Beloved Ones,

In this final phase of this changing year, many of us are beginning to clearly feel what the essence of 2022 will be like. A harmonic, expansive, loving, and above all, stabilizing energy that will continue, as Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces will remark, for the next years, supporting the massive awakening that began last year, and that will keep on, as this is a gradual process, until 2026.
We have ahead a wonderful canvas for us to paint our new lives as we desire, for the beginning of this path is just around the corner, as well as the infinite possibilities for us to experience ourselves as creators, healers, and above all, compassionate beings who came to assist into the planetary shift that is taking place.

On a physical level, we are immersed in a passage where working with our bodies is essential if we desire to release what remains from our old self, and the past energy that comes with it, together with all we continually experience when we still focus on our past, and what we left behind. It is pivotal to initiate a period of cleansing in which we work on all levels – mental, emotional, and physical – for only through conscious release is that we can embrace what our soul is already creating and perfectly orchestrating for us and All, for this new cycle.

During this time it is very important to support the human body, for it is suffering a profound plasma integration that began this year, especially around the Lions Gate, and that will continue during 2022, as there will be other energies that will join, helping our bodies in the shift that they are experiencing.

If you are one who are feeling exhausted, with lower levels of energy, changes in your dietary preferences, and above all, some heating waves all of a sudden, even if it is cold, these are some of the many physical sensations that appear when we are facing the process of plasma integration, for our bodies are releasing density at a high speed and we can only support, in the best way for us, the change that we have chosen to experience, during this evolutionary time.

Acupuncture works miracles if you are one who has small body blockages, as there are other more profound traumas that need to be addressed from within. However, once we have done this inner work, there are other tools such as quantum healing and many others that can also go deeper into our bodies and help them regenerate.

This new year 2022 comes with more awakenings, including the ones who are already in this journey, as even though for the ascending souls, there will be more revelations, more aspects of their soul mission to integrate, as well as universal Truths that were not yet embraced, as our journey to descend wisdom, is infinite, as so is our nature, as Divine Beings.

We are already stepping into a new harmonic timeline in which balance will be key for the creation of a loving reality in the next year. It is during these last months of this year that we can continue creating the change that we would like to anchor during the next phase of our journey, for we are being supported in our quest to build a better world.

There is no one or outer force that is going to do the inner work for us, as no one said this path was going to be always simple and easy. However, if we have the will, power and devotion required, we will succeed in our mission to continue healing and ascending. It is always up to us to overcome all challenges and see the seed, the opportunity in everything we experience, or to remain small, governed by outer forces.

You always have the personal choice to be the only creator of your experience. You just have to begin taking responsibility for everything single thing after you take this conscious decision.

What will you choose?

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba