The Sirians are a star race from the Sirius star system. ​​They are incredibly powerful, sharp and sovereign beings with a piercing gaze. Sirians are highly intelligent, advanced psychics and “quantum geeks” who have been helping humans evolve for millennia.

In this post, you will learn about the Sirius star system, the frequency of the Sirians, their appearance, their gifts and abilities, their ancient connections to humans in Ancient Egypt and so much more.

It is my great pleasure to share all about our dear Sirian friends in this post. I have been in contact with them for a while now and I co-create with them closely. I spent many lifetimes as a Sirian and ended up finishing the first phase of evolution that Sirius could offer me as a soul.

Lions Gate 8/8 Portal

At the time of writing this post (21/07/2021), we are in a series of portals and gateways leading to the great alignment of the Lions Gates Portal on the 8th of August. This is a portal that is activated when Earth aligns with the rising of Sirius in our skies, the sun being in the sign of Leo and with the numerology of 8/8.

The Sun is regarded as our physical sun, however, Sirius is regarded as our spiritual Sun. So the Sirian energy is extremely present at the moment, making this a potent time to connect with our beloved Sirian friends.

What do the Sirians look like?

Sirians are incredibly diverse when it comes to their appearance. When I visualise the Sirians that I work with, they generally have greyish to bluish skin, and sometimes purple. They range in height from about my height (which is very short for galactic beings!) to very tall.

One characteristic that I always perceive with Sirians is their very elongated head.

The Sirians reside in a range of dimensions

Like all of the other star races, the Sirians evolve between certain degrees of variability and reside within different realms and dimensions. The Sirians that I work with are always from the 9th to 12th dimensions so they are all ascended masters and therefore they can share the wisdom of their realm with great precision.

Scientists say that it is impossible for life to be on planets in the Sirius star system, but it doesn’t mean that life doesn’t exist because life forms don’t always need what humans need to survive, they can exist in different realms and planes of existence beyond time and space reality.

The animals of Sirius

There are many beautiful animals residing in Sirius which have become archetypal animals of the Sirian Realm. These animals include the white lion which we also find in Lyra and which we also have on Earth. Then we have the Sirian dolphins, which we also have on Earth.

I am bringing you this knowledge so that you can see that it is not only humans that are evolving and ascending in our realm but we are all evolving.

It is the consciousness of our planet which is shifting. So it is not just us that are going through a process of evolution, the animals and plants are too.

It is like the movie Avatar, which is literally the representation of Andromeda. The movie illustrates how all beings on the planet communicate through this advanced interconnected network of plants and animals.

We also have this network here on Earth, it is just at the moment we don’t know how – or have forgotten – how to access it.

We are gaining access to enhanced psychic abilities

Because we are going through this process of evolution, we are becoming more and more conscious. We will start going into the 5th dimension where we are able to live more from the heart. Telepathy will become more and more normal as well as other psychic abilities.

If you observe that you are able to communicate with plants and animals and are receiving the frequency of their messages, it is due to the fact that you are indeed shifting consciousness and opening up to new levels of your intuitive abilities. This is literally anchoring the templates of the neo-humans!

The gifts and talents of the Sirian star race

Sirians actually have three brains. The left brain, right brain and an overall brain. They are highly telepathic with advanced physic abilities. They work to help humans increase their intuition and psychic abilities as they help us anchor in more and more of these 5th-dimensional frequencies.

I perceive Sirians as a very interesting mixture of beings. Some of them live in more tribal states in communities where they gather together and go into trance states to reconnect with their planet.

With great precision, they are able to activate huge vortexes of frequencies, open portals and receive information from all over the universe simply by using their brain and their consciousness.

Sirians reside fully in their own sovereignty

While some Sirians are tribal, many Sirians have a modest sense of independence and of individuality. It’s not that they want to separate themselves from others, not at all! It’s more like that many of them really reside in their own sovereignty and their own way of evolution. They tend to be more isolated from others.

Sirians love our cosmos

Sirians and Sirian starseeds usually love the stars and looking at the sky. They love astronomy, astrology and geeking out over the universe. They have a geeky frequency about them. Because of my work with the Sirians, I now own the fact that I am super geeky!

The more I work with Sirians the geekier I get, talking about programs, formulas and algorithms. All of that comes from their frequency being fully activated in my field.

The frequency of Sirians and Sirian Starseeds

Everything on Sirius and within the Sirian frequency is crystalline. Everything is sharp and potent. The Sirian frequency is so powerful that many people are quite intimidated by Sirian starseeds because they are so sharp. They seem so intelligent, have a piercing gaze and frequency.

When the Sirian frequency comes it completely penetrates the field. It feels so strong! But there is nothing aggressive about it. People may feel aggression with this kind of energy because Sirians have such pure crystalline advanced frequency that when they come into our field and work with us, we have no choice but to rise up to the highest frequency that we have within. We cannot hide anything!

Around activated star seeds from Sirius, we have no choice but to step fully into our power and be the biggest version of ourselves!

Many people who have density and are still working on healing and alchemising their traumas will be very triggered by the powerful Sirian frequency. They may withdraw from Sirian energy and say that it is too intense.

The Sirian frequency is powerful enough to make us pass out

This frequency may be perceived as intense but it is actually because the Sirians are so anchored in their heart portal and so telepathically advanced and their intelligence is so high, they can perceive everything in the field, every shift in energy that they can feel. They are like energetic engineers.

When people are still processing, healing, alchemising and shifting and the Sirian energy comes it is like a huge vortex and it can be hard to stay conscious when receiving these frequencies.

A lot of my students pass out when we work with Sirians because the energy is so high! When I started connecting more and co-creating with my Sirian friend, Master, every time he would come to give me quantum surgery or messages I could feel his frequency coming so strongly. For the first few times he came I would totally blank and pass out.

But then I learned to sustain the frequency and they would always let me know a Sirian activation was coming through. I started going very deep, barely conscious but I was able to remain conscious enough to receive the information and frequency shifts that they were sharing so I can understand and teach my students.

Ancient Sirian and Human Connections

Many Sirians came to Earth a long time ago to train humans to increase their intuition, telepathic and extrasensory abilities. For example, the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt were most likely Sirians.

Many of the leaders and Priests in Egypt were actually Sirians.

Some of the Sirians that came to Earth came as actual Sirians. Like when I was an Arcturian here on Earth in Atlantis, I was not an Arcturian soul in a human body, I can actually perceive my alien physical appearance vividly. Some Sirians came to Earth in the same way during the times of Ancient Egypt.

In this post, I am only talking about Ancient Egypt, but the Sirians were present in many other ancient civilisations on Earth.

Some of the Sirians here on Earth had children with humans. These children became half human and half Sirian with mixed blood, creating a new kind of genealogy. So it is possible that there is actually some DNA still present in the descendants of those hybrid human/Sirian children.

**By Cedrines