“Attention, the commander of the squadron’s ship is in touch.

We have entered the energy-pulse space of the third quantum filter of the sixth (out of nine – LEV) cascade between dimensions.

Increasing vibrations amplifies the amplitudes of incoming waves. The condition is unstable, watch how you feel!

The increased coronary pressure and panic attacks are possible due to the entry of people into resonance with short waves coming back from the planet.

Gamma and Theta radiation carry photonic effects on human brain impulses.

(LEV: Gamma waves, above 36 hertz per second. Our brain generates them not in individual areas but at each point of the head. When we need simultaneous integral communication with info from our various repositories, the brain emits gamma waves.

They are involved in introspection, problem-solving, overcoming fear and frustration. They arise with a maximum concentration of attention, creative uplift, and higher feelings. Gamma waves reveal our hyper consciousness and hyper-reality in us.

Theta waves, 4-7 hertz per second, connect consciousness and unconsciousness. They shape our views, beliefs, and behavior, create a sense of flight. We can feel our body as an energy field that its parts float freely and are not connected. Through Theta waves we connect to the Source).

Incoming quantum fluxes and their effects vary depending on the reaction of high-frequency reception objects.

If people enter into resonance with these frequencies and begin to retransmit the energies passing through them to the outside, it stabilizes the surrounding space and has a beneficial calmative effect on them.

The desire of some to change the ongoing processes comes from a lack of understanding of the overall picture of the quantum restructuring of the planet.

At the moment, all important components of Earth are being recalibrated to operate in a higher frequency mode.

You can only change your thinking and feelings by removing the fear and desire for control over the processes that are not subject to any system on the planet.

Therefore, any interference with the implementation of the Creator’s Plan leads to an irreversible process of returning to the Source.

Your consciousness is changing irreversibly.

You can feel it by changing the perception of events, your reactions, and your calm mood.

The dissolution of old neural connections leads to a change in the whole organism.

Your subconscious mind is constantly receiving commands to transform.

The loads on the bodies are increasing. This is due to both external and internal changes of the planet and you.

Vibrational waves of quantum flows have different frequencies and lengths and affect selectively every living person.

If your consciousness is open to change, there is no need to worry. There is a smooth change and adjustments to a higher range of energies.

It is difficult for those whose consciousness is not developed but is enslaved by dogmas and limiting programs.

Narrow thinking leads to a misunderstanding of processes on the planet, which affects mental health.

Conflict of energies causes the destruction of bodies which leads to new diseases that are not treated traditionally.

“Be like children,” said Jesus Christ. And it means: have an open mind, pure thinking and look to the future with an open heart.

A new world is not far off but is being systematically built. Live with trust in the Source.

It will help you to go through all the transformations and reach a new level of consciousness development by transforming your bodies and minds following the new standards of space.”

**By Lev