All Is Well

Blessing of the world, light for people and love everywhere – this is what is going on now and any other narrative is misleading, stirs up fears and makes you despondent. With what is being offered now, and with these discharges, it is time to strengthen your nerves, sharpen your vision and maintain foresight.

Beloved children of light,

everything is going its way, the destiny of the Earth and that of humanity is taking its course – and it is good what is happening, it is good what is showing itself, it is good what is now coming to the light.

Only in this way the purification can happen, because it is the truth that is needed for it – and more and more people are touched by the truth now, when more and more lies are spreading all around you.


What is taking place now is a wrestling for humanity. It is a PULLING, sometimes there, then there again. People are confronted with the lie until they think for themselves and begin to question and to see through.

So the truth makes its way to the light via the lie. This is a very intensive process and one that takes time.

But observe carefully: The house of cards of the lie becomes more and more transparent and thereby the lie becomes unstable. In the end, each person will have the opportunity to look and see which powers he trusts and to which powers he has ceded responsibility.

However, for many people the truth remains hidden until the end, because they do not want to and cannot yet see what is.

Do not worry a day about these people. They enter the realm beyond this world and come back to this earth with new tasks – and those who have mastered this level now will then be their teachers and mentors.


Even your loved ones from the soul groups and soul families will not be lost just because they made wrong decisions this time or decisions they were not capable of making.

Spiritual soul families endure far beyond earthly lives and so rest assured:

The unity of your soul family remains unaffected by the split on earth.

Be also assured that every human being also beyond the veil, receives possibilities of healing, if he got involved as an embodied human being in gene-altering substances.

Everything is possible for the heavenly powers and so everything is also made possible for you. As soon as a soul is mature and a being is ready, it receives the opportunity for perfect insight and complete healing in heaven.

May eons pass – the integrity of your soul is subject to the Creator and no earthly authority.

Even if you were cut off from the soul for a time, you will find it again if your will is firm and your longing strong enough.

It is irrelevant how many lives you need for it, of importance for this message is: No one is lost!

The world is blessed, man stands in the light and love triumphs everywhere in the end!

I love you infinitely,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by