This is a meditation that can truly create change in your life. We are all busy, oftentimes pulled in many directions. When we are existing in our day, we sometimes don’t stop and think about what is happening. The more that we are caught up in what doesn’t necessarily make us happy or fulfilled, the further we get from source energy.

During this channel, the Goddess began with having everyone just look at their life or what was around them at the very beginning. Then in the All That Is she helped us to discern what are we doing that feels good or empowers us and what are we doing for other reasons. Then a third aspect was what are we doing that is pure soul. What was very noticeable was that most everyone spends a good bit of their time doing things that are not as supportive as soul-based activity. You may ask why? For many people it is because they need a particular job; maybe for benefits, what it pays, or other reasons. Perhaps relationships where the person doesn’t see or appreciate you.

Everything that you do, creates energy. How much of the energy you create is from light, love, joy, and source? How much of the energy is from duty, frustration, anger, fear, or more? You may not realize what is happening, but it becomes heavier and harder to remain in such situations. Therefore, the Goddess worked with us so that we can understand why we make the choices that we do; then we cleared out all the energy of the distraction. Once you clear the underlying heaviness it is possible to have a new perspective. Once completed we also shone the light and love of our divinity on the situation which created even greater clarity.

Even if you will continue in a particular activity that may at times pull you down; once cleared in this manner you may do so without the heaviness. This allows you to then stay in alignment with your soul. It will help you to feel better and you will be more productive and probably have more time with the things that make you feel good. The more that something makes your feel good, the more you are in alignment with the source.

Nama sika, Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved loving family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

Allow your focus to just be within you. Most of you have a lot that is going on around you. They may be distractions. They may be a way in which you need to focus. Howsoever it comes across to you, understand that in your life there are multiple different experiences that are moving through you at the same time.

One of the ways of looking at the energy is as if there is a breeze that is flowing through the world. The older lower frequency has less movement as it’s more that it comes and sits and it stays. In the higher, lighter frequency the energy just moves through bringing with it potentials or opportunities of which you may not be aware. Here is an opportunity while you’re still here grounded in your everyday life. Breathe in this high, light frequency allowing it to support you and to bring you opportunities.

I invite you to look around and take a little snapshot of how you see whatever location in which you find yourself.

Alright, take in a deep breath and breathe as you were centering at the very beginning and allow your focus to go into your heart center and you may see it as swirling energy of light. Within that swirling energy place your focus or your consciousness. It will automatically go there. However, this time I would like for you to make a choice to send your focus within that ball of light. It then moves down through your energy bodies and it goes down into Gaia.

As you feel that little ball of light connect with Gaia, it spreads out, moving in different directions. I ask you if in your perception you have a greater consciousness of what Gaia and the Earth feel like to you? Your consciousness is everything. It interprets, it creates, it sends out and it receives. It is as if it is the master aspect of your life. Therefore, allow your consciousness to spread out so that you may feel the love of Gaia, the grounding essence, and know that this is all available to you.

Allow that focus in that consciousness to come back up into your heart center. You can feel how your energy is actually beginning to merge with Gaia. You send the rest of it up for your throat, third eye, head center, crystalline energy and it moves up. As you align with your higher self, look around. Look around at whatever projects you may have within this space. Look around. Is this full of clutter? If so, ~phew~, clear it out, and as you clear that out, you literally feel as if the space rises to a higher light of frequency.

You continue to send that thread of light. It flows up through the thread of light that connects you to your I AM presence or to your Soul and as it follows that thread when you get to the soul plane you link with your own Divinity. It is automatic. It is always there. This is you as your Soul.

Take an opportunity to expand your consciousness even further. Perhaps you just have a feeling of this. Perhaps you can see things, maybe color and maybe light. As you allow your consciousness to open up you may have a perception of different lifetimes, of different aspects of yourself within this Soul. You may actually have a window to the Universe. The more that you take an opportunity to connect with your Divinity the more you are strengthening that within you.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. As I connect with you, I merge my energies with yours and we shift moving into the All That Is.

Look around this space. Do you have things in your life that are manifesting in front of you? Are you able to perceive the more transparent vibration? It is an opportunity to allow your expression and your essence to move out.

We have worked a number of different times with your Consciousness. As the world is moving through this ascension process the amount of your Consciousness that you have access to, your ways of utilizing your Consciousness, are all coming together and helping you to expand your perception.

Consider your life. Some people like to have somewhat of a regimented experience. They like routine. They do not like surprises and they can appreciate when they are inside their comfort zone. Look at your life. We’ve already somewhat cleared things out, whether it was intentional or not, But I would like you to consider what is happening in your life on just about a daily or weekly basis.

