Greetings, fellow lights. So I just invented a day: It’s called the International HelpEachOtherOut Day. And it’s for you and me and for every body (in town!)

More often than not, us lightworkers feel super lonely. Not that we really are such in truth, but that doesn’t always show up in the ways that we want it to, necessarily. Thankfully, we all have each other to count on at the moment, and we have a wonderful comments section courtesy So, today, let us all share our thoughts right here and now and uplift one another, say what?

Feel free to join in with everybody else in the comments section and share your challenges, victories, or anything else that is on your mind that can either help you or help another move forward! Above all, feel free to share the love, the gratitude and the group hugs! (Exactly what we could all do with at this time in particular!) At the end of the day, we will very shortly have to assist the rest of humanity in similar ways in any case, so this should be a great practice session for everybody regardless! But above everything else, we need to feel that UNITY and ONENESS within us, regardless of our religious, political, social, and spiritual beliefs; and right NOW sounds like just about the right time indeed to express it, learn from it, grow with it, and, above all, enjoy it!

If you too are facing any challenges with regards to healing, forgiveness, unconditional love, realizing abundance, maintaining a positive mindset / frequency / vibration at this time, shadow work, tuning into your heart / truth or anything else during this time for that matter; just about NOW would be a great time indeed to mention it — because someone or the other can most definitely help you out in here!

I sincerely and heartfelt-ly thank you all for joining me on this grand journey of epic proportions. You are all loved! (And more than you ever know!) Also, a huge shoutout to KejRaj for making this platform available to us all, ALL of our collective gratitude to him for this!

In Infinite Gratitude and Love…
Don Spectacularis