Think of this as a beginners guide to understanding the universe’s significant role in your life. Astrology 101 will be the ultimate handbook to helping you know exactly what it means to get in touch with your psychic energy and inherent relationship to the cosmos. It must be difficult to believe in an inner world and a greater purpose but this will enlighten you on those subjects!

We should recognize that all the planets, zodiac signs, four elements, and the twelve houses in astrology have the inclination to explain whatever message the universe wants to convey to us. You’ll find that almost everything in your life has been intricately interwoven into a grand cosmic scheme. Of course, everyone still has free will, but there is also always a purpose for almost everything.

Here, you will find a thorough explanation of the many different facets of astrology, dabbling in the solar system, twelve signs, transpersonal planets, and the zodiac constellation. Don’t you ever wonder what the purpose is for the major changes that happen in your life? Which features of your life do you need to exert more hard work on? How can you better understand yourself as a person?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • Getting to know all the zodiac signs and their aspects
  • How to properly use your birth chart or natal chart
  • What are your personal planets and their different aspects
  • The nature of all constellations in the Eastern Horizon

Each Zodiac Sign Explained Thoroughly

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#1: Aries (March 21 – April 19)


MODE + ELEMENT: Cardinal Fire Signs


HOUSE: First



COLORS: Red & Mustard

Brief Overview

Aries is the very first sign of the zodiac, and persons born under this sign consider themselves to be first in a birth chart. In a birth chart, Aries is the pack’s leader, the first to start things going. Whether or not everything gets done is a different matter entirely, because Aries prefers to engage with the world rather than accomplish.

Aries’ Myth and Symbolism

The sun god Amon-Ra, who had a human form and a ram’s head, perpetuated the Ram’s relationship in Egyptian astronomy. Amon-Ra was the god of fertility and creativity, the vital powers that propelled Spring and rebirth. The Ram saved Phrixus and Helle in Greek mythology, and their golden fleece became the reward in the story of Jason and the Argonauts. Furthermore, the name Aries comes from the Greek god of war, Ares.

Aries’ Characteristics


Aries natives are constantly ready to act and have a clear style of expressing themselves. You’ll never have to wonder where you stand with these people because they’ll always tell you. These people don’t hold grudges, preferring to resolve conflicts swiftly and move on with their lives. The Ram is ruled by Mars, and its fiery traits endow its inhabitants with considerable courage and resolve.


On the flip side of all of their great strengths, the Aries archetype has some sources of weakness or potential blind spots. If Aries’ stress levels aren’t well managed, their directness can come across as harsh and even cruel. This sign may struggle to be a patient, receptive team player because they value quick decisions and acting on instinct.


#2: Taurus (April 20 – May 20)


HOUSE: Second


BODY PARTS: The Throat

COLORS: Green & Light Pink

SYMBOL: The Bull

MODE + ELEMENT: Fixed Earth Signs

Basic Overview

Taurus, the second zodiac sign and ruler of the second house, is all about remuneration. Unlike Aries, who enjoys the game, the typical Taurus personality enjoys the game’s benefits. Think about sensual pleasures and worldly things, for individuals born under this sign are prone to overindulgence. This zodiac sign is very sensitive, like to be touched tenderly, even sensually.

Taurus’ Myth and Symbolism

Humans have had a long association with the constellation Taurus, dating back to the early Bronze Age. Many ancient societies utilized the location of the Bull in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere as a timekeeper to indicate the original Spring Equinox. For worshipping cultures like Sumeria, Babylon, Greece, Rome, and even New Mexico, Taurus has been connected with blessing agriculture and marking the time to plow and sow essential crops.

Taurus Characteristics


Taurus can be depended on to maintain, sustain, and keep what they cherish, whether it’s their career or their relationships because they’re a fixed earth sign. These residents are dependable and solid in finishing what they start and tenacious in fulfilling their promises, whereas cardinal signs are good at the start and changeable signs are good at changing.


The fixed earth’s influence is quite powerful, and it might manifest as an aversion to change and being too anchored in one’s habits and thinking. Though not particularly vindictive, Taurus’ long memory means they seldom forget a slight or error, and offenders may find it difficult to regain the Bull’s confidence or alter their opinions for a long time.