When you look at your week is it just empty and in front of you? When you look at your week do you have your schedule of places you need to be, things that others expect of you, and perhaps things that you expect of yourself? When you tap into your week does it feel as if it’s pressure that may come from not liking the job that you are doing, not being able to get accomplish what needs to be accomplished, trying to figure out what is the life that is in the higher frequency?

Let us begin by asking you the question. How much of your life is filled with distractions?

I smile when I say that because I already hear you saying back to me. My life is not a distraction. My life is my life. So, I will phrase this differently. As you consider your life how much is spent on things that you think you have to do but don’t want to do? Suddenly I see that growing. Now look at your life and consider what are the things that you do that you like to do? Now consider if you could do anything at all in this world how would that look?

I will share with you my perceptions of the whole. You may be within this category or someplace totally different. The majority of people had a lot of things that they felt they needed to be doing but didn’t really like doing it. There was a smaller stack of experiences or things that people were doing what they wanted to do, and they loved what they were doing or they liked what they were doing. Then kind of in the center when I said if you can do whatever it is you would like to do, I immediately saw some of you creating the exact life that you would like to have. I also saw some of you looking at that space and it was empty as if you don’t know what you want to do in your life.

Let us begin with the biggest stack. This consists of the things that you are doing in your life that you feel you are not accomplishing what you want to do. You do them because you have to, but you don’t like it. It causes you to feel overwhelmed and it sometimes keeps you from truly knowing who you are and what you seek to have. So, consider this stack within your life.

Let us take that which is the biggest item or perhaps consumes you the most and let’s look at it. You tend to be connected with your everyday focus. However, let’s shine the light of the higher frequency into that situation. As you do so look at it with new eyes. Perhaps this is a job that you have to do. Maybe it pays well. Maybe there’s not another job available. Maybe the benefits. There’s something about it that is supporting you in one way, but then on the flip side, you just don’t like it. Maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s the job itself. So, take this opportunity to look at what that situation may be or is to you and let us just pull out the energy that causes it to be a burden or in distraction. So, connect with it. Connect with that energy. Just bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~, and let that go.

When you find yourself in a situation that either consciously or unconsciously you don’t want to be there you add layer upon layer upon layer of frustration, discord; an energy that causes it to amplify what you dislike. So periodically go in and just clear it out. Let us do that one more time. We’re shining the light of your Divinity into that job or that situation and we’re going to scrape it loose. ~Whew~, clear it out again. Both times there was a lot of energy that got moved.

But look back at that situation. For some, it may look completely different. For others, you can see with greater clarity why you do have the job or the commitment? Yet for others, you’re recognizing how as you cleared the energy you can release it. You no longer need to have it around you. So, if perhaps that is your truth, then take a deep breath in and whatever the situation may be, if it no longer serves you, ~whew~, let it go.

As some of you did that, I immediately saw a re-balancing of the things that you were already doing that are in alignment and that which was the potential. I could see those others of you that had that large stack of distractions that it’s now become smaller. If you have a situation and you are choosing to remain within it, and there are many good reasons for why you do, then let it flow through your consciousness and into the situation that you choose to be in that experience for whatever reason. You may have a list of things, but you choose to be in that situation and therefore it’s a conscious choice that will also shift the energy and frequency to move it over into that stack of things that you consciously choose.

OK, I can see that. So, there are still quite a few that feel as if they are stuck. Some it’s coming as a job. Some it is coming as a relationship. Some it is coming as they’ve been working towards something and it’s not arriving. Maybe trying to get a promotion, trying to finish school, trying to have a baby, trying to buy a house. All of these various things of which it may be that still have you caught up within it. Just take a moment to be in that space. Shine the light of your Divinity into the situation.

If there’s something that is pulling from within your heart saying ‘I just can’t stand it’; then find a way to release whatever it is that you are caught up in so that it will no longer impact you in that way. So breathe down within yourself and connect to that situation that has so much tension and turmoil around it, ~whew~, let it go. Let it go.

Perhaps you still seek to manifest whatever that was. However, trying to manifest from pain, sorrow, frustration, anger is keeping you from manifesting in the higher light frequency. Therefore, the more that you just let it go the more you give yourself the opportunity to realize from that higher light frequency.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

Let us clear the space around you. Looking at that stack that was things that were distracting you. Look at it as they look to you now. OK. Some of you are stuck in the illusion. Some of you are stuck in a reality that says this is never going to change, I have no other option, this is it and that is an illusion. So, if you need to get Archangel Michael’s sword of light, Saint Germain’s flame of transformation, whatsoever it is that you need; (I just heard one say a Wrecking Ball.) whatsoever it is that you need let that come into this moment; send it into whatever was that list of distractions, ~whew~, clear it out again. There you go. There you go.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

So now as I look at you the vast majority of that stack of distractions is gone. People may have one or two things but it is by no means a block of energy that is getting in your way.

