The generous deep-feelers, the compassionate creatives, the wise visionaries: if you’re an empath you probably identify with those three titles deep down. As an empath with a grandiose vision or a deep-rooted desire to manifest something you may find yourself faced by a few internal questions:

  • Is it selfish of me to desire these goals?
  • Will I hurt anyone’s feelings by shining my light and sharing my gifts?
  • Do I actually have the power and the energy to manifest in my life?


Empaths often face feelings of guilt, shame, fear, hesitancy or doubt when it comes to following their own wants.

It’s so easy for you to sacrifice your desires and prioritize what everyone else needs from you. When it’s time to take action on YOUR desires, its common for mental and spiritual roadblocks appear.

(If you’re unsure about what an empath is or how to tell if you are one, read this post).

To manifest, or to create change in your life and bring your dreams to reality, those mental and spiritual roadblocks have to be addressed. These are the 5 main lessons I’ve learned when trying to manifest and overcome those empath blocks.

You have to address your “receiving wound”

Empaths tend to be givers. They give their time, energy, space, and anything else they have over to others who are in need and for good cause. They do this because they care deeply for and feel the emotions of others as if they were their own. However, this can turn into a spiritual imbalance between giving and receiving. It requires conscious effort to begin signaling to the universe that “yes, I am ready to receive” instead of being a force that gives and gives. Take a moment to reflect upon the last time you received from someone. Maybe it was a gift, a compliment, an act of kindness, some help… how did it feel? Was it uncomfortable to receive? Do you notice a lack of opportunities for you to receive?

One quick way you can begin addressing this is by using the affirmation, “I am open to receiving ______(money, support, love, etc)”

As you include this affirmation into your life, practice plugging into your heart center, or the heart chakra. Imagine a sense of openness here, invite light and blessings to be received in its container.

You have to set boundaries

Do you struggle with saying no? Do you struggle with speaking up for yourself? If so, this is your invitation to heal and set boundaries so that you can manifest what your soul desires. The next time your intuition signals to you “I don’t want to do this,” “I don’t want to go there,” or “I don’t want to be treated like that,” call on your inner strength and have the courage to say no. Say no without explaining why or justifying your reasoning. No is a complete sentence.

You have to take charge of your experience in life. You get to decide how you spend your time, who surrounds you, how you are treated, and so forth. This doesn’t mean you can no longer make yourself available to help and heal the people you love… it just means it’s time to put your needs first.

You have to connect to your personal power instead of giving it away

Something I’ve noticed (in myself and in my clients who are empaths) is the tendency to give their power away to others. When it comes to making decisions that involve our time or energy, we often choose to let other people make the decisions so that we don’t have to deal with anyone feeling disappointed or uncomfortable with what we want. Another way we give our power away is by letting ourselves become heavily affected by what others are experiencing, the emotional absorption that happens to us when we don’t know how to set energetic boundaries and release what is not ours.

It might feel selfish at first, but taking your power back means speaking up for what you want and taking charge of your energetic and emotional experience.

We do not have to create personal power energy leaks by shouldering the emotions of others 24/7. Release, release, release.

You have to put your healing first

Empaths are incredible healers. We intuitively take the hurt and the energy of others and often process and transmute it on our own. What happens sometimes is we muddle our own need for healing. We become so unclear on what we need to heal within ourselves because our energetic system is clouded by the needs of others.

To clear the path and manifest your desires- it is so important to clear yourself and clear your channel. This can be done effectively through meditation. Get quiet and allow your intuition to show you whats yours, and whats not.

Release what is not yours and connect to your true essence.

This personal connection to self will help you see clearly what your blocks are and where your soul is asking for attention.

Does this resonate with you? Do you struggle manifesting because of these same reasons too?