Friends Of The Great Light!

In These Moments, Be Calm!

But You Must Have A Plan In Your Sacred Consciousness To Overcome What Is Set Before You!

We Do Not Operate In Fear!

We Move As One In Great Power!

You Are Part Of The Collective Of Life.

The Moment Has Come To See The Duality Before You Can Grasp The ONE.

All You Need To Make Decisions Is Set Before You!

Schools Are Being Destroyed With Perversion.

Young Girls Are Being Sexually Assaulted In Restrooms By Males Pretending To Be Female To Enter.

If You Believe This Is As Far As It Will Go, Think Again.

Mandated Showering With Male And Female Students Is Next!

When Will You Have Enough?

Do You Fully Understand That A Handful Of Darkness Does Not Compare With The Light That Could Stop The Tearing Down Of Societies!

Innocent Families Living On The Borders, Can No Longer Take Trash Out Without Protection From Gangs That Are In Their Yards And Full Of Drugs.

Trafficking Of Sex And Drugs Is Just Beginning!

You Must Take Action.

Do Not Be A Victim.

Be A Victor!

Do Not Be Afraid To Hold Meetings And Speak The Truth!

You Have The God Given Right To Not Have Tissue From An Aborted Fetus Injected Into Your Arm With Mercury, Formaldehyde And A List Of Toxins Too Long To Repeat.

The Horror Of Those Finding Out Now What They Have Already Taken Is Sickening.

None Would Agree To This If The Truth Had Been Told.

Do You Understand The Agenda Of Depopulation?

Do You Understand Arenas And Groups Forced To Be Contained Are Like Concentration Camps For The Non-Compliant?

Do You FULLY Understand That There Will Be No End To Vaccines And Boosters Until Your Body Dies Or All Of Your Employment, Money In Banks, Ability To Purchase Food, Gas And All Products You Enjoy Are All Controlled And Removed From You?

Do You FULLY Understand The Governments Worldwide Are Looking For A New World Order Or Complete Dictatorship Of All People Remaining?

Have You Seen Enough Proof In Videos That People Are Dying From Vaccines In Horrible Ways?

Do You Understand More Die From Other Flu, Car Accidents And Cancer Than Covid?

Do You Understand How Many Have Been Silenced By Removing SM Accounts?

NOW, Beloved Friends Is Your Moment To Make Changes.

For Those Refusing To Work Because You Are Enjoying The Government Handouts, Is There A Price For Your Soul?

Do You Understand The Number Of Vacant Jobs Waiting For You?

It Is The Moment To Change All Of This!

PLEIADIANS Do Not Interfere With Life As You Sometimes Believe We Do!

This Is A Soul Choice.

You Must Move On It.

We Have Done Many Things High Above You To Prevent Further Spraying And We Have Dealt Privately With A Few On The Ground.

Our Mission Is To Give You The Information And Allow You To Make Wise And Informed Decisions.

There Are Brave Patriots That Have Given Up Work, Pensions And Dreams Of A Peaceful Life!

Not One Of Dictatorship And Constant Lies.

The Babbling Clone Of Biden Is Ready To Vanish.

His Back Up Is No Better With Hired Children Actors Scripted To Smile And Pay Attention.

Beloved Ones, You Are Living The Last Of This Dream As One That Is Very Broken.

With Love And Power, Begin To Speak Truth To All.

The Grand Shift Will Still Be, But What Kind Of Life You Experience Until Then, Will Be Up To You!

Do Not Fear!

You Are Dealing With Principalities And Powers!

This Is Spiritual Warfare!

Remember Who You Are!

Remember Why You Came!

The Moment Of Light That Is Before You Will Blast All Darkness From Any Life At The Moment Of The Shift!

We Are With You!

Take Back Your Planet!


In Power We Rise As ONE!

**Received by Judith