#3: Gemini (May 22 – June 21)


HOUSE: Third


BODY PARTS: Arms, Hands, & Lungs


COLORS: Yellow & Blue

SYMBOL: The Twins

MODE + ELEMENT: Mutable Air Signs

Brief Overview

Gemini is the third zodiac sign, and individuals born under this sign will be eager to tell you everything there is to know about it. That’s because they enjoy conversing! With these people, it’s not simply idle conversation. The mind is the driving factor behind a Gemini zodiac sign’s discourse according to their birth chart.

Gemini’s Myth and Symbolism

The Twins, a Gemini zodiac sign, are based on Greek mythology’s half-brothers Castor and Pollux. The Dioscuri were the mythical brothers of Leda, who was captivated by Zeus in the shape of a swan. Castor and Pollux, together with their twin sisters Helen and Clytemnestra, were supposed to have hatched from each of the two eggs laid by Leda as a consequence of their marriage.

Numerous Greek and Roman legends feature Castor and Pollux, who were famed for their horsemanship. Pollux, a half-god and child of Zeus, shared his immortality with Castor, and the Dioscuri united eternally with him. The two were subsequently immortalized in the skies as the everlasting Gemini-Twins constellation, adding to the mystical and enigmatic duality of the archetype and energy of this sign.

Gemini’s Characteristics


The Twins’ greatest strength is their intellect and ability to communicate clearly and concisely. These people are typically born with a curious and cheerful nature and energy, making it easy for them to feel engaged with the universe around them.

They are rarely bored because of Mercury which has quick and analytical character, and they are usually able to propel themselves forward in life with an unquenchable enthusiasm for uncovering new treasures of knowledge. You should be understanding of the fact that the sky is the limit!


Some of Gemini’s possible blind spots or sources of vulnerability are founded in its enormous capabilities. These people are recognized for their quick minds and brilliance, yet this can lead to an overabundance of knowledge.  They may rely too heavily on extensive knowledge and must learn to analyze, assimilate, and use information in a concrete, embodied, and sensible way.

#4: Cancer (June 21 – July 22)


HOUSE: Fourth


BODY PARTS: The Stomach, Brain, & Breasts

COLORS: Silver & White

SYMBOL: The Crab


MODE + ELEMENT: Cardinal Water Signs

Basic Overview

When talking about basics, Cancer, the fourth zodiac sign, is all about loved ones. People born under this astrology sign are individuals who value their roots and enjoy the pleasures of home and family. This is prominent in their birth chart, especially full moon signs as the moon represents emotional state and a sense of sensitivity. Consequently, the full moon phase is also important to consider.

One should be understanding of the fact that traditions and emotions are kept with zeal in a Cancer household since this zodiac sign values familial history and enjoys communal activities as rulers of the fourth house of home and memory.

Cancer Myth and Symbolism

Cancer is a constellation that has been associated with a variety of hard-shelled legendary creatures in many ancient civilizations. It was linked with the scarab, the Egyptian symbol of immortality. This was supposed to be the deity who guided people through the underworld and death in Babylonian culture, where he was regarded as the guide to the afterlife.

Cancer’s Characteristics


Cancer’s key strengths are its caring, compassionate, and sensitive nature. They can be counted on to properly care for friends, relatives, and any weary wanderer who stays in their house, as they are always ready to welcome and set a table. Cancer locals have tremendous empathic abilities and healing abilities, and they can sense what others need long before they can express it. They make great friends.


Some of the Cancer archetype’s potential flaws are inherent in its outstanding strengths. Though they enjoy making their house pleasant, they might grow through the emotions and sentiments attached to their environment and possessions, making it difficult to let go and make adjustments when necessary. If unbalanced, this sign’s innate giving tendencies might encourage locals to over-identify with being necessary.

understanding the universe with astrology

#5: Leo (July 23 – August 22)


HOUSE: Fifth


BODY PART: The Heart

COLORS: Gold & Purple

SYMBOL: The Lion

MODE + ELEMENT: Fixed Fire Signs

Basic Overview

Leo is the zodiac’s fifth sign. These people are tough to overlook since they enjoy being in the spotlight. Having a positive impact is Job #1 for Leos, and given their personal appeal, it’s a relatively simple task. Leos are a determined bunch, and their determination allows them to achieve a lot. The fact that this astrology sign in your birth chart is also artistic adds to the enjoyment of their work for both them and others.

