What does this mean?

I was asked this question the other day by a young man I’m currently mentoring. I like the word ‘whisper’ used here in this image above because this is true in my experience. Also the word ‘Cosmos’ is interchangeable with the word ‘God’ which in my experience is Infinite Love.

This is the answer I channeled for him below. I wanted to share it with others in the hope that this message may provide some clarity. Remember please that I too am a filter in a physical sense and therefore please practice discernment when reading my or any other channeling.:

You are a multidimensional being and you exist on many different levels of consciousness and in each level you experience a greater (higher) reality and higher level of consciousness, for instance at the next level you no longer have a dense physical body, it is lighter and lighter the higher you transcend each level. Here you also have the ability to manifest at will instantly. There is no fear at the next level, no duality. All is love and the higher you go the more refined** your energy becomes until you are pure light which is love at the highest, and at this level we are one with God.

(** refined means in this sense purer, more light, less dense.)

That is why we can say the universe exists within you, there is nothing outside of you for when you reach a greater understanding you will be able to feel and know more and more what has been called the Secrets of the Universe, or the Secrets of Creation. Questions are answered as to where all of this came from etc.. the usual questions people have about life.

The irony is that when one has reached this level of awareness or state of consciousness, one no longer cares!! It is only the ego that looks for answers outside of itself because it lives in a state of uncertainty. Once inside that vortex of higher frequency light one no longer has a care in the world! Not even death scares you because you know that death is merely the shedding of the uniform, or cloak of the physical vessel.

You are in Essence pure consciousness. So if you learn to tap into higher level of consciousness you can also tap into higher realities. You have more than one reality, there are many and they are all happening at the same time. There is no linear time in greater reality, all happens in the now. There is no past, no future. Only now.

The you in higher reality, what we call the Higher Self, knows a lot more than you do because it is not living in a subjective reality, like you. It is wiser, much wiser and can access the realms of the infinite, what is called by some the field of infinite potentials and creativity – the quantum field. It sees more than you and knows why you descended a part of your consciousness into this level of reality – into human form.

So if you learn how to access your higher consciousness, higher self so to speak, then you can move through this human level a lot more easily and you can also hear it’s wisdom because it can communicate with you a lot easier. The ‘problem’ if you can call it that is that so many people are not listening because they’re too busy in their noisy world to take time to go within and be silent. They live in their minds not their body, they live in their egos not their heart. The body is the temple, the heart is the passageway to higher levels of consciousness and reality, to greater understanding, because at the highest level there is only love.

This is why the Eastern mystics keep insisting one practice meditation to quiet the human mind and the loud voice of the ego, so that you can hear the small still voice of the higher self in that heightened level of consciousness.

So they say Silence is Golden because it literally is in the silence you can hear your divinity. So meditation is an important practice to still the mind of the human self. In the meditative state one can better communicate (pray) with the divine and because one is centered hopefully in the heart when praying, one will feel an immediate sense of love, peace and comfort flowing into their energy field.

Namasté (I am you, you are me. I see in you my self as I look into the mirror of my Soul!)

**By Deborah Faith