The third eye chakra is the 6th chakra within your energy body made up of 7 primary chakras.

The third eye is the energy centre that is also known as the inner eye and allows for expanded vision and perception of energy beyond just that which we see and experience as physically manifest.

This chakra allows us to perceive both the unseen realms and the usually seen from a higher perspective. When the third eye chakra is active this allows us to tap into our extrasensory abilities and intuitive knowing.

This chakra is an extremely powerful gate to the spirit realm and allows us to access the cosmic perspective of our existence.

Because this chakra allows us great power beyond our physical everyday senses and perceptions this great power needs to be wielded with responsibility, intention, and consciousness.

When the third eye chakra becomes overactive, due to the causes we will discuss within this article, the untamed energy can manifest as a variety of signs many of which are quite disconcerting and undesirable experiences.

Within this article, we shall focus particularly on understanding overactive third eye chakra imbalance.

We will delve into what causes an overactive third eye chakra, the specific signs that indicate that this chakra is overactive and some noteworthy suggestions for healing an overactive third eye chakra imbalance.

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Understanding What Causes an Overactive Third Eye Chakra

woman with an overactive third eye chakra

An overactive chakra is a chakra that has too much energy flowing within it and this energy is not aligned with the health and balance of the chakra.

A blocked chakra is quite a common experience (you can read about the 11 Signs You Have A Blocked Third Eye Chakra here) but an overactive third eye chakra, although less common, is definitely something we need to keep in check.

We need to pay attention especially now as we live in a time of collective spiritual awakening but still often have desires of instant gratification.

This is linked to one of the causes of the overactive third eye chakra which is the rushing or trying too hard to open this energy center (as opposed to dedicating to practices that naturally open your third eye at a pace that your body and mind can properly integrate ) .

An example of this which can also be part of the cause of an overactive third eye chakra is the unconscious usage of hallucinogenic substances and plant medicines.

When we use these substances without proper guidance and intention, or even if we use them too frequently (not giving ourselves the time to integrate and embody insights) this can cause the third eye chakra to become overactive.

Some of these powerful substances have the ability to immediately open our third eye chakra with repeated use, unconscious use, or even opening this center when you are not ready when you haven’t yet opened and integrated the lower chakras that help to balance the cosmic energy and otherworldly perspective offered by the third eye.

Another cause of an overactive third eye chakra is when this center becomes overactive as a form of escapism from physical reality.

This can happen just due to having a personality that is extremely engrossed in the dream worlds and spirit world and not at all wanting to interact with and tend to physical life.

It can also be a result of being in an undesirable physical situation such as abusive situations, poverty, homelessness, addiction, etc and we can move into the third eye state to escape the physical circumstance by flooding our perspective with third eye energy.

This causes an overactive imbalance as we are not energizing this chakra from a healthy conscious state but rather from a state of fear or lack. 

These are the causes of third eye overactivity that we have observed but there are probably more causes that we are yet to discover as this is one of the less commonly reported chakra imbalances.

9 Signs Of An Overactive Third Eye Chakra

pointing at an overactive third eye chakra

These are some of the signs of a third eye chakra if you are experiencing a combination of these signs, especially if you are experiencing more than 5 of the 9 signs you are most probably experiencing an overactive third eye chakra.

Third eye chakra overactivity can confuse your intuitive knowing and so it can be abit more tricky to figure out if your third eye is overactive.

Observing the following signs and being as honest as possible with yourself will help you determine if your third eye chakra is overactive and this will also help you to identify the practices that you need for healing.

Sign 1: You find you are losing touch with physical reality

The first sign of an overactive third eye chakra is that you will quickly lose touch with reality.

This chakra brings your focus more into the unseen dimensions, the ethereal non-physical realms.

When the third eye is overactive you can get lost and sucked into these realms and forget about or devalue your manifest reality as a human, as a spirit within a physical vessel alongside other humans and physical beings.

Physical reality is of course not all that we need to focus on but a balance is definitely a necessity, we must understand that in this life we have chosen to experience life as physical expressions of the Divine – as human beings creating energetically and physically.

We are here to have a spiritual experience as humans not just to completely float off into the non-physical realms while we have precious time to learn and experience being human.

Sign 2:  You may become disassociated and unrelatable to those around you

Another sign of an overactive third eye chakra is that you may become disconnected from other people this is because you’re your third eye chakra is overactive you will be perceiving life from a perspective that is radically different from most people.

As mentioned, this imbalance can cause you to lose touch with reality and so, as a result, it will become more difficult to function within the collective reality as well as understand and be understood by those around you.

This can result in feelings of isolation and sometimes can cause you to become judgemental of those around you for being less spiritual, for having a more limited 3D understanding compared to the over-activated cosmic perspective that is your current experience.

Sign 3: You may experience hallucination 

overactive third eye chakra sign

The third eye chakra increases your abilities and sensitivities to non-physical and non-linear perspectives.

When this chakra is open we can tap into extra sensory abilities such as clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience.

These abilities allow us to sense beyond the usual 5 senses.

When the third eye chakra is in overactive imbalance these abilities can become overstimulated and become activated spontaneously without conscious intent.

This can cause hallucinations or disturbances of the senses. The experience of unintentionally entered hallucinations can become very disconcerting and even dangerous at times.