Leo’s Myth and Symbolism

The Lion is the zodiac sign of Leo, which was called after the celestial constellation to which ancient astrologers assigned this sign. Furthermore, the astrological symbol of the Lion may be traced back to Greek mythology, when it was connected with Heracles’ heroic legendary battle with a lion. Since then, it has been a symbol of triumph, pride, and bravery.


Leo’s Characteristics


Leo’s key strengths are daring and confidence, as they are natural-born leaders. They are usually pleasant, eager, and optimistic because they were born with sunny, solar personalities. Those with strong, well-supported Leo chart placements rarely doubt themselves and can usually access a strong baseline of self-assurance while commencing on their life’s journeys and ambitions.


Some of Leo’s weaknesses are grounded in their amazing capabilities. As a fixed fire sign, Leos can get enamored with their beliefs or ideals and proudly defend them long after they no longer believe in them. Because of their pride, individuals may find it difficult to accept when they have made a mistake or been hasty.

#6: Virgo (August 23 – September 22)


HOUSE: Sixth

MANTRA: I Analyze

BODY PARTS: The digestive system


SYMBOL: The Virgin

MODE + ELEMENT: Mutable Earth Signs

Basic Overview

To be precise, Virgo is the sixth sign in the zodiac, and Virgos like it that way. Those born under this astrological sign are constantly mocked for being so picky and critical, yet their meticulous attention to detail serves a purpose: to aid others. Virgos desire to serve, more than any other zodiac sign, and it brings them enormous joy.

Virgo’s Myth and Symbolism

The constellation Virgo has its roots in Babylonian mythology, where it was connected with the goddess Shala, who was pictured clutching a grain ear. This goddess is representing prosperity and the harvest for the Babylonians, giving Virgo some of its early mythic associations. Planting, growing, collecting food, and herbal remedies have all been associated with Virgo. Virgo’s virginal symbolism was noticed in the Middle Ages in relation to The Virgin Mary.

Virgo’s Characteristics


They are usually calm and conscientious, able to distinguish between what is skillful and beneficial and what is not. These people are frequently humble and modest and are usually too earthy and sensible to become arrogant and self-aggrandizing since they are too busy working on improving themselves and the environment around them.


Virgo’s approach to life has some potential flaws that are founded in its considerable capabilities. This highly functional mind, while clever and cognitively nimble, can easily become overactive, causing stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It’s critical for these indigenous to be connected in their bodies, breath, and the present moment since what they imagine could become more genuine than what is actually happening.


#7: Libra (September 23 – October 22)


HOUSE: Seventh


MANTRA: I Relate

BODY PARTS: Lower Back & Kidneys

COLORS: Ivory, Pink, & Light Blue

SYMBOL: The Scales

MODE + ELEMENT: Cardinal Air Signs

Basic Overview

Libra is the seventh sign, and it is at this point in the zodiac that things begin to change. The first six signs of the zodiac are focused on the individual, while the last six are concerned with the individual’s interactions with others and with the world. This Libra sign has a passion for others and how they interact with them. Because these people do not want to be alone, we might name this the Partnership with a capital “P”.

Libra’s Myth and Symbolism

Scales are the zodiac symbol for Libra, named after the celestial constellation to which ancient astrologers gave this sign. The goddess Themis, who’s representing justice and the law, is related to the astrological symbol of the Scales.

She was thought to be the daughter of Uranus and Gaia, and in Greek and Roman mythology, she was linked to Venus and Aphrodite. Themis initially covers two signs when she was placed in the heavens as a celestial constellation, with her body creating the sign Virgo and her scales of justice creating the sign fi.

Libra Characteristics


The ability to embody Venus’ caring, healing, and balanced attributes is one of Libra’s greatest assets. These people will most likely be able to prioritize others for the sake of everyone’s comfort and well-being. They are excellent communicators and listeners, assessing all sides of an issue and the perspectives of others fairly with passion.


