Our Sun blasted us this morning with a low level X1.0 Solar flare.  So if you are a sensitive one, I am sure you are feeling off, and you may not understand why.  Solar flares are amazing, and they will aggressively point out our weak spots in our physical and emotional bodies.  They can help us evolve our spiritual path beyond ancient patterns hidden in our ancestral lineages.  It can point out our limiting biases, programs and belief systems.  Flares show us the places that need healing in our ourselves, our relationships, our communities, our countries and our entire planet.  Solar flares actually can wake us up if we pay attention and acknowledge where it affects us, and we get to work.

How we use, or react, to this blast of energy will be based on our level of consciousness.  We can use this energy to destroy or to transform and elevate our reality.  The question is can we rise up out of the battle, the struggle and suffering, and leave behind the “us vs them” age old, power game and realize our divinity and unity?  Can we finally step beyond the old patterns of the rise and fall of civilizations, and learn to create a new reality based on elevated, evolved actions that do not create more karma and suffering.  It is up to us, and it always has been.

This magnitude of a solar flare can trigger everyone’s moods and physical comfort levels.  It can have huge effects on our nervous system and brain activity.  It can trigger heightened human behavior and physiological responses (mental-emotional-physical and even spiritual).  We could feel nervous, jittery, anxious, have trouble with our equilibrium and experience dizziness.  We might feel shakiness, irritability, lethargy, exhaustion, short term memory problems, heart palpitations, nausea, queasiness, prolonged head pressure and headaches.  … well, you get the picture.   Electrolytes and hydration is really important during solar flares.  Eat healthy, whole food (lol … I just ate a bowl of chips writing this, and used my golden oil as my iPad decided to do weird things.)  Most of all, remember your divinity.  Live from your heart and not from your ego driven mind, and try not to take anything personally, nor overreact to any triggers.

Large flares can de-synchronize our circadian rhythms.  The pineal gland in our brain is affected by the electromagnetic activity.  Solar flares can cause the gland to produce excess melatonin at the wrong time which can make us sleepy during the day, and keep us awake all night.  A lot of times, annoying sleeplessness can be remedied by taking some melatonin just before bed every night for a week after a large solar event.

Magnetic fields interact electrochemically within the human brain.  It can affect us psychologically by creating hormonal swings, and they can significantly alter brainwave activity.  So, when Sun cycles peak,  there can be a rise in human unrest, uprisings, rebellions, revolutions, and wars between nations.  Researchers have been able to trace this back 2,500 years!  Of course, this is an out-dated pattern based on uncountable cycles of creation, destruction and re-creation.

This time on Earth is the great test we have faced in our life time, but also for eons past.  Can we move through this next solar cycle and transform our world without entering into old, repeating, destructive loops from our ancient past.  These can be loops of simple repeating arguments that you have with your love ones, all the way to the pattern of the rise and fall of civilizations.  These are old habitual and lazy ways of reacting to these powerful and yet natural cycles of time.  All it takes is to step beyond what has ever been done before.  It is about not reacting to this energy, but harnessing it to use from your higher heart’s knowing.  If we take one step beyond all these loops, we can enter a whole new realm of creation, evolution and awakening that we never thought possible before.

(The Sun has a 11-year sunspot cycle that rises and falls.  It looks like we are moving out of solar minimum as this point as this is the second X flare in 2021.  X1.59 was on July 3, 2021.  Even the base line of solar activity has risen this year, keeping powerful and continual energy  emanating from the sun.  Scientists classify strong, solar flares into three categories: C, M and X, with C being the weakest, M being mid-level and X being the strongest.  X flares are 10 times more powerful than M flares.  X2 and X3 flares are twice and three times as potent, respectively, as X1 flares.)

**By Aluna Joy