This stone is also known as The Angel Stone or Anhydrite.

Angelite is an ice blue or lilac blue-colored soft stone with a white core. It often has streaks of brown or rusty colors included in this angelic stone. 

In this article, we will be looking at nine of the metaphysical properties of Angelite, how you can incorporate it into your daily life, as well as the meaning of this angelic stone. 

It absorbs moisture at the drop of a hat due to its inherently unstable nature.

In addition, it is easily damaged, so protect it from scratches, sharp blows, or significant temperature changes that may crack, shatter, or chip it. 

Angelite, a soft and brittle mineral, is transformed into Gypsum when exposed to water.

Wearing Angelite when you are perspiring, bathing or swimming is therefore not recommended. Angelite should be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. 

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Angelite Crystal Meaning

Angelite Crystal Meaning

In the mystical Incan land of Peru, a sacred stone was buried out of sight for many years before being discovered in 1987.

As we mentioned previously, it sometimes goes by the name of Anhydrite, which is Greek for ‘without water.’ 

This is because Angelite is made from dry locations where Gypsum Crystals once sat in the company of water.

The water evaporates, and the crystals are compressed over thousands of years, thus creating the gentle blue Angelite.

Additionally, it has been mined in Britain, Poland, Libya, Germany, Mexico, and Egypt since its discovery in Peru.

As far as energy and physicality are concerned, Angelite is as soft as silk.

When placed in water, the crystal will revert to Gypsum – a symbol of the ethereal change and energy that reside within. 

It is formed from the cerebral crystal of Celestite and is made of Calcium Sulfate.

Angelite is the perfect stone for those seeking deeper levels of spiritual awakening.

It is known for its elevated spirit, calm nature, and promise of surrender and connection to higher purpose and spirit guides.

9 Metaphysical Properties & Benefits Of Angelite

The metaphysical properties of Angelite

Angelite is associated with the wind, bringing spiritual energy of power, healing, love, and protection.

Stones like this are believed to calm you and connect you with your spirit guides and guardian angels. 

Below are a few more metaphysical properties of Angelite as well as other benefits:

1. Speak The Truth 

Angelite is considered to be psychologically helpful in speaking your truth.  This stone is associated with self-expression and communication. 

The vibration of this beautiful blue stone works wonderfully with the throat chakra, where it is known to enhance communication skills. 

With the vibrations of Angelite, you may be able to speak gently and more calmly, and you may be able to take the bite out of your words when you are feeling unwell.

One of the benefits of Angelite is that the fear of communicating your truth is managed with this stone. 

2. Enhances Compassion 

Angelite radiates compassion. 

Pain and disorder are transformed into wholeness and healing, opening the door to spiritual inspiration. This produces a deep sense of tranquility and peace. 

This property raises awareness and connects us to universal knowledge. 

When we have compassion for others, we are able to understand ourselves better, and if we are able to understand others better, we will be able to relieve their suffering.

This skill will help you in a personal capacity and help you become a better person to work with, and will help enhance your relationships in your life. 

3. Enhances Psychic Abilities 

a benefits of Angelite express as enhanced psychic ability

The purpose of this highly spiritual crystal is to cleanse you deeply of all unwanted energies.

Thus allowing you to access your spiritual abilities and open your mind and heart to astral travel, connecting with your spirit guides and angels, and connecting to universal divine knowledge. 

As Angelite affects the chakras, it begins at the throat chakra and moves upwards.

The Throat Chakra is where we find our truth and communicate with the rest of the world how we feel about ourselves. 

In our Third Eye Chakra, we hold our intuitive wisdom and ensure we are connected to the chasms within so that we can connect with others. 

It is through The Crown Chakra that we can tune into a higher truth. The gateway to angelic realms and the channel through which we explore otherworldly dimensions.

As well as increasing mental telepathy, it may also improve psychic vision, otherwise known as Clairvoyance.

4. Connects With Your Spirit Guides

The Angelite crystal carries a soothing vibration of light and love and a leap to higher consciousness. This stone has angelic benefits that exude spirituality and healing.  

With hues as soft as angelic wings and as ethereal as the sky at dawn, the Angelite Stone brings its magical energy, its blue color, and its messages from the other side directly into your heart.

This stone can improve and enhance a spiritual connection allowing you to reach your spirit guides with ease. 

5. Connects You With Loved Ones That Have Passed On 

Angelite opens up your third eye chakra, which is an extraordinary power to have. With this ability, you will be able to connect to loved ones who have passed on.

If you wish to contact beings in the higher realms, using this stone may help you receive the loving guidance of your angels and loved ones. 

The experience with this stone is calming and soothing, and once you make a connection and hear from your loved ones once again, you feel a sense of serenity and peace. 

6. Aids in Anxiety, Stress, And Anger 

Angelite aiding in reducing anxiety

Angelite is the stone you need if you wish to live your life with intention and a higher purpose. 

You can benefit from Angelite if your heart and mind are clogged with anxiety, anger, resentment, or any other emotion that can wreak havoc when out of balance. 

