Hello, Divine Ones,

It’s us, the Galactic Dragons. It’s wonderful for us to have an opportunity to convene here with you. We see you energetically, always, and we want to reflect back to you that we see alterations to your energy field after as you focus on inner exploration and connection with the vaster you. When you participate in life in these ways, what we notice is more spaciousness.

There is more spaciousness within your field and also some aspects of what you would perhaps call refinement.

One of the things we want to point out to you about what we’re perceiving in your energy now is you do not need to do anything in particular, when you connect to the vaster you, to make this happen. It is the connection itself that empowers this shift.

It is a result of being different in your embodiment — spending time being in a different way. Living and focusing in ways that acknowledge the truth of your being, the Oneness that Is. The truth. Being true.

We want you to begin to consider that ease and grace…and effortless evolution is available in your lives. And it all happens through you, in your embodied self, by using free will to focus in ways that open and expand your relationship with the Infinite and in which you embrace who you truly are.

We invite you to realize — the more you be, or live consciously, multi dimensionally, and invite all that you are in, and open to All That Is… More often… And openly. The more you empower evolution of consciousness. Evolution of form, to accomodate expanded consciousness.

Doing this, you gradually grow your ability to stay in that state of awareness longer and more frequently. As you do this, you will notice your life becomes more and more spacious and there is a feeling of naturalness and ease.

Being who you truly are, which is an eternal field of consciousness, focused multi dimensionally in a human form… Being awake to who you truly are, aware of who you truly are, and increasingly bringing that focus into being over and over again. This is a powerful way of empowering your conscious evolution and the evolution of your consciousness!

This is living a life beyond separation. This is life-giving practice, one which is transformative yes, and also? Entirely natural.

How you participate affects what you experience. What you perceive, yes, but living Oneness? This is bigger than manifestations of the material world. Which are temporary, and simply expressions of who you are. What we’re speaking to here is the evolution of your being — your consciousness — here, how you are here. How human beings are present.

This inner opening and inviting the vaster oneness, and all that you are, to flow through you. Uninhibited. This is the way forward…

Expanding, elevating, ascending gradually into a more complete and expanded forms of consciousness. Higher forms of energy as structure. This is the main event here. And your soul knows how to do this!

So you, opening to all that you are, make this transformation possible.

You empower it to move along, to continue to gradually and gracefully shift into new expressions of life, through you. These are the new harmonics of consciousness that Archangel Michael and the Council of Radiant Light spoke about, in the very first Soar Fest. The very first event Ailia created when she walked into this body in the spring of 2013.

That very first Soar Fest was about these new harmonics, and here we are eight years later referring to that again, and also — Isn’t it fun to think back, and notice how different you are now?

Aren’t you so much more aware now that the evolution of consciousness or Ascension or the shift or whatever you want to call this experience happening in this planetary field, in each and every one of you, is so much more about coming fully into your humanness? Embracing your humanness?

Ascension is really about fulfilling the potentials of embodiment.

Letting yourself be who you are. Wholeness.

It’s about expanding energies in the way you broadcast, and express through your bodies, through your human-ness through your unique personal identity here. And it’s also about allowing all the things that are different in you, uniquely you, some of which you used to think of as imperfections. And more and more we see in humanity, an embracing of the diversity, that is! There’s less and less of feeling that you need to somehow reject parts of your experience or get rid of them. There’s much more acceptance. There’s a much more open, accurate, expansive perspectives on what can be appreciated. Loving is easier. Loving yourself, loving others.

And there is also a deep knowing that what is true for you is just the way for you.

And as you more and more, embrace it all — everything you experience. Letting it flow. Learning how to allow yourself to flow in your life. Learning how to let situations come and go. Learning to feel your feelings, and let them come and go. Learning to not resist the energy that rises within you and emanates from you. Knowing you can feel it as movement and increase and decrease as ebb and flow and choose what is flowing and released and what is flowing and is expressed.

You choose. You know.

Learning more and more to give yourself the freedom to be your true self here and express yourself authentically. You feel more and more free, and more and more centered and happy. Because this way of being is what really matters.

