Dearest Ones we come to you now to allay all of your fears at this moment in time. Humans are starting to wake up to the fact that the dark side has been trying to divide them into two camps for millennia. Jews against Christians, Black against White, Male against Female and in your current time, those who believe the current narrative fearing this “new” disease and those who do not, and now those who are vaxed against those who are not.

The dark side feed off your so called fears of the other side and are terrified of humans coming together in Love. Their time on Earth has come to an end now and it is time now to stop all of the divisions within humanity and as a collective come together in Peace and Love. You are all souls living in a human body and you all came here to help Gaia to move into the 5th Dimension and to rid her of these dark souls. Coming together in a Collective Consciousness of a Love based Earth is the only way forward Dear Ones.

Many of the Lightworkers are progressing quickly with their own journey from the 3rd Dimension into the 5th Dimension and above and are finding difficulties and divisions within their own families and friends who are not keeping up with them so to speak. Within families, pay no heed to the divisions in the current so called crisis as much information is about to come to Light which will change everything. What you have been thinking about and trying to say to others will soon be validated by ALL of the media as the Truth can not be hidden anymore and will be slowly given out to the general population. Many of you have waited long for this to happen and we are here to say to you, do not give up hope at the last moment. When this Truth comes out, you will be able to tell others what you know and finally be listened to, instead of being scorned or laughed at.

As to your friends, you may already be finding that the thoughts and beliefs that divided you at the start of the pandemic will be dropping away and you will be coming back together in your friendship. Some friends however will be leaving you but new ones will be taking their place.

As to those in a marriage or a connected loving relationship and who are not growing together, may well be finding that it is becoming impossible to live together. There may well be many a break up as the Karma that you all came here to complete has finished. It is quite important that you know that you do not have to stay together at this time out of a sense of duty, or a fear of a God punishing you. Your partner may in fact be holding you back and it is time now that you bite the bullet so to speak and leave each other to carry on with your spiritual work.

Of course this will be your choice, but Dear Ones if it is your decision to leave the relationship or marriage, the higher realms will always help you with any of your fears of being on your own, both financially and emotionally. It is behoven on you to manage these break ups in a Loving way and to not hide the Truth from your partner as to how you are feeling. We can help you to traverse these break ups and help you to remain as friends if you so wish.

Many of you have been on your own in this spiritual journey and are now feeling very alone. You may well have been on your own for many, many years and sometimes from the moment that you awoke, so to speak. You may well be losing hope that you will ever find your own true soul mate. Dearest ones do not give up hope. We are here to tell you that you were meant to be on your own to complete the inner work that you came here to do but most of that work is completed now and it is time for many of you to finally meet that soul mate that you so desire.

Soul mates are now coming together en masse to complete the work that they started in past lives on Earth and in the Star realms. It is inevitable for you to meet and it is time now to call out to him or her in your meditations to let them know that you are ready. Cut the ties with all of your old partners and look to the new. No more fears now of being alone forever, for these new relationships will be very much needed in the New Earth. You will be coming together as if by magic and these are the relationships that will see you through into the 5th Dimension.

As Jeshua and Mary Magdalene we know the magic of a true soul mate relationship and we wish that for all of you who wish it for yourselves. Your own inner yearnings for a soul mate connection are of God, as are these new relationships. This is the true love that many of you have been looking for. It matters not to God whether these new relationships are male/female or otherwise. What matters is the true unconditional Love between you.

And so Dear Ones it is time to get rid of the Fear of being alone. Enjoy every single moment of your time on your own, love your own Dear selves but know that if a loving relationship is wanted, it will be yours and it will be soon.

Believe it Dear Ones and it will be yours.

Call on us to help you and we will bring the two of you together to live and work with us in the Christ Consciousness of the New Loving, Peaceful, Earth.

We send you all of our Love and Blessings.

Mary Magdalene and Jeshua.

**Channel: Thea Grace Sirius