On the other side of all of their wonderful capabilities, the Libra archetype has several areas of weakness or potential blind spots. Librans face the polar opposite of their polar Aries counterparts. Whereas Aries must learn to adjust their strong, individualistic natures to become more relational, Libra must learn to adapt their naturally accommodating and diverse natures to become more self-focused.

#8: Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)


HOUSE: Eighth

MANTRA: I Transform

BODY PARTS: The Genitals & the Bowels

COLORS: Red & Black


SYMBOL: The Scorpion

MODE + ELEMENT: Fixed Water Signs

Basic Overview

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, and Scorpios should not be underestimated. Those born under this sign take their mission to learn about others very seriously. Scorpios, too, aren’t interested in fluff or conversation; instead, they’ll focus on the important questions, deriving the truths that lie beneath.

The Scorpio sign is fascinated by origins and ends, and it is not scared of either. They also roam in a world that is primarily monochrome, with little gray. Scorpios have an insatiable curiosity, which may explain why they are such good detectives.

Scorpio Myth and Symbolism

Scorpio is a constellation that dates back to Babylonian times when it was known as “the monster with the searing sting.” Scorpio is home to the red star Antares, which means “rival of Mars” and is also known as “the Scorpion’s heart.” This powerful fixed star is said to have a Mars-like character in numerous astrological and mystical techniques.

Scorpio’s Characteristics


Scorpios are sensitive and patient by nature, preferring to let others play their cards and reveal their intentions first in order to better comprehend the emotional and psychological dynamics of their interactions. Scorpio is drawn to dark, taboo, or occult things and is intrigued about the hidden facets of life that others may avoid.


Scorpions are patient and receptive, although they might be distrustful and slow to trust. Others may be open about their flaws, but Scorpios might utilize what others have revealed to be emotionally manipulative and domineering if they are feeling insecure. They, like the other fixed signs, are reluctant to forgive, and anyone who crosses them may feel the Scorpion’s vindictive sting.

#9: Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)


HOUSE: Ninth


BODY PARTS: Hips, Thighs, & Liver

COLORS: Maroon & Navy blue

SYMBOL: The Centaur / Archer

MODE + ELEMENT: Mutable Fire Signs

Basic Overview

Knowledge is important to these people because it nourishes their open-minded outlook on life. Sagittarius sign people are fascinated by religion and philosophy, and they find that these subjects help them in their personal search. At the end of the day, Sagittarius wants to understand the meaning of life and to do it while feeling free and whimsical.


Sagittarius’ Myth and Symbolism

The Centaur’s sign is Sagittarius, and its symbol is based on the Greek legendary figure of Chiron, the renowned instructor of music, medicine, hunting, and prophesy. When Chiron was a youngster, he healed the hero Achilles and trained him in archery and many other noble arts. Achilles went on to win the Trojan War, owing to the fact that he learned to be bold and cunning while studying under this compassionate centaur.

Sagittarius Characteristics


Sagittarius’ primary strength is their optimism. Sagittarius locals are usually optimistic, eager, and see the positive side of life because they were born with a brave, humorous nature. Because of Jupiter’s affirming and confident character, Sagittarians rarely experience self-doubt and are usually able to go forward in life, trusting that everything will work out in the end.


Some of Sagittarius’ weaknesses are rooted in their remarkable talents. Sagittarius, as a mutable fire sign, will fiercely declare their thoughts or ideas in the present, but reserve the right to change their minds at any time, stating their new views with equal zeal. This can be confusing for those who thought they knew their Sag colleague’s opinion on a given issue, and it can give them a reputation for being unpredictable and unreliable.

#10: Capricorn (December 21 – January 20)


HOUSE: Tenth



COLORS: Brown & Khaki

SYMBOL: The Sea-Goat

MODE + ELEMENT: Cardinal Earth Signs

Basic Overview

Capricorn, the zodiac’s tenth sign and mountain goat, is all about putting in long hours. People born under this sign are more than willing to put in a full day at work, knowing that getting to the top will take a lot of those days. That won’t be a problem because Capricorns are both passionate and motivated.

