Dear brothers of the planet Earth! I am Ashtar Sheran.

Thanks to the energy that comes to this planet, we have seen a lot of things coming to the surface. The focus of each one of you in the world today, is just to understand, to visualize, everything bad that is appearing. Everything absurd, everything contradictory, everything that still shocks you; these are the things that you perceive and understand as a worsening world.

So I’m going to teach you something. Imagine that the Central Sunlight is a great angel; a beautiful angel. He is not very big, he is the size of you (realize that I am creating an imaginary being). This angel enters your home and through his light, very intense, points that you see in your day to day life as dim, as dark, all become illuminated, because this angel has this property, to bring the light where there is no light.

So it doesn’t matter if it is a place where there is no physical light; the light of this angel fills all the points where he passes, even the smallest gap in your walls, furniture, will be illuminated, and I assure you that exactly because they are dark places that you got used to never look there, you will discover a lot of things, a lot of dirt; mainly dirt, things lost through time that you couldn’t find at all, your children’s toys. You can find anything in these places, because now they are extremely illuminated. The light goes through furniture, walls, everything in front of you. So the mere presence of this angel is enough for your house to light up, as if there were no walls, no furniture, no utensils, nothing; everything is clean, just one big box. And you would see everything.

So let’s take this image that I created and transform this angel as the Central Sunlight. He is illuminating everything. Then those dirties, either because of sloppiness, or because of difficult access, or because they were hidden on purpose, appear. Nothing is hidden anymore. So you have the feeling that your world is getting worse, but I ask you: If you discover something hidden, something bad that someone has tried to hide for a long time, and it comes out and shows the whole truth, is that bad? Is this making your world worse?

For many, they will say: “No, this is bad because it is better to have the illusion that the world is perfect”; that is, not wanting to see the error of others so that the time does not come to see one’s own. So what is happening today is that nothing is hidden anymore, and those who take care of the balance of their planet, even if in crooked ways, are being able to see a lot of things that they never saw before; and they are being able to act in an efficient and effective way. This is happening all over the planet. There is no more hiding.

The big problem is that it’s a lot of dirt. It is as if you were a group of street cleaners, and every day you are cleaning up a little bit of that mountain of garbage that is coming out of nowhere. You can’t clean it all at once. And for each thing that is discovered, it has to have a destination; it has to have an action. And many more need to be created in order to deal with the problem that has appeared.

So no, your world is not getting worse. Your world is clearing up. You are becoming aware of all the facts; you are becoming aware of people that you supposedly thought were perfect, that you now realize had a lot of garbage stored under the rug. And as those mountains of dirt are being cleaned up, those truths, those worst truths, are almost coming out. I can tell you that many of you are very concerned because you are seeing things coming out very quickly, and you can no longer hide any of the things you have done for so long.

So the time is coming for the final cleansing; that cleansing where the great truths will come out. They are not truths of people, they are truths of groups, of leaders, in every respect. When we talk about great truths, what do we mean? First the story of your planet, the story that has never been told, throwing down the beliefs created by your religions. This will be the first to be brought down. The great truth about every Being of Light will be told, and from then on the rest is a consequence of the actions of all those same leaders who have manipulated the inhabitants of this planet.

So at this moment there is no point in being afraid, no point in being impatient, no point in being frightened of what is to come. The time now is to trust every Being of Light that you can relate to; it doesn’t have to be everyone. We don’t want hegemony, we want you to feel safe having only one being around you, and to trust that he will do everything for you to protect you. That is what we ask. It’s not too much to ask. And may I put it another way, that is what we offer: the support and protection for you.

So don’t be wondering, “What am I going to hear, what am I going to see?”; because every thought you have creating something, at that moment it also reverberates. It has already been said here, if you want to imagine the great moment of truths, imagine the people clapping, imagine the people calm, imagine the people suffering but with calmness, with love in their hearts, without anger, withou

t hate. This you need to reverberate, not anything else. It is no use for you to emanate fear for a moment that will happen.If you emanate fear you don’t trust us. So, you haven’t made an alliance with a Being of Light yet, because if you had, you wouldn’t be afraid, because you would trust that this being would be right there beside you, taking your plea, giving you a big loving embrace, listening to your questions, and most of all balancing your whole being. Emanating fear is the worst thing you can do at this moment, because those who emanate fear lower their vibrations, and join the great mass that knows nothing, or pretends not to know.

Those who trust, who have faith, just wait; wait for the great moment of revelations. What will it be like? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how it will be. What matters is that each inhabitant of this planet will know everything, even if there is one inside a hidden cave, isolated from the world; he will know everything. So the time now, my brothers and sisters, the time is to trust, is to make that list of protections and just trust. This is the big word: trust. He who trusts fears nothing, he who does not trust feels fear.

So learn to trust. But it’s not just saying, “I trust!”, that’s not how it works. You have to demonstrate that, that your trust is total, and that whatever happens you are not worried. Because you know that what will happen will be the best thing for your soul, and right now the focus is your souls, not you. Your souls need to be cleansed. Your souls need to have the vibration necessary for the 5th Dimension, because they carry the vibration, not your body. Your mind and your soul are one. Your soul intuits you and you receive the intuition. You think and your soul receives your thought. You are one.

So we need to treat your souls, because they are the ones carrying the vibration of eons of time, of pain, suffering, magic, evil, violence, everything. The time now is to look up to the heavens, say goodbye to one of us who is in your skies, and trust that we are there and we see each of you who wave to us. Believe me, we see. Because what connects us to each of you is the connection of love that you feel. So if you respect us and love us the connection with us is immediately created, and we see you individually.

We know, on the surface of the planet, who we can contact, and we will. Also, you don’t want to know how or when, we will just be a surprise visitor. So as you say, keep your house tidy, keep your house smelling good, keep your house ready for our visit, but I tell you that this house is not your physical house, it is your heart. Keep your heart open, loving, clean, and for sure we will reach it, and yes we will unite in one thought, in one moment, in one energy, and you don’t need to see us, you just need to feel us and hear our words in your mind. But be assured that you will feel our embrace, and we will be together in a great fusion of energy and love.

The moment is one of trust, my brothers. Do not hesitate in any minute. Trust your Guardians, trust your Masters. Act naturally without anxiety, without despair, because when the moment comes you will be balanced and prepared, and you will go through everything with the certainty that you will have us there, close to you, wiping your tears, giving you words of support, and above all saying: “We are here and we love you unconditionally.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation to English by