The most common mineral in our bodies is phosphate, a component of Apatite, a fascinating gemstone with a strange connection to humans.

The reason for this fascination may be its ability to influence us so profoundly. 

The metaphysical properties of Apatite are as intriguing as the colors of this stone. 

German geologist Abraham Werner named it after the Greek word ‘Apate,’ which means to deceive as it can easily be mistaken for other gemstones such as peridot, topaz, or tourmaline.

There are three colors most important for metaphysical use: blue, green, and gold.

In spite of the fact that apatite gemstones are absolutely stunning, the relative softness of these gems prevents them from being very popular with jewelers due to the possibility of scratching or breaking them.

Large pendants and touchstones do not present any problems.

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11 Metaphysical Properties And Benefits Of Apatite

Apatite's Metaphysical Properties

Apatite stones are known for their charming beauty, positive energy, and manifestation properties.

Whether you are a student or a CEO, this stone is much more effective at reducing stress and increasing focus on your desk.

1. Motivation

An increase in motivation is attributed to Apatite. Positive thoughts are drawn away from negativity.

You are able to think more precisely when you are around Apatite stones. When you can see your end goal, you feel as if it is within your reach. 

This metaphysical property helps to motivate you to achieve the goals you wish to accomplish in your life. 

2. Manifestation 

This stone will help your manifestation journey.

Apatite encourages us to think more broadly about possibilities for the future by helping bring dreams into reality by enabling us to see future possibilities more clearly. 

You are more likely to notice and accept learning and growth opportunities if your goals are at the forefront of your mind.

The Apatite teaches us to think outside the box and has confidence in our abilities to achieve our goals across multiple paths without being hampered by obstacles.

3. A Stone of Tranquility

Apatite helps with tranquility

When you are feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities and deadlines, using Apatite can be a helpful emotional reset.

When stressed, Apatite can provide a moment of tranquility. 

Using it can help you calm interfering thoughts preventing you from being productive or happy. While organizing your racing thoughts, it will ground you by drawing out negativity and tension from the body.

In addition to helping you feel centered and calm, Apatite will also enhance your creativity and determination so that you can complete all necessary work to the best of your ability. 

4. Grounding 

Apatite helps to clear and activate the lower chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus), enabling us to be grounded and enthusiastic about achieving our goals.

By connecting yourself to the earth, grounding is basically balancing out the spiritual and physical energies in your body.

A grounded state of mind allows you to feel present and grounded in the present moment.

Grounding your energy gives you a sense of steadiness, and you can feel clear, centered, strong, and focused.

5. Awakens Your Inner Self

Apatite increases creativity and helps to awaken a deeper sense of self.

These stones are stones of the future, bringing knowledge to those attuned to them.

Humanitarian aspirations can be translated into health, information, communication, and education through this point of interface between consciousness and matter.

6. Aids Communication 

The Blue Apatite stone is excellent for communication. By using this gorgeous gemstone, you will be able to express your true feelings, come to terms with your emotions, and feel happier. 

The throat chakra can cause you to have a fear of talking and have difficulty expressing yourself.

Your life may seem meaningless to you, and you may be unable to be creative. 

Blue Apatite will enhance and heal the communication rift you feel with someone if you have trouble articulating your feelings towards them.

Blue Apatite will facilitate communication and connections with friends, colleagues, and lovers. 

7. Helps With Self-acceptance 

Apatite metaphysical property is helping self-acceptance

Connecting with your true self through this beautiful crystal is a great way to achieve inner peace. Increasingly, the modern world seems designed to disconnect us from our souls, causing anxiety and distress.

The idea that we are not good enough, wealthy enough, or successful enough is constantly thrown at us. 

One of the fantastic metaphysical properties of Apatite is how it helps us heal our relationships with ourselves.

Our situation becomes more apparent when we are able to understand who we are as a person. Our faults and mistakes are included in this understanding.

We should, however, acknowledge and accept our flaws and any mistakes we have made! We are all human, and mistakes do happen. The key is to learn from them so that we can become better people for future situations. 

8. Spiritual Growth 

Apatite is a profoundly spiritual crystal that connects us to higher psychic realms and allows us to grow spiritually and emotionally. 

For fulfillment and peace, you may wish to explore your spiritual side if you are feeling lost and uncomfortable within yourself. 

Having Blue Apatite with you allows you to experience the beauty and peace of the universe, as well as healing energy.

Thus, giving you a deeper spiritual connection and developing your soul by meditating with crystals like this. 

Because this crystal is connected to the third eye, it can be used to heal and enhance your psychic abilities.

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9. Lucid dreaming and astral projection are possible with Apatite

The vibrations of Blue Apatite connect you to higher consciousness, as it is a very spiritual stone.

Spiritual healing can heal pain and disconnections, but it can also give you the chance to enhance your psychic abilities as well.

Lucid dreaming and astral projection are two incredible abilities that Blue Apatite allows you to develop. 

Particular abilities can change your life by letting you connect to the spiritual world and your inner truth.

Lucid dreaming is when the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming and is able to control events that occur in their dreams.

Dreams happen during REM sleep, and dreamers are aware that they are dreaming.