Capricorn’s Myth and Symbolism

The Sea-Goat, whose mythology dates back to the middle of the Bronze Age, is represented by the constellation Capricorn. This Sea-Goat was known to the Babylonians as Ea, the protector god of water, wisdom, and creativity. The Sea-Goat has additional ties in Greek mythology, one of which being the goat Amalthea, who nursed infant Zeus after he fled being devoured by his father, Cronos. Amalthea’s broken horn was later changed into a “cornucopia” full of earthly bounty in a later story.

Capricorn’s Characteristics


Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and its key characteristics are tenacity, durability, and concentrated self-mastery. They are level-headed and practical, with great discerning abilities. These people are generally good Saturnian character judges and can be relied on for sound advice and a fair conclusion.


Some of the Capricorn archetype’s potential flaws are inherent in its outstanding strengths. They might become singularly focused on their aims, becoming stubborn and unyielding, despite their diligence and determination. These individuals may expect everyone else to share their strong work ethic, failing to see that everyone has different rhythms, beliefs, and requirements.

#11: Aquarius (January 21 – February 18)

RULING PLANET: Saturn & Uranus


HOUSE: Eleventh



COLORS: Silver & Blue

SYMBOL: The Water-Bearer

MODE + ELEMENT: Fixed Air Signs

Basic Overview

Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign, and Aquarians are the best ambassadors for the Aquarius Age. People born under this zodiac sign have the moral compass that will see us through the millennium. Aquarius people are humanitarians, philanthropists, and people who care deeply about improving society.

Aquarius’ Myth and Symbolism

Focusing on the basics, Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, is one of the oldest constellations in our modern zodiac. The Aquarius constellation was connected with the guardian god Ea, who held an overflowing jug of water during the Babylonian era.

Additionally, the Egyptians linked Aquarius to the Nile’s flooding, which they said happened when the Water-Bearer dipped his pitcher into the vast river. After the deluge of water, the Nile rose to coincide with the start of Spring, a productive time of growth in the region.

Aquarius Characteristics


Aquarians’ key assets are their intellect and their ability to avoid becoming engrossed in subjectivity, which could stifle their capacity to maintain a fresh viewpoint. This sign has a love for abstract thought, which allows them to investigate difficulties and come up with innovative solutions.

They may work in their communities in an attentive and objective manner, making them good judges of character and reliable when logic is required, despite their talkative and sociable nature.


Some of Aquarius’ weaknesses are rooted in their exceptional talents. Their superior mental abilities can cause individuals to become overly cerebral in life, making them appear cold, detached, and unfeeling. They may find themselves in circumstances where they can’t reason their way out, which can be puzzling.

#12: Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

RULING PLANET: Jupiter Neptune

HOUSE: Twelfth


MANTRA: I Believe

BODY PARTS: The Feet, Lymphatics, Liver

COLORS: Purple White

SYMBOL: The Two Fishes

MODE + ELEMENT: Mutable Water Signs

Basic Overview

Pisces is the zodiac’s twelfth and final sign, as well as the end of the zodiac’s cycle. As a result, this sign combines many of the qualities of the eleven signs that preceded it. Pisces, on the other hand, prefers to keep many of these characteristics hidden. These people are unselfish, spiritual, and intensely focused on their personal development according to their birth charts.

Pisces’ Myth and Symbolism

Many divine beings throughout history have been connected with the constellation Pisces, including Poseidon/Neptune, Christ, Vishnu, and the Sumerian goddess Inanna. The koi fish that saved Aphrodite and her son Eros from the sea monster Typhon is represented by the constellation Pisces, which is the Latin word for “fish.”

Pisces’ Characteristics


The delicate, compassionate, and receptive natures of Pisces are their greatest assets. Pisces are born with the ability to give spiritual and artistic gifts to the universe. They are naturally empathetic and empathic. These are our communities’ poets, musicians, painters, and intuitive counselors.


Some of the Pisces archetype’s potential flaws are inherent in its considerable strengths. Though inhabitants of this sign are compassionate and empathetic, they can be easily hurt emotionally if they take certain comments too seriously.

Final Word:

Your natal chart presents to you the basics of your twelve signs. It will help you understand yourself and others better through birth charts.

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