Do you find yourself on endless psychic chats, websites or apps? How much help are you getting to move your energy forward or are you being stuck in the constant loophole of never ending emotion and anxiety? Why am I even asking these questions? Simple, I am a psychic. Not only am I psychic, but I work on a psychic site. Everyday I come across clients who have never spoken to me before and express to me how addicted they are to psychics. When I inquire why the addiction I get left with a silent sound on the other end of the line or chat box.

It excites me when, after a couple of exchanges with some of these addicted psychic clients, they realize the difference in being addicted to psychic energy and then seeing the difference of being in the healing of their own empowered psychic energy. You see, we are all psychic/emotional beings & we all live within the spiritual realm of these communication centers of our own body. The difference between someone who uses their psychic ability versus someone who becomes addicted to another’s psychic ability is only one thing: personal awakening.

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What do I mean by personal awakening?

Personal awakening is when an individual is ready to open up their own line to their psychic channel and they begin to clear out their own psychic channel to be a beacon of information to higher realms of information. We are no longer living in a day or age where a psychic is ‘all knowing’ nor have they ever been. The term Psychic has long been misunderstood and mislabeled. No one has your answers or my answers for that matter. We all have the ability to see, hear and feel ourselves and see, hear and feel in other realms of information. The difference is how you choose to empower your own life, your own level of communication & your own growth of your emotional quotient.

As we move deeper into a realm of energy called the 5th Dimension the veil is becoming thinner to the spirit world which is creating a more heightened awareness to our own mental, emotional & spiritual traumas. We are no longer being allowed to utilize the psychic realm of ‘fortune tellers’ and ‘crystal balls’ to get ‘answers’ that never exist outside of us. It all resides from within and it is our job to clear out our own psychic cobwebs in our genealogy and step into the new legacy of psychic cleanliness.

By around 2027 each person on the planet will be experiencing their own internal level of psychic awakening and will have to become accountable to how they use and often times abuse an energy they had no conscious idea they even had. If you are reading this article now, consider it a sign to acknowledge or deepen the next stage you are to go down with your own psychic ability which will be the biggest change work to yourself you have ever experienced, guaranteed. Being psychic and finally owning it is something to embrace as being human and being spirit. It is organic and a part of who we are as the soul light workers on this planet. Now is the time to get it growing, moving and ethically aligned before more people wake-up and need help. Will you be one of the next change agents to the psychic communities?