In the energy of love, one is a warrior of the light. There is no fear, only the strong belief in self and in the universe/source of creation that provides on demand and when needed. The worries of the physical world are present but not all consuming, because the person living in connection with the All has tools to assist them to stay above the shadows that lurk in every corner. They become wayshowers and leaders, teachers and guides to assist others to learn how to protect themselves from attack and to project love out to the world.

God, our Creator, is the greatest protector of all. He/She is a magician who can turn the darkest night into the brightest day, poison into water and hatred into love. He/She loves with a purity that transforms fear into certainty and weakness into strength. The warrior of light has only to intend to be connected to Source and it will be manifest. As this energy has no conditions or attachments to it, the protection it affords will be impenetrable. Again, the belief behind the intention must be just as strong. There is no mandate for religion or any other boundary required to be connected to the light and love of Source, only belief in yourself that you are worthy of being loved.

When you intend that you are protected, you project an energetic force shield around yourself that is like a bubble. Your energy field, or aura, will be strong and vibrant, shielding you from absorbing the lower vibrations of ego, anger, jealousy and gossip. It is invisible to the naked eye but as strong as the belief behind your intention. Those whose hearts are shut off to the light will always try to bring darkness to others, but it is only the ones who live in fear who are truly unprotected. Whatever you believe, you create, so the stronger the conviction behind the belief, the greater the warrior you will be.

Once your force shield is in place, you must ensure its continued strength and impenetrability. The more you look after your body, mind and spirit the stronger it will be. The strength of your protection will be affected by doubt, insecurities, worry, fear and toxic emotions such as hatred and anger. It will also be weakened by a poor diet, substance abuse, lack of sleep and stress. Daily practices such as meditation, mantras, affirmations and the expression of gratitude for your life will help to clear and maintain your auric field and your connection to the protection of Source.

Fear divides and love unites. Love is all there is! There is nothing that cannot be overcome when one is working from the heart with loving intention without hidden agendas. Do not allow yourself to lose sight of who you are in spirit or of your connection to the powers of the universe that are your tools to overcome the hardships, injustices or dilemmas you are facing.  All else is illusion and will only become reality if you believe it to be so. So, create with intention and belief that you and your loved ones are protected and it will be so.

I AM Artemis the Guardian.

**Channel: Victoria Cochrane