You are currently shifting towards the energies of 2022. This is a vast energetic upgrade, a larger shift than you normally experience stepping into a new year. It is so big that you have begun this in earnest since the equinox. The energies you are experiencing, along with your responding releasing and integrating, is allowing you to step up onto a series of platforms, one at a time, that are up-levelling you in preparation of stepping up and into 2022.

For this reason, many of you are in a state of flux, and whenever you are in a state of flux it is not the time to manifest. Anything that would be a match to you today, might not be a true match for you next month. These times allow you to continue to evolve and grow, and to get clarity on who you are now compared to who you used to be and what you would like to create once you arrive in your new destination.

You might think of it like climbing a mountain. You climb and make progress, then you stop and rest to avoid altitude sickness. You know the camp is temporary and designed for you to acclimate before you continue your journey. Isn’t it interesting that so many ascension symptoms are similar to altitude sickness?

As you get closer to the energies of 2022, you will find seeds of ideas starting to drop in ~ new inspirations that are starting to take hold and sprout.  You’ll discover new potentials that have become possible due to your latest vantage point and level of attainment. These are little exciting glimpses of what all the hard work you have done has been preparing you for.

So be patient, Dear Ones. Allow the process. Move with the energies and thank them for their wisdom and guidance. Acknowledge how far you’ve come and how profoundly different you are now than you were not that long ago. Listen to your heart that knows that all is unfolding beautifully. And most of all, know these are the exact times your soul could not wait to experience.

The fact that you are getting anxious and excited is letting you know you are preparing to land.

**Channel: Shelley Young