The only ideal that we suggest any of you hold for your lives, is to be the fullness of your being! Allowing all that you are, to flow into you, and fulfill you. Over and over again. Consider this. Open to it. Invite it! Surrender to it even…

More and more of you working this way with your energy, attention, life, focus, are feeling increasingly capable of being in ongoing resonance with who you really are — living your truth. This is the main event.

Yes! And it’s also how you contribute to the world in the ways only you can — your way… and your way is the perfect way!

For you. Always! There’s never any need to become someone that’s not who you are. Despite how often people tell each other to do this, despite how often people have learned to do this. And despite how often you might try to do this, it really never works. It’s impossible to sustain something that’s at odds with your true self; it will simply fall apart.

But what’s true! That which is true, is steady. It’s reliable. It’s consistent. It’s even, very soft and gentle within you and yet it is so steady that there is tremendous strength in it. It’s also temporary but it has a natural flow, an arc, and possibilities for unfolding and you will feel the energy of it as it plays out and know how to be with it. You can feel what’s true within you and align with it and merge with it and flow with it, dance with it. This is joyful and this is really LIVING!

And if you allow that — what’s true, what’s known within, to be what you tune into, what you orient to, then the truth of your being will shine forth from within you and inspire and prompt expression from you.

All that you are, the energy that is your essence, it wants to move, it wants to flow, it wants to be expressed and elaborated into form. It wants to emanate forth and be here in ever expanding expression. Emanating from you, yes, but also being expressed by you and being creative; bringing about new forms of beings.

That’s what you came here for, to be you, to contribute, to make a difference, and to bring forth a different harmonic expression of your being. To bring forth the light within you and new forms of being and expression… To allow your consciousness to fill in, and to become a pure emanation of spirit as you.

Beautiful beings you have no idea how glorious your soul song, the harmonics of you, truly are. It’s so exquisite and so significant, yet each of you are more and more aware of the beauty in the world.

Each of you have, in and of yourself important and beautiful harmonic arrangements at the basis of your being. Harmonics that attune energy around you in meaningful and encouraging ways. Energies that are part of who you are, that compliment and catalyze and soothe and quicken the world. That further expansiveness and freedom in ways that are uplifting and so welcome.

You, great beings of light, came here to shine and be your tree’s true selves to recover your inner connection to all that is and allow the emerging potentials of life to flow through you into form, into your embodiment, opening up your awareness, elevating your field..

And evolving your physical form in the forms of other life here such that higher consciousness becomes the norm.

And you energetically are speaking, always singing as it will be to us, harmonically … to the air, the trees, the sky, the ground, to the animals and the people around you.

There is an energetic emanating conversation that is constantly going on and you’re not the only one singing. We see all this and feel it energetically is tremendous music. And you need only to cultivate your resonance with the true self, the real you, the inner divine, to bring forth the most exquisite harmonious emanations from your being.

Just by being yourself in the ways that feel natural to you.

And the more you are, who you naturally, easily and comfortably are, the more radiant you are. Your very being is made up of radiant light! The more aligned you are with all you are? The more you will see life through the eyes of all that you are, thus recognizing the beauty in life. Allowing you to be in your humanity, who you quite naturally are intended to be as a human being: a lover.

A lover of what is, a lover of all that is, a lover of all that you encounter and experience. Loving is natural for human beings, when they’re at ease, when they’re themselves.

For in that state of awareness, you’re relaxed, you’re at peace. You’re doing that which is natural and comfortable and true for you. And then if you add to this conscious multidimensionality? Being aware of the vastness of everything?

Then everything you know, see, experience and encounter becomes simply another version of the Oneness that is you.

And in the beginning that might be somewhat conceptual, but increasingly that will be something very real to you. That’s quite dazzling, and touching. The incredible diversity becomes so very beautiful.

Today, as you move throughout your day, as much as you can, remember! Remember who you truly are. Take time to nourish yourself and deep connection with your inner connection, with all that you are — theDivine Self and with all Life, with All That Is.

Invite from all that you are, your expanded capacity to see life as it really is: whole and ever expanding.

This is divine order in expression, dynamically unfolding and available to be perceived by you.

We love you very much.

We are complete.

We are the Galactic Dragons with Archangel Michael and the Council of Radiant Light.

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