Sign 4: You experience difficulty concentrating

The effects of an overactive third eye chakra can cause you to become very distracted.

A combination of disconnect from reality, physicality as well as hallucinations, and sensory overload can result in it becoming really difficult and at times impossible for you to focus.

When your third eye chakra is overactive it can be really tricky to maintain even the basic concentration necessary for daily human tasks.

Sign 5: You feel overloaded with information 

The balanced third eye chakra is often regarded as one of the chakras of expanded awareness and spiritual awakening.

When this chakra is out of balance this expanded awareness of new concepts and perspectives that hold so much information and energy can become overwhelming.

This overload or overwhelm with the information is because when your third eye is overactive you are not in the resonant vibration that is needed to make proper sense of the information and insights you receive.

You aren’t in the energy space necessary to integrate and to work through all the information that is overflowing to you at a faster pace than it would be revealed if your third eye was in balance. 

Sign 6: You may become ungrounded and neglectful of your physical body 

becoming ungrounding is a sign of a overactive third eye chakra

Grounding can be understood as the connection of our personal body’s energetic field with the energy field of the earth.

When the third eye chakra is overactive it can result in a lot of your energy being channeled to the upper chakras and cosmic perspective and this can cause you to become ungrounded.

When we lose grounding we can become forgetful and neglectful of both our precious physical bodies and the earth.

When your third eye is overactive it can demand a lot of energy and this can leave you lacking the energy necessary to maintain health and balanced embodiment as a physical being on the earth.

One of the techniques used to heal the third eye chakra imbalance is grounding and we shall explore this practice in the last section of this article.

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Sign 7: You experience mental unrest, anxiety or paranoia

Another sign of an overactive third eye chakra is feeling paranoid and anxious.

When this chakra is overactive it can cause you to become mentally and sensorially overstimulated which can lead to anxiety and in extreme cases paranoia.

These states of instability and distrust are due to the confusion, ungroundedness, disconnection, and hallucinations that are characteristic of an overactive third eye chakra.

How To Rebalance An Overactive Third Eye Chakra

a female rebalancing an overactive third eye chakra

If you found that you are experiencing a few of the signs mentioned above then you know that the experience of an overactive third eye chakra can be pretty intense and overwhelming.

The good news is there are actually a few easily accessible and powerful practices that you can immediately include within your lifestyle that keep this chakra in balance.

These are a few practices that you can consider for healing and rebalancing an overactive third eye chakra :

Grounding and Meditation

The simplest way to ground your energy is to make contact with the earth with your bare skin.

Spending time walking in nature barefoot, gardening and getting your hands into the soil, and connecting with trees are just some of the ways you can ground.

For most effect, it is important to be intentionally present in your body while connecting with the earth.

Grounding is known to help clear the mind, calm your emotions, sharpen your instinct and re-energize your field with perfectly balanced earth energy.

These effects of grounding make this a perfect practice for healing overactive third eye chakra energy and maintaining balance within your energetic system.

If you don’t have immediate access to a natural space to practice grounding you can also practice this technique by making use of visualization during a grounding meditation.

You can visualize perfectly balanced golden earth energy flowing from the earth through your root chakra right up to your third eye and balancing all these energy centers as it moves through you.

There are a variety of specific grounding techniques and meditations that you can research further.

You can also feel into this practice and create your own grounding practices that feel most effective for you.


a person doing yoga to rebalance the overactive third eye chakra

Balancing an overactive third eye chakra is very much about intentionally focusing and channeling your excess energy.

There are various practices within yoga that assist with cultivating mindfulness and deep focus.

A really powerful yogic practice for balancing third eye energy is called trāṭaka; it involves gazing at a single point with a steady gaze and complete focus.

This is usually practiced by gazing at a candle flame or the moon and it can help you to properly channel the psychic energy of your third eye chakra.

The poses or asana within yoga that are known to help balance the third eye chakra are balasana (child’s pose) and prasarita podottanasana (wide legged forward fold).

Practicing the yogic breathing technique known as pranayama (alternate nostril breathing) is a great way to intentionally bring your entire energy field into balance.

Crystal healing 

Intentionally working with crystals and minerals of the earth is a powerful way to balance and maintain the health of your third eye chakra.

You can wear crystals within activating jewelry, meditate with them or even find a crystal healing practitioner to perform healing energy work on your chakra system and third eye chakra in particular.

Some of the most powerful crystals for the third eye chakra are clear quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, moldavite, and sodalite.

You can learn more about crystals for the third eye chakra in the article 10 Crystals to Balance and Cleanse Your Third Eye Chakra.

These are just a few of the practices that you can choose to utilize for third eye chakra healing.

With some dedication and focus you can bring this chakra back into balance so that it may function harmonically allowing you the benefits of an open and balanced third eye chakra.

When your third eye is functioning in its optimal state you will be able to experience the wonders of the physical and non-physical realms with clarity and focus.

You will tangibly experience how all realms are interconnected and will be able to ground your cosmic insights into tangible understanding and enhanced life experiences.

Ultimately any experience of imbalance is an opportunity for growth and expanded consciousness. 

❤️ Thank you, I hope you enjoyed this article on the signs of an overactive third eye chakra. If you want to know more about the third eye then check out one of the articles below.

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