Beloved Friends Of Earth!

Do You Find Yourself Wanting To Look Away From All That Is Transpiring?

Does Your World Remind You Of ‘The Wizard Of Oz?’

Do You Understand There Are Puppets, Clones, And A Few Puppet Masters That Believe They Are The Great Oz?

They Are Watered Down, Careless Examples Of How Low A Human Can Go In Vibrational Frequency Before Screaming Like The Witch, ‘I’m Melting! Help Me, I’m Melting.’

Oh If They Only Had A Heart, A Brain Or Courage To Straighten Up, Pay Attention And Stop The Deception!

On The Positive Aspect, As Dorothy Was Dreaming And Awakened To Find She Was Home, So It Is That Your Waking Dream Will Take You Home!

You Must See A Few Witches, Storms And Lies Before The Grand Finale.

In Many Moments You Might Realize The Many Mirrors Set Before You!

If They Are Subtle And You Do Not Notice, The Experiences Will Repeat Until You Fully Recognize The Lesson And Purpose.

What Are These Mirrors Showing You?

Everyone Will Recognize The Mirrors Of Life.

For Others Will Appear In Your Dream As Messengers To Heal You.

You Might See Them As Lovers, Friends, Enemies, Villains Or Children.

You Might Perceive Them As The Opposite Of What They Really Are.

What Did They Come To Show You?

What Are You There To Mirror Back?

A Mirror May Show You Who You Are In The Moment Of The Interaction.

Are You Kind, Honest, Lying, Faithful, Fearful, Sarcastic, Or Maybe A Peacemaker?

What Are You Feeling In The Relationship Or The Brief Interaction?

It Is A Mirror.

A Mirror May Show You What Is Within You That Judges Another.

Have You Ever Been The Same?

Have You Done The Same Or Worse?

Do You Resent Them And Condemn Them?

It Is Easy To See Fault In Another When They Trigger The Aspect Within You That Resonates In Anger.

It Is A Mirror.

A Mirror May Show You At Last What You Have Given Up In This Waking Dream, Just To Survive.

What Was Taken From You?

What Did You Give Away Or Lose?

As You Hold Mirrors For One Another, A Vast Number Of Actions Are Taking Place.

You May See Your Lost Daughter As You Look And Listen To A Story Of Another Beautiful Girl That Was Murdered.

You May Cry.

You May Have Deep Compassion For The Parents.

This Mirror Is For Your Healing.

Maybe Your Employment Was Lost At The Hands Of Those Dictating That You Be Vaccinated Against Your Own God Given Choice.

This Mirror Is Showing You Your Rights, Your Freedom, Your Sacred Body!

Another Mirror May Be Showing You The World You Have Created On Your Part Of The Planet, Being Destroyed By Those Of Greed And Power.

This Mirror Is Showing You That You Still Have An Opportunity To Rise And Shine.

See Yourself Clearly In This Mirror As It Is The Moment To Take Action Before The Mirror Shatters!

You Have Choices!

Your Body Is Yours!

You Are Sacred And Infinite And Freedom Is Yours!

Never Give This Up Or You Will Face A Wall With No Mirror.

Do They Have Plans For Those Who Do Not Comply?

Yes, In Truth There Are Plans.

Create Your Own Outcome Or It Will Be Created For You By The Puppet Masters!

Cut Their Strings And They Can Do Nothing! Indeed, Find Your Light!

March In Peace!

Write In Peace!

Scream In Peace!

You Have Choices NOW.

Be Brave And Strong!

Remember Who You Are!

Your Higher Self Will Guide You In Truth!

We Rise In Light!

I Love You So!

**Received by Judith