Things are happening. People are gathering. In simple ways, closer to the earth. They are talking about seeing what is going on, feeling the pain of the separations, and needing new bonds, new like-minded communities. They are finding one another.

They are talking about healing the individual traumas that are up right now, being in the heart in the face of differences, and sharing resources. Sometimes they are talking about how to make interventions in the public realms to remind us all of our human sovereignty.

These are the New Earth soul pods. And they are being governed largely by the human-Faery hybrids.

Yes, the whole point of the Awakening to Our Faery Kin has been for this now time. Many of us have come with a large proportion of Fae or Sidhe DNA – Fae or Faeries being those nature spirits; Sidhe being the race previous to humans, our ancestors, akin to the “tall Elves” of Tolkien.

To populate the world with enough Sidhe & Fae was the reason why the “changeling” project continued after the veil between our worlds got too thick for us to consort the way we once did, including in familial and sexual ways. Children needed to be “swapped” so as to imbue human lines with Faery and Faery lines with human.

The DNA needed to continue to mix so that we would not lose our connection to the Realm of Magic and the wisdom of these allies.

Many hybrids have come into families, some into family lines already imbued with Faery and Sidhe, others like a shot out of nowhere. But here these human hybrids are, with a strong sense of connection to nature, a sensitivity to the harshness of the 3D world, an open consciousness to realms beyond this one, and a cornucopia of wisdom and healing remedies.

If you wish to find your New Earth Soul Pods, put the call out to the Universe, and to the King & Queen of the Faeries. Ask to draw to you your new/old kin. You will be led.

These human-Faery groupings are here not only for themselves. They are here to hold the LoveLight frequency and to “keep our heads” amidst the chaos of the now and the possible chaos to come. They are here to be havens for the Seers, and sources of healing wisdom and other resources for those whose consciousness will be opened as things continue to go down.

These gentle ones are also fierce, which is why the human DNA was needed, for that fierceness. Humans and Faeries together are a force for liberation of the planet.

Pluck your Faery DNA; find your Faery kin. This will be your haven in this storm, and your cauldron of creativity for the beautiful New Earth that is being co-created.

**By Marguerite Rigoglioso