This is what seniors brag about! After getting two prescriptions from the doctor around 2013 for high blood pressure, after taking myself off of them, using COQ10 for a while, and most of the time forgetting to take that too…..

My blood pressure is now 121/80. It’s perfect!

That would indicate, I think, that there is less constriction in my pipes due to plaque, and that my blood is flowing perfectly.

One way to achieve this at my age – 61 – IS TO STOP STRESSING OVER EVERY BIT OF NONSENSE, AND TO RELEASE PEOPLE FROM YOUR LIFE WHO THREATEN YOUR PEACE OF MIND. And that’s in caps! When you get stressed, find a workable solution and enact it. You can’t change others but you can change the way you react to them, or if not, lessen the time you spend with people who wind you up.

Lose the stress, and lose those who threaten to increase it. It works wonders!

Forget what the doctor tells you! This is your prescription to longevity and a peaceful happy life!

Ivo: You must learn to discern what is a real problem and what is one that is of your own creation.

Me: I think many people see inconveniences as problems. Perhaps developing a new way of categorizing problems might help people. Like for example, there are problems, there are inconveniences but not terrible problems, there are problems that are urgent, there are problems that are long past due being dealt with, there are things that are not a big deal. I find the more constricted our language becomes, and I’ve noticed too a constriction on the use of adjectives, which are words that modify nouns, and adverbs which modify verbs.

What sounds worse to you?

He has a slight problem. There’s a bit of trouble today, or
He has a big honking dilemma on his hands right now.

Be able to discern which need immediate attention and which can be dealt with later, although realize that if you ignore a little issue long enough it might turn into a great big honking problem, or it might just go away.

By categorizing accurately, it helps you to achieve some semblance of peace in your life. And then there’s being with people who reflect this sane way of seeing things. If, for example, you hang around with drama queens, you’re in for a lot of stress that can ultimately make you very sick.

The people I hang out with now DO NOT cause me any stress, with the exception of my neighbour and I’m working to resolve that problem. I got pre-approved for a mortgage, a very small one, but I got something.

I have disabilities in the name of chronic fatigue and/or fibro, and so I have learned to use automation to simplify my life, and make my self care easier: I got a car and a dishwasher.

I realized I am very dependent on the sun so I have a big three pane window in the room I spend most of my time in.

I have noise, smell and light sensitivities, so I live in a place with only one adjacent apartment. The guy smokes unfortunately but I keep my window open. There is no apartment above mine so no upstairs noise.

I do my housework in ten minute increments and because it’s just me, I keep the place picked up and tidy – the way I like it. That way I’m not stressing over a dirty house. Occasionally I get outside help to help with jobs that are more strenuous or require more manpower.

I organize to keep similar things together and to help me find whatever it is I’m looking for. Everything has its place. So I know when I want my keys, they’re not on top of the cabinet or a table top – they’re ALWAYS in my purse. That helps when brain fog strikes.

I constantly look at dietary improvements to get rid of things like body pain and brain fog. I’m currently on a “clean” diet where chemicals and Omega sixes are kept to a minimum. Some of you asked us about dietary improvements to help with your immune disorders and I would recommend this: improve your diet, take out the wrong oils and include anti-inflammatory oils, take out sugars and increase stevia/monkfruit, and eat clean and organic as well as low carb. There are many video’s on this on youtube and also how to shop for these foods. I also eat a low animal protein form of the keto diet and you do lose weight on it. Losing weight releases old stored chemicals and toxins into your bloodstream for eventual release, so you may not see progress in the early stages of eating clean.

I’m following Lorna van der Haeghe’s allergy protocols to help reduce my allergies and increase the strength of my immune system. Also looking at leaky gut solutions because when bits of food pass through the intestinal wall, the immune system will attack them because they’re not supposed to be in your blood, of course and this will cause food allergies. I’m a celiac with casein intolerance.

The other things I’m looking at reducing is foods or activities that cause excitatory reactions – that stress the adrenals. So any foods that create an adrenal response and kick in the fight, flight, freeze or flee response. Yeah, I commented the other day there’s a fifth part to this adrenal reaction when a human being is excited – film. There’s always someone around with a cell phone to film ongoing chaos and post it to youtube later on. So fight, flight, freeze, flee or film. Ha ha.

Ivo: There are many objectives in place to drain your systems of energy on planet earth. And that is the goal – to keep you in a disempowered state, and tiredness would be part of this state. Mind control is set to do this, in order that you continue to excrete adrenalin and remain in a fear-based state. A fear-based human is a disempowered human. The most powerful state of a human is one of calm. That is not where the powers running your planet desire you to be, they prefer you to be overstressed, fearful, running around in a chaotic state, and able to be controlled. The reason so many people on your planet have no control of their lives is because they will not relax long enough to develop it. Sharon is doing this now and you see the results she is achieving. You are more easily controlled by others when you are not in control of yourself, and as we have said for years, this is what is being perpetrated upon you now by your leaders and unseen forces.

