The Sanskrit word DIWALI translates as “Festival of Lights”. It is a celebration of the victory of LIGHT over darkness or of GOOD over evil.

It occurs each autumn in the Northern Hemisphere when it is spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

This year it occurs on the day of the New Moon on November 4, 2021.

The aspect of the DIVINE MOTHER known as “LAKSHMI” (“Spiritual and Material Abundance”) is honored.

LAKSHMI grants both financial prosperity as well as physical, mental, and emotional healing.

Homes are decorated with devotive lights; altars have a “murti” (depiction as a statue or painting of an aspect of the DIVINE); and sometimes small “murties” are placed upon each stair in a home.

Also, children often draw pictures of small feet on colored paper and place them at the main entranceway to the home which symbolizes the feet of LAKSHMI as SHE enters the dwelling.

DIWALI is a very festive and sacred time with celebratory foods, and gifts are usually given to family and friends.

Further, on DIWALI debts are cancelled (or are lessened in terms of what is owed), and business owners prepare new financial books and discard the old ones.

A “Puja” (ceremony) is performed on the day of DIWALI which involves giving offerings to LAKSHMI.

The offerings are candle light, incense, foods (such as water, nuts, fresh or dried fruit, bread, or whatever nutritious healthy food is desired, and sacred oil).

Each offering is encircled around the third eye, the heart, and the solar plexus of the representation of LAKSHMI and then four times around the entire “murti”.

Prayers are recited for monetary abundance and health, and then the foods and water are partaken of because they have now become “prasadam” or “healing offerings”.

Finally, the sacred oil is placed upon the third eye of the person or persons partaking in the ceremony.

Often “Mantra Yoga” is performed with a prayer mala, and upon each bead is recited the LAKSHMI mantra which is “AUM SRI MAHA LAKSMAYA NAMAHA” (“Oh, Divine, I bow to Thee who brings spiritual and material abundance”).

The name LAKSHMI actually translates as “Goal”, and thus, our goal is to receive the blessings of the DIVINE MOTHER in HER feminine aspect for providing abundance (both monetarily as well as in other necessary material items) and health perfection.

The substance of the prayer mala for honoring LAKSHMI is Lotus Seed.

Because of so much current turmoil in the “3d” world (the virus, the inoculation mandates, people resigning or retiring from their jobs due to their refusal to be “vaxxed”, wars, terrorism, political chaos, economic problems, and so much more), those persons who observe DIWALI are truly looking forward to this one’s arrival.

Although most people will not get together in large numbers this year (“vaxxed” or not), it will be a time to celebrate in small numbers.

So, people are busily preparing their homes and gifts.

They are cleansing their prayer malas and giving them sunlight. Many have already mailed DIWALI greeting cards.

It is indeed a special time of joy, hope, love, and peace.

The greeting for this festive occasion is “JAI DIWALI” which is “Victory to the LIGHT!”.

How wonderful this is as SOURCE LIGHT has been and continues to soar to our dear planetary home transforming and upgrading DNA and clearing-out old cellular records.

The day prior to DIWALI is known as “DHANTERAS”, and this is a day to beckon to the CELESTIAL PHYSICIAN known as SRI DHANVANTRE for all manner of healing.

He is known as the “Physician of the Devas and Devis”—the male and female Avatars of the DIVINE ABSOLUTE.

The word “Avatar” translates as “One Who Descends”.

It is taught in the Vedic scriptures that the DIVINE ABSOLUTE who has come into the world era after era in various physical forms to destroy evil and to assist and protect the righteous.

The most recent Avatar to have arrived is SRI KRISHNA who lived in human form for 126 years (from 3228 to 3102 B.C.E.) and gave us the BHAGAVAD GITA and other teachings.

An “Avatar” is an aspect of the DIVINE ABSOLUTE who takes on human form.

SRI KRISHNA arrived during the most recent “Kali Yuga” period which had begun in approximately 4300 B.C.E. when barbaric hordes invaded parts of what we know today as the African and Asian continents and destroyed people, land, and temples dedicated to the DIVINE MOTHER.

People who survived were made to speak the languages of the invaders, to worship only the DIVINE in male form, and to practice certain cultural traditions of the invading forces.

This is unfortunately why today so many people speak of the DIVINE primarily with the male pronouns of “He” and “Him”, and some people even think that to honor “GOD” as a woman is blasphemy.

However, such persons have obviously not studied history well or have only studied it at a particular “acceptable” level.

The oldest traditions in written history are that the DIVINE first revealed “ITSELF” in feminine form as early as millions of years ago, and one of the first revelations of the DIVINE FEMININE was MUT-EM-UA—“Water of the Virgin Mother”—who is “Self-Created” and “Self-Creating” having birthed all things from “HER” vast watery cosmic womb.

In the Sanskrit language, the DIVINE MOTHER is SRI MATRE who is the “birther” of BRAHMA (“The Expander”), NARAYANA (“The Sustainer”), and SHIVA (“The Transformer” [some translate this as “The Destroyer”]).

Thus, it is the DIVINE MOTHER from whom all in creation has been fertilized, gestated, and birthed. In ancient Kemet, the DIVINE MOTHER was “MUT-EM-UA” (“Water of the Virgin Mother”), and the “forceps” that assisted HER in the birthing process was “PTAH” (“Heaven Supporting Earth”), and in later ages in that civilization, PTAH was made to be a major separate male “GOD” rather than an aspect of MUT-EM-UA.

What has occurred throughout humanity’s history is that many cultures have made the ancient world totally polytheistic (believing in a plethora of “gods” and “goddesses”) when the truth is that the most ancient revelation was of the DIVINE ABSOLUTE being one SOURCE who has numerous aspects to which we can pray when we are in need of a particular aspect to help us.

These aspects have been depicted since ancient times in the form of the things of NATURE as symbolic metaphorical lessons.

Even the term “Hinduism” is a misnomer for the spirituality of the Vedic world.

The correct term is SANATANA DHARMA which translates as “Eternal Path”.

The words “Hindu” and “Hinduism” are Greek terms placed upon the people who were discovered long ago living in and around the Indus-Kush Valley.

To the phoneme (syllabic sound) of “Indu” was added an “H” sound which resulted in “Hindu” and the people in the region were called by that title.

The ancient Sanskrit name for “India” (which is also a Greek word), is “Bharata” (“Land of the LIGHT of the Soul’), and as of about three years go, the people of that nation voted to return to the original ancient name, which, of course, will take time for both the inhabitants of the nation as well as outsiders to adjust to saying.

Why has so much time been given to some portions of ancient history in an article that is about DIWALI? The reason is because abundance and healing—the goal of DIWALI— is also to be blessed with knowledge. JAI DIWALI!

As we head into the New Moon on Thursday, November 4th, in Tropical Scorpio (transformation) and Sidereal Libra (balance), solar winds have come in on early Tuesday, November 2nd, raging at approximately 596 km/s (kilometers per second) which is well over millions of miles per hour. There was an “M.1- Class” solar flare on Monday, November 1st, and another “M.1-Class” solar flare early this morning. Both seem to have been Earth-directed.

There have been several CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections).

These have followed a powerful “X.1-Class” flare just a few days ago and several other “M-Class” and “C-Class” flares.

The magnetosphere (the outer magnetic field of our planet) is filled with pulsating plasma waves.

Charts are showing red surrounding and enveloping the planet which is the sign of major strong energetic currents.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali