JJK: I have read that once we arrive in the subtle world after dying, we then often long for the earth. Sometimes we then go on “vacation” to the earth – to rest – and we seek out the places to which we had a special connection. Sex is also possible for us as a subtle being. We can recreate our bodies and experience an even more complete merging with our partner than on earth. Bodies are more subtle and can interpenetrate. Is this true?

ERZENGEL JOPHIEL: Joy is the hallmark of a liberated soul. After a person dies, his soul returns to his soul family. Depending on the “burdens” or after-effects of the ended life, the soul first either feels the need to be alone or to return immediately to its own soul family.

After difficult and stressful lives, a soul often needs rest, silence and the company of masters so that peace can be established and healing can take place. From a certain moment, every soul longs to return home to the soul family and it is always awaited there with joy.

No one judges or condemns, as each soul knows the challenges of a life on earth. Soul families are determined by the degree of spiritual maturity, that is, those soul groups always come together that are at a similar level of development. The groups are fostered by master souls and each soul has a teacher whom it usually knows, appreciates and loves for very long periods.


An embodiment on earth is always a special challenge and at the same time a special grace.

Even if you often struggle with your destiny and life on earth, be sure, it is a challenge deeply desired by you, which only souls who have already achieved mastery on other planes and on other planets are allowed to face.

So now you have arrived in the other world. The earthly death has not been long ago, the funeral is just taking place – and what are you doing, where are you?

It is up to you whether you remain on earth for a while, usually only a few days, to give comfort to the bereaved, or whether you return directly to your soul family. If your life was unexpectedly cut short and the loved ones who remain behind are coping badly with it, then many souls choose to remain on earth for a while longer. The “deceased” is now a spirit being. You can transcend spaces and also use the subtle tools.

Thus, every soul that has reached a certain level of maturation is interested in accompanying the bereaved until they can better deal with or overcome the grief. So you stay with your human brothers and sisters for a short time, you repair or polish their aura, send them hopeful dreams and give them strength in everyday life through your presence. Sensitive people feel this.

Once this task is accomplished, you are in a hurry to get home. Very quickly you find yourself with your soul family. The past life is discussed, wounds are healed and understanding is gained. In a familiar and loving atmosphere you find your complete self again. At a certain moment you begin to plan your new life.

You look for new challenges, you look for the place and your future parents, you choose your gender and your body and you determine your entry day for the new life on earth.


\But before that you are pure spiritual consciousness. As such, it is possible for you to form or accept any body. So it is quite natural that you often “vacation” on earth in the subtle body. Certain places have particularly taken a fancy to you and nothing stands in the way of you returning there.

Invisible to people, you may be lying on the beach or riding a wave. This is possible for you and from a certain stage in your development everything is possible for you.


Sexual experiences are also part of the expression of a soul that has returned to the light. As an angel who has repeatedly incarnated as a human being, it is always possible for you to create the human body of your choice.

More subtle and permeable, but solid enough so that union with loved ones is possible. Sex exists in the subtle realms as does anything that brings pleasure and is worthy of the expression of love.

It is an exhilarating experience when two entities who were joined as human beings reconnect as angels. Since the subtle bodies are more permeable, the experience of merging is far more intense than on earth.

JJK: Sometimes I think to myself that if only enough people knew that life continues miraculously after death, they would be much more relaxed. The fixation on the body or on this one life, the fear that death is the end of everything, only leads to people developing irrational fears and being very easy to manipulate.

For whom death is the end of the line, any threat to life is unbearable. Thus, the dark forces can play with people’s fears of death and skillfully use them for their own purposes.

Fears of climate change, the end of the world, war or a deadly virus take root in an a-spiritual person in a completely different way than in a person who knows that he will die at some point anyway and will definitely return to his spiritual family afterwards.

Is actually this lack of knowledge the root cause of all fears?


ERZENGEL JOPHIEL: Fear is the most exciting energy structure that a human being exposes himself to on earth. In the realms of light there is no fear! The angel that you are knows no fear. The fear experiences that are possible on earth are overwhelming for a fearless soul.

The game is to see through that, to master the illusion of fear. This is a challenge that a great many souls want to take on, and there is a great rush of angels who want to begin an earthly cycle.

JJK: That is, whoever masters fear attains mastery over this plane.

ANGEL JOPHIEL: Mastery means that you as a human being – in the middle of the game – see through the game. Mastery means recognizing the perfect in the imperfect.

With these glimpses into the now and into your unchanging future, I bid you farewell for today.

We will all meet again, because every human being has a deep desire for the light – and one day your soul will begin to wake you up and it will call your immortality to mind.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by