Everyone knows what a soulmate is as we hear it all the time, but do you know what a twin flame is?

Both are often compared with one another, but your relationship with your twin flame is the most powerful connection you can have – even more powerful than a soulmate. 

Your twin flame is the literal definition of someone who mirrors your soul, which is what makes your connection so intense.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the signs your twin flame is thinking of you. 

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11 Amazing Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking Of You

the signs a twin flame is thinking of you

1. Seeing them in your dreams

If you’ve ever dreamt about your twin flame, it’s a sign your twin flame is thinking of you.

A twin flame bond is so powerful that even in your dreams, you’ll be dreaming of them. 

What’s even more remarkable about this is when you dream of your twin flame, most likely they are too.

It’s already known that you tend to dream of someone who thinks about you, but this is all the more true for your twin flame. 

Especially if you constantly dream of them, this is no longer a coincidence but a sign they’re thinking of you.

It’s also likely your twin flame will be dreaming of you the same time you are, which is further proof of that twin flame connection you both share. 

2. You feel emotions of warmth and comfort

If you suddenly feel emotions of warmth and comfort hitting you randomly, it’s one of the signs your twin flame is thinking of you.

It’s a feeling that will take you by surprise, especially as it comes during the times you least expect. 

When you’re feeling sad or down, it’s as if someone is comforting you through feelings of warmth. This is your twin flame connection taking place. 

Your twin flame is clearly thinking about you, and it’s the primary reason why you feel comforted all of a sudden.

Even when you’re miles apart, it’s as if they’re right beside you, reminding you to see the light when you’re sad.

This kind of connection is something you’ll only share with your twin flame and nobody else.

Even when you’re alone in a room, it’s like they’re beside you. You feel their calming and strong presence like you see them with your own eyes. 

3. You feel intense emotions that aren’t yours 

someone feeling intense emotions

One of the characteristics of a twin flame connection is that you feel one another’s emotions, especially the intense ones.

Even from miles apart, you can feel what they feel as if it were your own. 

So one of the signs they’re thinking of you at that moment is when you feel the sudden rush of emotions that clearly aren’t your own.

You might be busy doing nothing or hanging out with your friends and this extreme anxiety or fear hits you randomly. 

These aren’t yours, but they’re your twin flames. It’s an indicator that they’re thinking of you deeply. 

Twin flames share an energetic frequency, and it’s why you can feel one another’s emotions more intensely than any other person in both your lives.

So if your emotions tend to change, it could be one of the signs your twin flame is thinking of you. 

Sharing intense emotions is, in fact, one of the most known things about the divinity of a twin flame connection.

If you feel calm one minute and the next you feel anxiety, it could be an indicator your twin flame suddenly thought of you. 

4. A random surge of energy 

We’ve all experienced a random burst of energy before, where we want to do things out of the ordinary. However, this feeling is even more intense coming from your twin flame. 

You’re more productive than usual, and you want to try things you’ve never tried before.

This is because even from far away, your connection is so powerful and out of this world that you’d feel it in every fiber of your being when they’re thinking of you – and this goes both ways. 

When one of you is thinking of the other, you will feel a burst of energy because of a telepathic communication you both share.

You won’t feel this kind of connection with anyone else, not even your soulmate. 

Again, a twin flame connection is the most powerful and divine connection you can feel, and this can be both a good and bad thing.

It’s because nobody will ever understand you the same way your twin flame will, but it’s also bad because the emotions that come with it can be intense and all-consuming. 

5. You have a strong gut feeling 

Your gut feeling is a strong indicator of things and most often, your gut instinct tends to be right.

So if your gut tells you that your twin flame is thinking about you and missing you, it’s probably right. 

A twin flame connection is a divine one, which means your relationship really is out of this world. So if your gut instinct is telling you that your twin flame’s thoughts are on you and only you, then it’s probably right. 

Our intuition can sometimes let us down, but you need to trust whatever your gut is telling you when it comes to your twin flame.

If your instinct is leading you towards the direction of your twin flame, then your gut is probably accurate. 

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6. You feel loved and protected 

sign twin flame is thinking of you expressed as feeling love and protected

If you’ve ever felt a sense of love and protection hitting you out of nowhere, that’s also your twin flame thinking of you.

Especially since a twin flame connection really is that intense, then feeling love is just one of the emotions that come with that connection. 

Every time your twin flame thinks about you, the love also feels more intense, which is where the notion that twin flame connections can be difficult come from.

When you’re not used to feeling intense emotions, especially ones that aren’t your own, it can undoubtedly be tricky and overwhelming for you. 

However, if for instance, you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed, your twin flame can make you feel loved even from miles away.

It’ll feel as if they’re protecting you even from the intensity of your own emotions. 

10. Your passions are blazing 

We all have our significant passions in life that certainly make life worth living and make us feel alive.

If you find yourself discovering a new passion out of nowhere, this is all because your twin flame is thinking of you.

A twin flame connection means you literally share a similar soul as them. So if they’re passionate about something specific, it isn’t unlikely that you’ll feel their blazing passion with extreme intensity. 

Even when you’re miles apart, you’ll feel their passions as if they were your own, and the same goes for them if you’re thinking of them.

Also, when they develop a new interest in something, this is also likely to spark your interest as well. 

You share the same soul, and this isn’t limited to the things and experiences you’re both passionate about. 

11. Your heart randomly races

Our hearts tend to flutter when thinking of someone we love or deeply care about. However, this will never compare to how your twin flame would make you feel. 

A twin flame connection is the most intense relationship you can have with anyone, even more than a soulmate.

So if you think that your heart racing for a soulmate is already intense, it’s doubled or even tripled with a twin flame. 

If you feel your heart racing out of nowhere, even as you’re doing ordinary things, this is one of the signs your twin flame is thinking of you.

Even when you attempt to take deep breaths or do whatever you can to calm your racing heart, nothing works if this was caused by your twin flame’s thoughts of you. 

This is because your emotions are linked with your twin flame so everything they feel, you feel it as well.

Your twin flame’s heart would likely race when thinking of you, so it’s only normal your heart would also randomly race. 

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Now You Know The Signs Your Twin Flame Thinking Of You

someone knowing their twin flame is thinking of them

In conclusion, this is everything you need to know on the signs your twin flame is thinking of you.

It’s relatively easy to tell when they’re thinking of you, especially since your connection is the strongest one that exists. 

Even if you try to deny it, you’ll know in your gut that they’re thinking of you.

It’s impossible to miss the signs when your twin flame is thinking of you, especially when a particular emotion appears out of the blue or you dream about them a lot. 

Remember that your connection with your twin flame is a divine one, so it’s the kind of connection that goes beyond any realm within this world.

It’s precisely why they mirror your soul, and why your relationship can often be an intense one. 

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