Dear Ones! I am the Archangel Michael!

First of all, I would like to say something to this great group. Keep co-creating, keep living the future, keep vibrating whatever good you want to happen in the future. Everything that is done with joy, everything that is done with love, brings a result many times better. So keep that vibration going. Co-create, co-create a lot. Make every word you say, a dream come true, not something that is yet to come true, but something that you can be sure has already come true.

It is as if you are sitting in front of a big panel, and in front of you is the film of your times. And you have the property in this panel, to move time forward, to see there in front, like a window that shows every point. So open those windows, observe every detail. Make every detail as beautiful as possible. But I would like to make a suggestion: co-create the environment, of course, but co-create the people happy, laughing a lot, aware of everything that is happening.

The timeline is being effected, every step, every point is being completed on our part. Nothing is lagging behind. But if you take the lead in co-creating, in raising the vibration of this world, not only do you speed up the process, you also change a lot. Realize this, many of you might say, “But I am encroaching on the free will of many, because I am creating a world in which they are living. And I would tell you no, because if you are creating a wonderful environment, an environment of pure light, on the contrary, you will be helping your brothers to see themselves in this environment, to forget everything negative they have been living in.

And as in a great wave, exponentially the energy will increase. When you vibrate happy, smiling people, you are also not invading their free will, you are putting them in a position of much Light. So in this whole process, there is only one thing to be careful of: never create situations of conflict, never create sadness, never create tragedy, because this also reverberates.

If you create a balanced environment, you change the timeline, you make the events smoother, because if everyone is happy, if everyone is vibrating high, the lessons have already been learned, so there is no reason for the events to be so profound. Unfortunately, you will have to go through a lot, it can’t be helped, because you have to believe, what you have caused on your planet. Because if nothing happened, there would always be that doubt “So we can fix it, we can go on as we are.

So you have to go through limit situations, extremely difficult situations to go through, so that you learn the consequences of everything you have done. It never goes without saying that nothing is punishment, we are not judging you, neither are we, nor Father/Mother God. We are unfortunately sitting back, watching the outcome of all you have done to the planet, nothing more. You have caused all that is happening and all that is yet to happen.

You have tampered with the structure of the Planet. In the name of what? In the name of financial gain. Don’t think that every single thing that is done against the planet, and that is supposedly said to be “for the good of all” has this property. Behind this pseudo-goodness, there is the financial interest of how much will be gained and the offshoots that will emerge as offspring of that great endeavor. You did what you wanted with the planet, so there is no avoiding what is coming. But if you continue to co-create joy, happiness, Light, that is what you will see.

Let’s just say that the more you vibrate Light, the more you vibrate harmony, balance, everything will happen, but far away from you. No, we cannot say that you will get away with it, that you will not experience any problems, unfortunately not. But if you keep this vibration high, you will go through everything with consciousness and you will learn the lesson. As we have been saying for some time now: Hard times will come. Now everyone will reap proportionately what they sow.

All of you have planted something, maybe with finite exceptions, you haven’t caused anything against the planet. But I would say that this number is really very small, it would be those souls who have just arrived with an extremely open consciousness, who have not forgotten anything about what they came here to do, and are effectively living for the balance of the planet. The rest, all of you, without exception, have done your part for what is there today. And unfortunately, I have to say, you are still doing it.

So how can we not apply the lessons to everyone? Of course those who made the big decisions, those who brought about the biggest changes on the planet, will be hit the hardest. Because we can say that the great people, just live what they are given. You have a bit of guilt for accepting everything, contesting nothing. Today, you are beginning to challenge a lot of things; you have created laws, but they are hardly applied and attended to.

So, what is the solution? I would say that at this moment there is not. The solution will be for you to literally feel in your own skin everything that you have caused, directly or indirectly. There is no escaping this. But I insist again, the more you create a balanced, beautiful planet, with everyone happy, living harmoniously together, the more your surroundings become softer, become lighter. Everyone will pass. There will be no one on the planet who will get away with it, who will not go through anything. Everyone will pass, at different levels, at different depths.

