Beloved people,

as never before, you are being tested in these days!

Where do you stand and how firmly do you stand in this world? Are you anchored in yourself or do the storms of the momentary events blow you sometimes there, then again there? What happens to you when the whole world changes and the outcome seems uncertain?

In which direction will the pendulum swing – will everything be light and good or will the forces that have been in charge gain the upper hand again? These are all questions that now preoccupy you, that can trigger fears and cause hopelessness.

It is time for you to rise like a phoenix from the ashes, to stop believing and attaching importance to the dark prophecies for this humanity.

What matters now is your positive, life-affirming and compassionate orientation towards life.

All the processes that are now heralding the end of a time and a world are making it brighter, making it more beautiful, making it peaceful, and making it possible for people to meet each other as human beings again.

These days bring forth events and revelations that destroy entire worldviews that few could have foreseen or imagined. The dissolution of this matrix holds many surprises and is accompanied and carried by the powers of light that surround this earth, namely by the GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT.

Many things elude you simply to keep you grounded, to keep you moving forward and doing your part. It is completely counterproductive for you to rely on the powers of heaven and put your hands in your lap.

The main actors in this upheaval are you! The main role is played by you! While your heavenly brothers and sisters of light assist you, it is you, your daily decisions and your competence that matter.


How do you look at yourself? What is your perception of yourself and your surroundings? What are you willing to see and what do you want to voluntarily dissolve and release into the light? Do you know yourself – and if so, how well?

The greatest attention is now paid to this, because the spiritual light of the CENTRAL SUN shines through every human being.

Not only will you be tested on your heart and kidneys, but on compassion, responsibility, devotion and capacity for love.

Do you desire revenge as the incomprehensible horror of the old days reveals itself to you? What germinates in you when you think of the day of justice, when those who have brought great harm upon humanity and the earth will be held accountable?

Do you remain deep within you a source of peace, a rock of forgiveness, and a sun that shines on all people equally?


Ask yourself how far you want to go with your love and give yourself an honest and truthful answer. If you lack unconditional love, then expand your spectrum and become competent.

The New Earth needs the newborn human being – without hate in the heart, but rich in love, without fear in the soul, but overflowing with light.

Are you lacking something? Then seek the light, seek God, and keep seeking until you find.

The day that is coming will bring everything into balance! Every person is weighed on the scales of God. He who is found too light remains in the game, he who is weighed in love returns home to God, the Creator of all life, the Mother of all being.

Beloved man,

immerse yourself in your soul, spend time with yourself and grow a little more beyond yourself every day. You will see your true greatness when you are ready for your light and as soon as your heart can receive the love of God.

I am with you in every hour. All days, all time and for all eternity I am with you.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by