This stone translates beautiful positive and serene energies, inviting you to step into forgiveness, to fill your heart with compassion, and to reconnect to the cycles of the breath that carry you forward into awareness. 

There is a sense of surrender that comes with being consent in your life.

Let go of fussing and fighting and let yourself be carried along by the energy of the moment does not have to be associated with weakness.

In fact, it takes a tremendous amount of strength to surrender.

7. Aids Lucid Dreaming

Besides helping you remember and interpret your dreams, Angelite may also improve your memory and aid in lucid dreaming.

This stone can also assist you in having lucid dreams, which is what is known as remaining awake while dreaming.

Lucid dreaming invites messages from the higher realms, which can aid in your emotional and physiological healing when given messages of positivity and love. 

If you are having trouble falling asleep, place a Blue Angelite stone under your pillow or near you.

Those in the spirit realm can provide you with information and direction regarding your life. This is an excellent way for you to get the answers you might be looking for in your life. 

8. Helps With The Feeling Of Guilt 

An excellent metaphysical property of Angelite is that it can help you work through your feelings of guilt towards another person.

Regardless if you feel like your feelings are justified or not. 

In the aftermath of someone’s passing, you may feel guilty about their passing. With the help of this powerful stone, you can let go of that guilt. 

In many cases, especially if they died unexpectedly or left out important words, this can be a problem.

You are able to create a deep inner peace by its energy, which may benefit your mood and how you are feeling about this situation.

9. Guides You Through Difficult Decisions

For those struggling to make a decision in life, Angelite will be a support through difficult times.

Angelite healing properties can bring clarity and aid anxiety.

You need clarity during difficult times since sometimes we are clouded by the discomfort and make decisions that may not be in line with our values.  

Angelite is there to help guide you through these difficult times. You will be able to see solutions to problems when you have a clearer head. 

How To Use Angelite

Showing how to use Angelite as jewelry.

Your life can be filled with the whimsical wonder and feathery light brightness of Angelite in many ways if that is what your spiritual soul is calling for.

Blue Angelite makes a beautiful crystal to wear for gemstone jewelry or as a stand-alone stone.

You can also find pretty chunks of soft quartz to place on your altar to use in a Feng Shui practice or to incorporate into spiritual rituals.

Home and Office Use

As part of your Feng Shui practice, it is possible to invite Angelite into your home if you want to bring more spiritual awareness into your personal space. 

It gives an instant calm and many shades of serenity just by placing it in your space. Angelite is such a powerful stone for healing and healers. 

In order to practice lucid dreaming and leaping into the spirit realm, you can place Angelite crystals beneath the pillow in the bedroom. 

As a protective measure, you can also place Angelite in a space that you feel is susceptible to toxicity or negative vibes.

This will keep the space fluid, fresh, and attuned to higher thinking.

Angelite knows how to attract this kind of energy and can help you open up to these hidden worlds for those who work with reiki, tarot, guardian angels or rituals that connect to other realms.


You will be genuinely making the most of this profoundly angelic stone if you opt to wear an Angelite Bracelet or other piece of Angelite jewelry. 

Angelite’s calming blue hues press directly against the skin, allowing all that healing white light and incredible vibrations to sink deep into your soul without delay. 

You will gain the habit of being ever-ready for spiritual guidance throughout the day if you carry or wear Angelite throughout the day. 

How To Cleanse Angelite

Cleansing of Angelite

As crystals are known to collect toxins, it is so important to conduct regular de-charge sessions to ensure they are free of unpleasant vibrations. 

The soft nature of Angelite means that you shouldn’t use harsh cleaning methods. In a smudging ritual, you can diffuse some sage smoke over your Angelite or place it in a bowl of spring water for a few minutes. 

Remember that water can cause damage to your stone, so if you cannot cleanse your Angelite in spring water for a few minutes, then instead use the smudging method. 

Alternatively, you can place your Angelite stone on an Alter or a cluster. This will help charge and cleanse your Angelite at the same time. 

How To Charge Angelite

To charge up your Angelite, you can place it under the full moon for the night or keep it close with crystal clusters.

Doing so will fill your Angelite back up with its vibrant healing light.

If you feel that one night in the moonlight is not long enough, you can repeat the process the following night. 

Final Thoughts About Angelite 

For those who are spiritually ready to transcend our mortal realms, Angelite is a stone of extraordinary intuitive abilities.

The metaphysical properties of Angelite will help guide you on a mental, physical and emotional journey to a better self. 

This crystal will assist you in developing your psychic gifts or a more profound sense of self in that journey when it comes to creating your psychic gifts.

Angelite can still be highly beneficial to those who wish to keep their feet firmly on the ground while exploring the astral and connecting with angels.

The fluttering white light in this crystal cleanses you of any toxicity and negative vibes and fills your heart with a sense of peace and dreams. 

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed learning about Angelite’s meaning, metaphysical properties, and uses. If you want to know about other crystals go here for all our other crystal articles.

Angelite Crystal Meaning, Metaphysical Properties & Every Day UsesAngelite Crystal Meaning, Metaphysical Properties & Every Day Uses