Shift your focus to the other side which is where you’re already in the process of doing things that you love to do and that supports you energetically. Having gotten rid of the distractions relook at this space. Do you see that your stack has gotten bigger? Do you see that you are recognizing new opportunities?

Take a deep breath in, and breathe out.

So, as you are looking at that which is already happening within your life and that which are the things that you love to do, either the family that you love, the work that you love, whatsoever may be; you have the ability to send even more light and energy into these situations which then causes them to expand; which then helps to open up a pathway that may be totally new to you. When you consider perhaps something that was in your manifestation, or that that you had wanted to have in your life but you were struggling to let go of it, look at it now. Look at that situation. Perhaps it’s completely gone. Perhaps you are now recognizing some alternatives. How can you accomplish what you were seeking to have in this new way?

Open up to realize that when you clear the distractions you now have to look at yourself clearly. So perhaps some of those distractions will be keeping you from understanding who you are. Perhaps in your ego, you thought you’re not good enough. You can’t do that job. You can’t really have what you want. Give it up. Forget it, ignore it. Therefore, here in the All That Is, as you let go of those distractions, clearly see that you are standing here right now in unlimited resources.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

You can have all that you want to have. You can manifest that life that you want to have. You can feel good. You can feel happy. You can feel strong and balanced because as you release the distractions you see the big, beautiful, expanded Soul that you are. Not only can you see it, or sense, or feel it you know it’s here. It’s within you. It is illuminating all that is happening in your life.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out. Now consider if you could have anything at all you wanted in your life. For some of you that didn’t even know what that looked like are you now able to have a perception? For many of you, do you see things that you have already are moving into space and helping you to realize that you have already been in the flow? You have already been manifesting that which you seek. And if you are asking yourself why, the why is because you are in the All That Is and you’re in the expanded light and you are in the flow and the movement of what that is.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

Take a step back from that and as if you are turning the page of your Book of Life set forth your intention of what you would like to see within your life from this moment forward. Your past is your past. You are here right now in this now moment. Create from here. Use the magic that is you. Your life will look different and it will manifest as you so choose. Breathe in and breathe out.

I invite you to come back together as a group. I can sense some of you are still working as you are creating within your life. As you come back together as a group you create this circle and you see that hologram of the Earth coming up within the circle. As this hologram is here within the circle you all send the manifestation that you are in the process of creating into the hologram. So too you have the Angels and the Light Beings around you. They’re also infusing light and love frequency into the hologram.

As it becomes filled with that energy you see a piece of it that goes out through the Universe. The remainder goes down into the Earth plane. As this ball of energy aligns with the Earth itself you see it illuminating that magnetic grid that surrounds the Earth. It illuminates every aspect of it with light, with creation, with manifestation, and with love. That surrounds the earth and the rest of that hologram goes down inside of the Earth. It anchors within that space and then it comes back up through the many, many layers of Earth. It comes up through the top of the trees, the grass, the water. It comes up from within and spreading out in every direction.

It moves into the Collective Consciousness. Not only did it move through it, as it went down to the center it is now coming up from within and all of this is clearing out the Collective Consciousness letting go of anything lower frequency and infusing it with light.

You feel your own essence come up from where you were aligned within Gaia. You feel it as it all comes up within you and you manifest into your physical reality. You allow the remainder of your consciousness to come back down through that cord of energy that links you to your Soul. It is activating that aspect of your Soul that is working to manifest whatever it is you seek to have. It clears out your Higher Self and again realigns where your higher self-consciousness resides.

It streams back into you in your physical reality and as you do so I ask you to look around. You looked around at wherever you were before we began this journey and now you look around again. Are you able to perceive the difference? Are you now able to notice things that you were not able to see before? Are you now able to look at certain things and recognize you can let them go? You no longer need to have that around you. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

Beloved family as you move through these days and weeks to come take time to ask yourself periodically is what I’m experiencing a distraction? Is what I’m experiencing something that is in alignment with what I truly seek? Or am I truly living everything that I seek to have?

Your emotions, your physical body, your consciousness are all the gateways, or the ways of understanding am I in alignment or am I not? Seek what feels good, what strengthens you, what empowers you, and know that then you are in alignment. You are in the flow and everything unfolds with ease.

Beloved know that we are ever with you and within you.


**Channel: Shelly Dressel