Greetings, we are the Arcturians, we come forth as many with one voice.

We wish to bring into your awareness and your attention a very beautiful energy, which you may wish to use now in your ascension journey.

We wish to encourage you to explore this energy, which we will introduce, discovering its purpose, and its vibration, as well as how it will impact your being, your surroundings, and the world manifesting around you.

This energy is also deeply healing, it brings into our awareness very deep wounds that when released creates such brilliant liberation. It also brings into awareness the deep essence and ecstasy of the Creator, all that is the truth of the Creator.

The energy we wish to introduce to you has the ability of demonstrating to you who you really are as a representation of the Creator. Making you aware of your skills, your abilities, your vibrations, and qualities, showing to you your origin, essence, and core. The energy we wish to introduce to you is known as the Flame of Infinity; it is the higher aspect of the Violet Flame.

The Flame of Infinity works within the Multi Universal and Cosmic Levels of the Creator’s Universe. The Flame of Infinity holds the essence, the origin, the pure vibration of infinity, an energy that is eternal. An expression of the Creator that is so beautiful, honest, and pure.

We, the Arcturians, wish to encourage you to connect with the Flame of Infinity. Before we do so, we wish to invite you to contemplate, why would you connect with the Flame of Infinity? And what would be your purpose?

For example, do you wish to connect with the Flame of Infinity to promote healing within your being, to access and release deep-seated wounds, to create more spiritual awareness and sensitivity within your being or to create abundance or prosperity?

Maybe you have an experience or situation, you wish to resolve, there may have been a lacking in your reality that is hindering you from loving yourself fully and absolutely. You might wish to approach the Flame of Infinity to boost and magnify your self love, or to connect you on a deeper level with all that is the Creator.

It is important to contemplate as you approach the Flame of Infinity, what your intention is and your purpose of connecting with the Flame of Infinity.

We, the Arcturians, wish for you to contemplate Infinity, what does this mean to you?

We understand the vibration of infinity and the word means endless, continuous, continuous cycle of momentum, expansive, ever flowing.

In your spiritual journey and ascension, what does infinity mean to you?

What would infinity the embodiment and connection with the infinite vibrations of the Creator give to you?

What would this spark within your being?

What would it manifest within your reality?

When you ask these questions of yourself, you begin to understand what Infinity really means for you. You understand when you are connecting with the Flame of Infinity, why you are doing so and how it will benefit your being.

You can connect with the Flame of Infinity without a purpose and without understanding the infinite nature of the Creator. However, your experience will not be as deep and soul touching as it could be.

When you have understood or gained an insight into what Infinity means for you and your ascension process, then you can ask again when approaching the Flame of Infinity, what do you want to achieve?

What is your purpose?

What outcome would you like?

With an understanding of what infinity in your ascension process means for you, it may be that your purpose transforms, shifts or alters, and you might find yourself approaching the Flame of Infinity in a different way.

The Flame of Infinity is deeply magical. It has the potential of demonstrating to you the Universe of the Creator, its structure, framework, and essence as well as the intimate nature of the core vibrations of the Creator.

The Flame of Infinity can show you your deepest most intimate energies, essence, and Creator expression.

When you approach the Flame of Infinity, it is with great respect, not so much for the flame but for self. Great respect for self and a knowingness of the wealth that is and can be discovered within your being.

You may ask us, the Arcturians, to transport you to the Chamber of the Flame of Infinity. There are numerous Chambers throughout the Multi Universal and Cosmic Level. You will be transported to the vibration that is appropriate for you and your current frequency.

In meditation simply ask for us to transport you to the Chamber of the Flame of Infinity. When you enter this chamber, whether you see, sense, or acknowledge, there will be a large, translucent, pearlescent flame that sits upon a gold pedestal.

You will be invited to sit before this flame. Imagine, sense, or acknowledge that you are placing your hands into the Flame of Infinity. As you do so, you can place or connect your third eye chakra into the Flame of Infinity, then your heart chakra and higher heart chakra, above your heart chakra.

Imagine, sense, acknowledge you feel your feet grounding into the chamber, grounding into the energy of the Flame of Infinity. Acknowledge your Earth Star Chakra below your feet glowing as it absorbs the light of Infinity. This will activate your Soul Star Chakra above your head, which will glow creating a circle or an oval shaped chamber around you and your energy systems.

You may wish to remain connected to the flame in this way, or you can simply imagine that you are stepping back, and you are still receiving the Flame’s energy. The Flame’s energy is flowing throughout your systems, you are being filled with the energy, vibration, and frequency of the Flame of Infinity.

At this point is the time to state your purpose. Once you have stated your purpose, it is for you to be present, to observe, and to breathe deeply. Be patient for the transitions to take place that are needed, the insights to flow and the work to be done.

As you absorb the energies of infinity, this is changing the way you are, and the way you exist in your reality. The limits of the Earth may not feel quite so powerful or strong, or impactful to you. They may feel more flexible like energy you can mould and shape, for this is the truth.

With this idea we the Arcturians leave you in this space to contemplate, to experience and observe.

When you wish to return to your reality, simply ask us the Arcturians to transport you back into your reality, grounding you into the Earth once more.

Enjoy your exploration and discovery with the Flame of Infinity.

This is a gift of remembrance from us the Arcturians to you.

We thank you,

We are the Arcturians.

**Channel: Natalie Glasson