The Corona crisis has set an incredible amount in motion!

In the last few months, I have been so busy with inquiries and discussions about alternatives to school that I have neglected to write. The quintessence of these many conversations now leads me back to writing:

Each case is different, as unique as the people involved. But again, and again I have seen how completely new solutions emerged, as soon as those involved succeeded in breaking free from social habits and taking the well-being of their children more important than official regulations. Whoever follows the voice of his heart places himself under the protection of the spiritual law of nature and creates a “landing place for miracles”. It is helpful to think about the Hermetic Laws because they are like the compass of the heart. The June news was about the first Hermetic Law, ALL IS SPIRIT. Today it’s the turn of the next law:


No matter what we do or don’t do, the world in and around us changes every moment, mostly slowly and imperceptibly, sometimes with drums and trumpets. All of our cells renew themselves without our intervention, albeit at different speeds. Within 7 years, the biologists have found, our whole body has completely renewed itself. Our thoughts and moods are also constantly changing, whether we want them to or not. This goes without saying for people who live in harmony with nature. They resonate with the natural rhythms and therefore cannot be blackmailed by fear of illness, old age and death. They know that all things have their time – youth and old age, joy and sorrow, farewell and new beginnings. Life itself is eternal, it just keeps changing its shape,

Those who were socialized in our western civilization usually have a completely different view of the world. He has learned to perceive himself as a separate personality who is defined – literally: limited – by gender, origin, age, talents, level of education, occupation, social position, etc. natural connection with everyone and everything that the toddler could still perceive. In the end, each individual is alone, and so fear becomes a basic feeling. Anyone who looks through the eyes of a child will observe self-organization and cooperation everywhere in nature. But the modern man, split off from the whole, prefers to project his own, Fear and greed-driven competitive behavior towards nature and explains Darwin’s idea of ​​the “Survival of the Fittest” as the guiding principle: Each individual must fight with everyone else for the earth’s supposedly limited, increasingly scarce resources. And in order to steer this struggle for existence in a more or less regulated direction, more and more sophisticated laws and control mechanisms are of course required.

All modern existence is governed by a prison order and modern man is his own prison director. ~ Michel Foucault

As early as 1980 he recognized as our central problem that people internalize and pass on the restrictions imposed on them by society without resistance. The extreme worsening of this problem in the wake of the Corona crisis could perhaps bring the change: Many frogs have barely noticed the gradual rise in temperature in their familiar, beloved prison. But now the water has become so hot that if you want to survive you have to overcome your fear of unknown freedom.

In this situation, the eternally valid PRINCIPLE OF CHANGE could perhaps give the fearful frogs courage: Nothing ever stays as it is, everything comes to an end, the most beautiful as the hardest. Extensive phases of the – always only apparent – standstill are followed at some point by a reversal, the phase transition into a completely new, unknown state. Each and every one of us makes his or her contribution. From countless small, large and large individual decisions, an incomparable new era is gradually forming. Because history does not repeat itself. In the realm of the living there is no return to a previous state.

Not even the devil, the figurative embodiment of fear and greed, appears twice in the same disguise. If we think we can recognize him by a hammer and sickle or by a swastika and a Jewish star, we are very much mistaken. Today’s devil is working with a new promise of salvation: As Mister Global, he has a completely rationalized reorganization of the entire planet in mind. Of course, he is delighted when his existence is denied or when the media put on him yesterday’s old costumes. Under it he can hide his deadly dangerous horns: The left horn means safety, the right horn comfort – or vice versa 🙂 Both safety and comfort are truly diabolical illusions that prevent us from enjoying, without fear and, according to the PRINCIPLE OF VIBRATION Pressure to keep growing

The illusion of security makes us all the more anxious the more we have already sacrificed for our security. In video-monitored houses behind doors with expensive security locks sit people who have been vaccinated twice or even three times who compulsively keep their distance, even wear a mask alone in the car, keep themselves informed about the latest incidence values ​​in the media, have broken off all intercourse with unvaccinated people and yet live in constant fear of contagion. Fear-free people who meet and hug each other without a mask or vaccination arouse outrage among the Security Apostles, and the official narrative condemns these people as unsolidary threats, as social pests who should be excluded from the community.

What the security mania has successfully engineered, the convenience completes. As soon as the victims of the information war begin to feel a little doubt – a brief impulse to use other sources of information or to talk to people who have had other experiences – they feel comfortable: You are not going to be comfortably embedded in want to risk the democratic majority? These critics of measures, who rant about basic rights and freedom of choice, are all oaths, weirdos and conspiracy theorists! Think how you would be in front of your friends if you listened to them! And the Sisyphus work of researching for yourself whether statistics have been manipulated or what is really in these vaccines, you wont want to do yourself seriously? If there was really something to the arguments of the critics, you would have found out long ago from the reputable quality media!

Buddhists refer to fear and greed for power or wealth as hungry spirits who are never full. We must not judge people who have fallen prey to hungry spirits. Instead, we should observe their fates very critically and closely in order to see through the mechanisms of delusion to which we are also exposed at every turn. Aside from the enlightened few, there are only gradual differences between us. Both in the life of the individual as well as in the life of society, however, the point is reached at some point where the danger of slipping completely into the depths of the hungry ghosts is banned. This point cannot be recognized by the mind, because so many things continue to go wrong on the outside, there is still so much need and suffering. But the voice of the heart cannot be fooled by external appearances. When we listen to it, we can see that all the changes that are underway, both horrific and wonderful, all serve a common goal. What is being prepared is an epochal change in human consciousness.

Some say that we are heading towards two opposite timelines through our daily decisions: On the one hand, the mind dominates, which sees problems everywhere, wants to bring everything unpredictable and natural under its control, dreams of global solutions, constantly inventing new laws and its claims to power advertises with the promise of safety and comfort, without shrinking from lying.

On the other timeline, there is the divine law of nature that is written in our hearts. This law lets us perceive our connection with everyone and everything, so that we do not need any further laws. When we reach this timeline, we will realize that EVERYTHING IS VIBRATION. And through this we gain the freedom to explore the infinite possibilities that are laid out in our minds in a joyful and playful way, like children.

**By Alexandra Terzic-Auer