10. Awakens Creativity

This crystal is also known as the Stone of Manifestation.

Apatite aids in awakening your creative spirit and finding fresh, new solutions to old and dull problems of the heart and soul. 

The Apatite will pull you gently down if you feel you are overarching a solution, but if you have not surpassed your potential, the Apatite will inspire you to leap higher.

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11. Balances Your Chakras

Apatite can purify the aura of cluttered energies, restoring a sense of well-being to the body.

Blue Apatite and Green Apatite can balance and harmonize the chakras, together with the Yang and Yin energies.

Energy can flow freely through our bodies and minds when our main seven chakras are open and balanced.

A blocked energy center can lead to stagnation and lead to a variety of physical and spiritual ailments.

How To Use Apatite In Your Everyday Life

Apatite can be worn in jewelry, tucked beneath a pillow, or placed on an altar in a sacred space – always have it close at hand, so you do not have to miss its beauty.


You can best influence your body by wearing the gemstone as a piece of jewelry.

For example, green Apatite is associated with the Heart chakra, so that a pendant might be ideal. 

As another example, blue Apatite is associated with the Throat chakra, so that a necklace would be ideal.

You want to keep the gemstones as close to the chakra as possible. This will ensure you get the best benefits out of the stone. 

A visual reminder to speak your mind is an instant pick-me-up and an instant pick-me-up when it is close by.

In addition, they can be carried in a pocket or purse throughout the day as an aid.


Put your crystals on your body, lining them up with the chakra points if you can, and meditate or relax.

Investing time in meditating with this crystal is a great way to connect with its incredible energy, as an Apatite crystal is a deeply spiritual stone. 

Apatite gives your spirituality a boost, allowing you to develop and grow in order to achieve inner peace and wisdom.

By meditating with the stone, you will significantly improve your spiritual ability and develop extraordinary psychic powers. 

Around The House

Keep crystals in the home to decorate, and certain crystals can help boost your working environment, so keep them near your desk, whereas others can help you relax, so place them in the living room or family room. 

Under Your Pillow

Apatite is thought to help predict dreams, which is why placing it under your pillow will increase your chances of having one.

To Set Intentions 

Considering the Apatite is a Manifestation Stone, one of the best ways to use it is to set clearly defined intentions.

As we create an altar space for healing, opt for sage and herbs as well as fresh shells and flowers picked from nature. 

Allow all those negative thoughts to wash away as you sit quietly at your altar, holding the stone.

Apatite is a positive stone, but it can also carry away negativity like driftwood on the beach.

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How To Cleanse Apatite

Cleaning crystals is essential for removing any unwanted energy they might have picked up. Being an extremely powerful stone, Apatite needs to be cleansed every week. 

There are a variety of ways to cleanse Apatite, as with other crystals.

With Apatite, incense or smoke are the best ways to cleanse it since it is associated with the element of air.

Light is quite corrosive for Blue Apatite, so avoid sunlight when cleaning it. Instead, use moonlight or fluorescent lights. 

Running water can also be used to clean your Apatite crystals. It’s best to use flowing natural water from a stream, but using water from the tap will also work. 

Alternatively, you can place the crystal in a bowl filled with herbs like lavender.

How To Charge Apatite

In the sun, it may fade the color; the best is not to charge the crystal in the sun.

Because of the fragility and sensitivity of the stone, do not use anything abrasive or caustic when cleaning it.

Instead charge your Apatite on an alter or with the use of moonlight. 

Which Crystals Go Well With Apatite?

The powers of Apatite, a crystal that amplifies other crystals, are enhanced by its ability to strengthen other crystals’ powers.

To attract love and strengthen receiving and giving unconditional love, combine it with Rose Quartz crystals.

To reach your personal goals and ambitions, Clear Quartz helps you recognize what needs to be changed. With Clear Quartz and Apatite, everything will appear significantly clearer.

Together, Apatite and Black Tourmaline are a winning combination. In combination with Tourmaline, Apatite offers unbeatable grounding, protection, and amplification.

Final Thoughts On Apatite

These eleven metaphysical properties of Apatite are essential because they help ensure that you have a balanced life.

This stone allows you to open up, communicate better, and can aid in the physic abilities that you might not have realized you had in the first place.

Apatite should be well known. Its colors and clarity are similar to many more well-known and expensive gemstones found in jewelry stores around the world.

Still, its relative softness means it has been largely overlooked.

Thankfully, the durability of a crystal is not affected by its spiritual power, so this vibrant colored beauty can easily be found in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and tones at relatively affordable prices.

In most cases, only the turquoise blue specimens are treated; otherwise, Apatite is an entirely natural gemstone that is simply cut and polished.

It is possible to turn this gemstone into a stunning and eye-catching pendant, allowing its benefits to flow through and influence both the throat and solar plexus chakras.

It is pretty safe to wear a pendant wrapped in wire or enclosed in an enclosure.

Alternatively, you can keep a crystal on your person or decorate your home or office – its good looks and spiritual powers will reward you.

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed this article on the metaphysical properties of Apatite. If you want to learn about other crystals check them out here.

Apatite Metaphysical Properties, Benefits & Every Day Uses