Me: Yes, better health. And hallelujah for that!

Ivo: Which is another point, as well. Your television, video gaming and youtube are all stressful activities. You are sitting in front of a screen and your body is undergoing a flight or flight response while you are sitting in a stationary position! You have no way of running off the adrenalin and re-setting your system to a normal calm.

If you were actually being chased by the supposed saber toothed tiger of your past, you would experience the burst of adrenalin and begin to take appropriate action until the situation is resolved: so you would fight, flee or freeze to escape being eaten by this mammoth and then return to a normal bodily state. However, when you are sitting on your couch watching video’s or tv shows, or gaming games of killing others you are training your brain to expect a daily diet of high adrenalin activity. You are changing your normal bodily and brain state. And your medical knows this already because it acknowledges post traumatic stress disorder, which is the result of a prolonged adrenalized state that becomes the new normal. The fact that you are not running away from anything, but in fact enjoying this adrenalized response while inactively sitting down, is creating a dependency on that state of being as being normal for you and not burning off the adrenalin. In fact it is not. As we said, the normal for a human is to be calm and peaceful. That is the human at its strongest.

The human that is in a continually adrenalized state of excitement is not only disempowered, but addicted to their own adrenalin. When you constantly subject yourself to this level of excitement, then anything else by comparison will seem boring. You will become addicted to your own adrenalin, and life will not seem worth living so you will become depressed when you are not in an adrenalized state of excitement.

It is no surprise, then that many of you are what you call “drama queens” who create problems and excitement for the sake of feeling alive.

That is what has been done to you and now it is, yes, for many lightworkers it has become a problem, but it is your life’s work, as it is Sharon’s to undo this problem. Seeking peace, tranquility and a calm mind is the first step, and in so doing, you will move closer to connection with your higher self.

This is what they are attempting to prevent: the ascension of the human being – the connection of the human being with their higher self.

Me: Yes, through “Warrior World,” software programs where human blood is splatted all over walls as the so-called hero shoots every human they see moving in front of them on the screen. And then you begin to associate a highly adrenalized state with human death and killing. This could get really twisted and contorted in the wrong minds!

Ivo: And indeed it has! You have no idea of the damage you are doing to yourselves emotionally, mentally and physically, never mind spiritually. However, those who provide the means for you to utilize these things do understand. This you must not forget, my love. It is all by design. Nothing in your lives now is there by accident. Your lives are deliberately crafted by those who understand you better than you do yourselves! The best way to understand what their long term plans are for your society is to see what they are enticing your children with. Then extrapolate the long term effects of these implements upon the human psyche and you will see the future of humanity, if left in their hands.

Interestingly, you believe yourselves to be infallible, yet you are extremely vulnerable. It is amazing that so many have lived to the age that they have.

We in the galaxy do indeed use computers, but we do not use them to kill each other, even if in our imagination. That would be extremely revolting to us. We realize that everyone else is our family because we have had so many lifetimes in our own constellations and abroad, we have collectively parented many children and they in turn our grandchildren, so we understand we are all related. The Vegans and Lyrans especially understand that we are the fathers and mothers of the human race and that all who came after us are our children. Far be it for any of us to want to kill another family member. To kill another is to kill one’s self. Yet you on earth do it in your ignorance and call it a game.

Me: I don’t!

Ivo: I realize this, my love, but your neighbours’ 9 and 10 year olds do it daily.

Me: I know. They don’t realize what they’re doing.

Ivo: And that is my point, my love. I am telling you what you are doing because at some point, someone must take responsibility. As it happens many of you only take responsibility when you suffer ill consequences for your naivete and then you begin searching for answers to your ailments. Well, we are proposing this regime of peace and tranquility and abstinence from any adrenal spiking and intoxicating foods or substance. A healthy lifestyle must be embraced from the outset, not upon realizing that one is ill.

Me: Yeah, but they told us that to get your teeth filled with mercury would be good for you.

Ivo: Yes, you have all been misled. I am here to re-direct you, if you will only listen to me.

I must admit that the naive innocence of the minds that accept these implements into their lives without prior examination of the consequences astounds us! You are like children, who innocently accept anything as good that is given to you, not understanding that those who do do not have your good in mind but rather their own. You all do it. All of you. And all they must do is sell it to you as “progress”.

But there are those, such as Sharon, who are reversing such conditions and reporting on their findings. You believe that food is the means to achieving a peaceful state of calmness, well that is only part of the process. The other part is as you said: eliminate those from your life, eliminate activities from your life, that raise your adrenalin without allowing you to burn it off as it is excreted. This is the normal state of the adrenalin cycle, it is not intended to remain coursing through your veins for hours on end.

Me: Makes sense, Ivo.

Ivo: Indeed, it does.

Many of you are in a highly adrenalized state of anxiousness or stress throughout your day, beginning with, yes, of course, your cup of coffee.