So don’t be discouraged, keep co-creating; keep imagining that beautiful and wonderful planet, balanced, conscious of what it takes out and what it puts into the earth, what it takes out and what it puts into the oceans, what it takes out and what it puts into the air. Be conscious, my brothers and sisters. The time is for awareness, not to be like the ostrich that sticks its head in the ground. It will be of no use. Because if you stick your head in the ground and say: “This is not up to me”, you will be hit hard, so that your lesson can be learned in depth. Now, if you have a conscience and ask Gaia for forgiveness and vibrate thinking of the future as a wonderful, balanced planet, everyone living in harmony, this also reverberates and your lesson, will get some discounts.

But I remind you again: Don’t do anything with interest, because if you start, “Oh, I’m going to start talking a lot of nice things, so that my lesson is light”; and then, I ask you a question: Was it from the heart? If it was from the heart yes, you got points in your lesson, you will need less grade to pass the year. Now if it was totally from the mind, just to look nice, watch out because you might get a negative grade, and your lesson becomes extremely powerful.

So following this line of reasoning, I would like to make an invitation to all of you: Let’s vibrate together, let’s create the new planet, let’s create a new race conscious of all its role on this planet. So I invite you next Wednesday, in our fortnightly meeting, to bring a list of everything you want to vibrate for the planet. And don’t use the phrase “I want”; use the phrase “I see, I feel, I live” which are phrases of the present, where reality is manifested.

“I want, I desire” is a request, and this is not how you create; you create by believing what is being said and seen. So it is “I see, I feel, I live, I perceive, I am”. Those are the sentences you have to write, write a lot. Put in there everything that you would like to live in a while. I won’t put a time, I would say very soon. Don’t put dates, because you can put a date and delay the process, so don’t put dates. Just do the affirmations, as if it were today: “I see, I feel, I live,” and write down the world you want. Now, do this individually, again forgetting the other. You are each capable of creating the world you want.

So write. And I don’t want anything mechanical, I want handwritten, because that’s where your energy will be, not done by a machine. You can start with “I am”, that would be fantastic. So there is the task, on Wednesday you will know what to do with this task. So you have 2 days to create all this, to write a lot, to put a beautiful, perfect world and you already living in it. That’s what I want. There is nothing to ask, nothing to doubt. Do each of you with your role. Do each of you with your own consciousness. “Ah, but I’m

not able to create anything”. That’s a shame.So I would say that your consciousness is extremely behind, because if at this moment you answer me, that you can’t see anything good in the future, really I would just tell you to get ready for your lessons. Because if you have lost the ability to dream, the ability to see beautiful things, that’s a shame; and you are vibrating, within the energy that is all around you. That’s all I’m going to tell you.

So let each one of you do your part, without exchanging glue with a little friend. This is a proof that nobody talks to each other. Because if you take someone else’s idea, you get a zero on that question. Each one has to put together his own world, the way he wants to see the world tomorrow, in a month, in a year, it doesn’t matter the time; it could be in a second. I want that energy written and each one writing for himself, not for the other, and don’t copy something that the other has already written. Be honest with yourself.

I would just say that if you try to cheat on the exam, if you try to put what your classmate wrote, you are not cheating us, you are cheating yourself, and your grade will be proportional to what you wrote, what you created you will get a grade, what you copied will be negative points. This I guarantee. So let each of you write whatever comes to your mind, create your world. And for those who like to play with everything, to make jokes, to write nonsense, I say that this also reverberates. And you will see the result of your jokes.

So be very compassionate, very deep in what you are going to write, and write with your heart. Think, dream, about what you want to see tomorrow or the day after, no matter when, and put it down on paper. And Wednesday you will know what to do with this paper. So I’m passing a test. It is not a homework where you can exchange ideas. It is a test, in which each one of you will do your own and you will get the result according to your efforts. And I say more, to those who want to show up and who are going to write ten sheets, be careful, because this also reverberates.

Maybe a classmate will write a single sentence, but has written it with so much love, with so much commitment, with so much confidence, that he will get a 10. And you, who have written ten pages, thinking that this way you are showing up, will get a low score because you have let your ego speak, not your heart. So my brothers, how much will you write? Listen to your hearts, I didn’t ask for sheets and sheets. I asked only that you write the world you want, but write with your heart, so that you can effectively earn points on this test.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

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