic way of living. If someone agrees to everything you say, way too enthusiastic, that person is fake. You are bound to learn something new from every people you meet. Plus, they would likely talk good in front of you and bad behind you. Do not trust the act they put on.

Heart over head

“A youth should be filial at home, respectful abroad. He should be earnest and truthful. He should overflow in love to all, but cultivate the friendship of the good. Then, whatsoever of energy may be left to him, he should devote to the improvement of his mind.”

According to Confucius, academic pursuit should be our last concern. Of course, this is not applicable at all times. However, being a man or woman of good character will bring you to an elevated consciousness. Living and understanding humanity at its best by interacting with people fulfills your filial purpose. East Asian culture is the opposite of Western’s individual-centered philosophies. They believe the helping community will let you learn a lot about yourself while lifting others up. As a person who seeks nirvana, we should try balancing these two different philosophies.

Knowledge keeping

“Learning without thought is labor lost; Thought without learning is intellectual death.”

Whatever useful information every day, you should apply it in real life. To what use is education if you won’t use it to help yourself and others? And if you do have an idea, work on its improvement. Develop it until perfected. The ideas you birth should not be left unheard by those who need it. A progressive society is born through evolved ideas.

Love is charity

For Confucius, charity is defined as loving one another. In Christianity, charity is the highest form of love, as it signifies the reciprocal love between God and man that is made manifest in unselfish love of one’s fellow men. Basically, if you love someone, you’re willing to give and sacrifice for them. If you love someone, you’d want them to be happy, loved, comfortable, and safe.

Bringing back the favor

“Return good for good; for evil, justice.”

Always repay kindness with kindness. Don’t be a prick to others just because. Giving the same positive energy is good karma. For evildoings, their wrongful acts should be judged. They disrupted the balance and they shall pay for the price.


Go grab a spiritual book from time to time. It’s very healing and good for the soul to reflect on our role in this universe. Realize that you are placed here and the effect you have on how this world revolves is massive. Journal and meditate because before you know it, you’ll feel lighter. Make it a habit or add a specific schedule to feed your spiritual self with ancient wisdom.