Me: Yes, the best part of waking up is Folger’s in your cup.

Ivo: Waking up has to do with sunlight, as we said, not with coffee.


Ivo: If you would put as much attention on activities that are calming for you as you do for activities that are inflammatory and excitatory, you would be far better off and able to disconnect from your own adrenalin. Becoming aware of when you are in an adrenalized state of body and mind is important, then learning how to change that is also important. Learning how to avoid it is even more important. And yes, Sharon has done a lot of work in this regard. Again, she has picked her sources for information about the Storm and she has cleverly picked sources that do not excite her or cause an adrenalized rush within her. She avoids dramatic presentations with loudness, bold colours and inflammatory statements of accusation.

Me: Witch hunts.

Ivo: She also limits how much of it she exposes herself to every day, setting limits in this regard as well. Instead she searches for those who present facts in a way you might discuss the subject over a meal or coffee.

Me: In other words, normal. Yes, and people keep trying to send me stuff about the Storm. I appreciate your thinking of me, but I choose my sources carefully for the reasons Ivo just stated : so that I’m not dealing with an adrenalized state of fear upon watching their video or program. I happen to know that states of anxiety are often followed by states of depression, and thank you but those are two states I’d rather leave out of my personal constitution.

I think people wonder why I set the boundaries I do, and specify this and specify that – this is why I’m so picky! So my health can improve. I don’t like feeling like shit! I also know that when you over-expose yourself to stimuli, you burn out. I’m already in that state and I’d like to recover. The other thing I know is when you keep overstimulating your adrenals, they’re not going to recharge and you remain in a burnt out state of blahness or oversleeping sometimes for days on end. Does that sound like a life you’d want to live? Well, I don’t either.

Ivo: Yes. And of course, many of you then, in your excited bodily states, reach for a substance to either bring you up or bring you down.

Me: Uppers and downers, yes.

Ivo: And you understand which foods do that for you, as well, my love.

Me: Anger foods are like chips, they’re crunchy. When I’m angry, which really doesn’t happen so much anymore, I crunch on chips (yeah, that doesn’t happen much anymore either!) and when I feel understimulated I eat sugar because I know that it’ll bring me back to a more highly adrenalized state.

Ivo: Yes. You have no idea how you really are because of your heavily modified mind control, many of you are or were in this state. You do not know how you feel naturally because your body is highly adrenalized. Now this must be undone.

Me: Hmm. This is interesting.

Ivo: Yes, there are many interesting things on planet earth at the moment.

It is in fact, also incorrect to expect that once you are aged, that your body will deteriorate, especially at the rate of the human being on earth. This is an incorrect assumption.

Sharon has been learning how to return to health in her later years because the one stressor she could not contend with – the work environment – was taken away from her. She has been relieved of the need to go to work, and with it, the stress that it caused for her.

She still has difficulties with anxiety from time to time, and still reacts to certain people, such as the codependently entitled, and is now seeking new answers to this problem.

Me: I love people who come out of nowhere, complete strangers, to tell me they approve of my life’s choices. My mother used to do that and even that incensed me. I’m not telling you to ask for your approval, I’m telling you so you might consider making the same changes for yourself.

Ivo: Correct.

Me: The other thing I try not to do is work to deadlines, because I realize that with an impending deadline looming, I will become anxious. So I try not to work to deadline.

You have to know your strengths and your weaknesses. I have done a lot to alleviate my anxiety – one way is to have control over my immediate environment. The only thing I don’t have control of over here is the fact I don’t feel safe living in this neighbourhood, but like I say, I am working to change that.

The other thing I do is I get help where I need to. Like the car, which still hasn’t had anything major go wrong with it in its first four and half years. I think it’s got the guys at the dealership completely perplexed, but my car is a star!

I see what you’re talking about here, Ivo, and I see that that’s part of what we lightworkers need to do to help humanity on earth now. We need to teach people how to be calm again, and to prefer that state of being, rather than living in a revved-up stressed out state of perpetual anxiety. Because we know anxiety is about adrenalin, and adrenalin is about adrenachrome.

All of this stuff is linked. All of it. Adrenalin is the physical substance, so there is an energy at unseen levels that’s like an elixir to those unseen entities. It all fits.

Ivo: Yes, they live from your reaction to stress. It does have compounds or elements within it that they can utilize in order to survive. And of course, they stoke your anxiety more and more every chance they get. Sometimes attachments survive with you for a lifetime feeding from your adrenalized state.

Me: Yes, Peter Maxwell Slattery was talking about Multi-Dimensional mastery and I can see this as part of it. We live in a multi-dimensional world with unseen influences that we have to learn to master regardless of whether we see them or not.

Ivo: Correct. You must learn to take your bodies and your minds out of the highly adrenalized states that they are in, and learn to heal yourselves and to stop feeding the beast!

Me: Thank you, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, you are doing a service for those who are suffering.

Me: I’m happy to share my findings.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart